B. Honorable teacher Schoolmates: 共同:大家晚上好!

合: In the evening everybody be fine!

C:踏着圣诞宁静的钟声,我们又迎来了一个祥和的平安夜 D: Be treading peaceful ding of the birthday of Jesus Christ, we welcome the night


B:safe and sound having come to a auspicious sum: The dragon full of vigour is annual to come state of mind full of joy , our being gone to meet soon.

C:下面首先请郭芳老师作圣诞贺辞(大家鼓掌)D: this is our being proud. The teacher does the birthday of Jesus Christ greetings (everybody applauds) underneath, first please guofa


A:谢谢郭芳老师。应该说,即将过去的一年是不平凡的一年,同学们付出了自己辛勤的努力。并取得了优益的成绩. B: Thanks guofang teacher. Ought to say 1 year in the past is no ordinary soon schoolmates have paid self industrious effort for 1 year. And have got excellent beneficial achievement.


D: New risk coexists with opportunity for 1 year, the day will be especially fine only when by that trials and hardship , ability see rainbow , our .


B: Night bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new , auspicious and celebrating joyously in this, is let us cherish this rare gathering

together , is become by the tonight happy night, is lucky night.


D: For the party by the tonight especially bright and colourful, our schoolmate will within the time accepting, be that everybody has presented their woven by self and performed by self program.

A:好!首先让我们以热烈的掌声欢迎××上场! B: Good! The applause being used first enthusiastically by us is welcomed coming on the stage X X!


D: The program that they bring about is: ... ...


Good morning! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.

May I have your attention please! Please take your seat, and keep quiet!

Welcome to the stJiangsu University.

My name is ShenLingfen, a third year English major from Department of English,

School of Foreign Languages. Allow me to introduce my co-hostess, Miss Chen Yunyi, a first year English major from Department of English, School of Foreign Languages. We are honored to host this year’s_Imitation and RecitationContest. The distinguished guests and judges from left to right are:

Deputy Dean of School of Foreign Languages,

Dean of English Department, Associate Professor,;

Deputy Dean of English Department,

Deputy Dean of English Department, Associate Professor and Doctor, ZhongLanfeng





At the beginning of the contest, please welcome our deputy dean, Mr. Xia Jianru to

deliver a short speech.


Thank You, Mr. Xia. Imitation and Recitation Contest and it has been scheduled to be a routine and annual contest for English majors. As time goes by, it is hopefully to become an open contest for all college students in Jiangsu University. We are really happy to be part of it,because it is a good opportunity for English majors to demonstrate their language skills obtained by hard working.“A good beginning makes a good ending.” We sincerely believe that all the contestants and everyone present here will do our best to make this contest a success.

To all first year English majors, the last three weeks have been quite a long time, because we have been busy learning, imitating, reading and reciting English lectures and New Concept English. But, please remember, “no pains, no gains”, your efforts and hard work are not wasted. What we have learned from this 3-week training is not only English knowledge and lecture skills, but also good learning habits, ways of reflection and valuable experience. You will benefit from it in your future study, work and life. Frankly speaking, I, myself, have learned a lot from this event.

, we would like to announce what we are going to do this morning. Now, let’s go over the procedures of the contest.

First, Contestants will draw lots to decide their contest order;

Second, after delivering a lecture, the contestant will answer questions raised by


Third, the marks of each contestant will be announced promptly;

Fourth, when the last contestant completes his/her contest, a judge will be invited to make some comments on this event.

Fifth, the final results will be announced and all the contestants will be awarded. please allow me to announce the grading principles briefly.Grades will be based on each contestant’s performance, pronunciation, intonation and answering questions. The final score of each contestant is the average of the scores given by all the judges.

Please pay attention to your lecture time. Each contestant is allowed 3 minutes to deliver your speech. 30 seconds before the end of 3 minutes, contestants will be reminded by us.

Thank you! Now,let’s start!

A: please welcome Contestant NO.1____ ; Contestant NO.2____please get ready. B: Let’s welcome Contestant NO.XNO.XX____please get ready.please next one get ready.

A: The final score of Contest No. 1… is ….; No. 2…. is …..


A: Now, please welcome ___to speak.

B:Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, thank you for your hard work, careful preparations, and most importantly, for your presence at the contest. I am sure all of us have had a great time this morning and enjoyed the wonderful performance of all contestants today.

We are ready! We are all winners! Now I have to announce that, today’s contest is over.

Thank you, everyone!























经典晚会主持词开场白 两篇