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Unit 2

1. 根据《圣经》,上帝用泥土造人。(create)。

According to the Bible,God created man from the dust of the earth..

2. 亚当与夏娃吃了禁果后,开始知道善恶。(know good and evil)。

Adam and Eve began to know good and evil after they ate the forbidden fruit.

3. 亚当与夏娃因为不服上帝,被逐出了伊甸园。(obey,drive。。。out of)

Adam and Eve were driven out of the Garden of Eden because they did not obey God.

4. 我小时候非常喜欢听民间传说。(enjoy)

I enjoyed folk tales very much when I was young.

5. 古代中国人宰杀牛羊奉献给老天爷。(offer,heaven)

In ancient times, the Chinese offered cattle and sleep to the Heaven.

6. 雅典娜是智慧女神(goddess)。

Athena is the goddess of wisdom.

7. 普罗米修斯因为帮助人类,受到了宙斯的惩罚。(punