(1)These flowers like sunshine and will not grow in a cold c_____________.

(2)I am working as a c_____________ and keep records or accounts in an office.

(3)As a result of the American C_____________ War, slaves became free.

(4)Fred became a British c_____________ after living there for several years.

(5)A c_____________ is held every year to remember those who died in the war.

(6)She is fascinated by the ancient c_____________ (文明)of Greece and Rome.

(7)The temperature went down to -56℃_____________.

(8)A more detailed example will be given in the next c_____________ (章节).

(9)The kids are watching cartoons on Disney c_____________ (频道).

(10)The church was built in the 13th c_____________.


(1)They sent me a cheque _____________ $100.

(2)I?ve always been cautious _____________giving people my phone number. .

(3)The shop charges less if the customer pays _____________ cash.

(4)I know _____________ certain the missing file is in here somewhere.

(5)Your goods will be sent free _____________ charge.

(6)Susan sat on a chair close _____________ the window.

(7)The children stood round _____________ a circle.

(8)“Welcome to our restaurant!” the waitresses said _____________ a chorus.

(9)I bought these gloves, but they?re too large.Can I change them _____________ a smaller size?

(10)There are spare batteries there,_____________ case you need them.


(1)Will the government carry _____________ its promise to create more jobs?

A.on B.out C.away D.through

(2)If you get caught _____________ in some countries,they will cut off your hand.

A.steal B.to steal C.stealing D.to have stolen

(3) _____________ are kept on the firm for their meat or milk.

A.200 head cattle B.200 head of cattle C.200 head cattles D.200 heads of cattle

(4)Teaching young children is a _____________ job.

A.challenge and reward B.challenging and rewarded

C.challenging and rewarding D.challenged and rewarded

(5)There?s always the chance _____________ something will go wrong.

A.if B.what C.how D.that

(6)Gibbons has been charged _____________.

A.with attempted murder B.of attempted murder

C.with attempt murder D.of attempt murder

(7)I have a wide range of gifts _____________,so I can?t make up my mind.

A.chosen B.to choose C.to be chosen D.to choose from

(8)When dinner was done and _____________,Auntie Lou made some tea.

A.cleared away B.cleared out C.cleaned up D.cleaned out

(9)We always travel in ____________.The seats are more comfortable and the food is better.

A.business Class B.first class C.tourist class D.economic class

(10)Schools ban students from bringing mobile phones,which are used to _________ in exams.

A.click B.clarify C.charge D.cheat


celebrate character category

choice casual carry

carve clap cause chief

(1) All tobacco products must _____________ a health warning.

(2) It is amazing that the huge statue was _________ from a single block of stone.

(3) Jean felt more comfortable in _______ clothes.

(4) The results of this survey can fall into three main ___________.

(5) Breast cancer is the leading __________ of death for American women in their forties.

(6) When the superstar arrived, the audience ________ and cheered.

(7) As a result of his good job, he was soon appointed _________ engineer of the company.

(8) A person?s __________ is very important to me when I decide who I want to work with.

(9) It?s Dad?s birthday and we?re going out for a meal to ________.

(10) You have a ___________ --- you can stay here on your own or you can come with us.

5. 句子翻译













1.单词拼写 ,

(1)We got a professional football c_________ to come and help US train the team.

(2)They live on a small island off the c_________ of Scotland.

(3)He tried to c_________ her by telling her that everything would be all right.

(4)Ann became my closest c_________;we spent a lot of time together.

(5)The new building is going up at a c___________ of $82 million.

(6)He?s on the c_________ (委员会)that controls council spending.

(7)She kept the c_________ (内容)of the letter a secret.

(8)Didn?t you give a talk at the c_________ (会议) last year?

(9)I had to write a c_________ (作文)about the Royal visit.

(10)What?s your c_________ (概念)of an ideal society?


(1)Grandpa has a large __________ (collect)of foreign coins.

(2)I was so _________ (comfort)and warm in bed that I didn?t want to get up.

(3)Radio was the pilot?s only means of _____________ (communicate). .

(4) _____________ (compete)for these jobs is very fierce --- we had over 200 applicants.

(5)We?ve come to the _____________ (conclude)that he?s not for the plan.

(6) _____________ (congratulate)on your new job,Jenny.

(7)There is a _____________ (connect)between pollution and the death of trees.

(8)A new nuclear power station is now under _____________ (construct).

(9)I want to thank everyone who has _____________ (courage)and supported me.

(10)I have every _____________ (confident)in you and your ability.


(1)The news will _____________ as no surprise to his colleagues.

A.connect B.come C.conclude D.contain

(2)The landlady came around once a month to _____________ the rent.

A.collect B.ask C.commit D.confirm

(3)I thought I'd go over and _____________ her company so that she didn?t feel lonely.

A.do B.stay C.remain D.keep

(4)___________ to our small flat,Bill?s house seemed like a palace.

A.Compare B.Comparing C.To compare D.Compared

(5)Meg realized she?d been a _____________ fool.

A.complete B.commercial C.content D.constant

(6) _____________ I?m concerned,you can forget about it.

A.As long as B.On condition that C.As far as D.In case of

(7) Dress well for a job interview became first impression really do _____________.

A.count B.correspond C.convince D.important

(8)一She?s moving to Alaska.

— Really? _____________

A.And you? B.How come? C.How?s it going? D.How about?

(9)He _____________,but he chose to stand and fight.

A. escaped B.did escape C.might escape D.could have escaped

(10) _____________ me if I'm wrong, but haven?t we met before?

A.Correct B.Correcting C.To correct D.Having corrected


on the contrary concentrate on

be concerned about be content with

a couple of under control

connected to comment on

consist of convince…of

(1)Turn off the TV, so you can ________ your homework.

(2)The police have refused to _________ the investigation until it is completed.

(3)Zoo officials ________ the mother elephant, which is badly ill.

(4)The International Olympic Committee _______ members from many countries.

(5)I __________ my job, my home,and my family. I?m happy and satisfied.

(6)Her voice is _________, but she is almost shaking with anger.

(7)The government is trying hard to ________ the local people ________ the safety of the new nuclear power station.

(8)What I need now is a computer _______ the Internet.

(9)It wasn?t a good thing; _________, it was a huge mistake.

(10)I'd just like to ask you __________________ questions before you go.





(4)从他的话中我们得出结论:他不赞成这个计划。 (conclude)






(11) 那个错误几乎使他丧命。(cost)




(1)climate (2)clerk (3)Civil

(4)citizen (5)ceremony (6)civilization

(7)Centigrade (8)chapter (9)Channel



(1)for (2)about (3)in (4)for (5)of

(6)to (7)in (8)in (9)for (10)in


(1)一(5)BCBCD (6)一(10)ADABD


(1)carry (2)carved (3)casual

(4)categories (5)cause (6)clapped

(7)chief (8)character (9)celebrate (10)choice

5.句子翻译 ,

(1)Police in many countries carry gum.

(2)He Was caught in a thunderstorm.

(3)Do you know what caused the fire?

(4)How do people in your country celebrate the New Year?

(5)It's certain that they?ll agree.或They?re certain to agree·

(6)The traffic lights changed from red to green.

(7)The operation has a good chance of success,

(8)They charged 20 for the repairs.

(9)Check your work before handing it in.

(10)What time does the bank close?



(1)coach (2) coast (3)comfort

(4)companion (5)cost (6)committee

(7)contents (8)conference (9)composition



(1)collection (2)comfortable ?

(3)communication (4)Competition

(5)conclusion (6)Congratulation

(7)Connection (8)construction

(9)encouraged (10)confidence


(1)-(5)BADDA (6)一(10)CABDA


(1)concentrate on (2)comment on

(3)are concerned about (4)consist of

(5)am content with (6)under control

(7)convince…of (8)connected to

(9)On the contrary (10)a couple of


(1)He congratulated me on my good exam results·

(2)The two brother have little in common.

(3)Many people are competing for the job.

(41 We conclude from his words that he is not for the plan.

(5)The survey will be conducted in English.

(6)The rumor was later confirmed.

f7)Be careful not to confuse quality with quantity.

(8)Have you ever considered buying a new car?

(9)Immigrants contribute to Enrich culture in many ways-

(10)The mistake almost cost him his life.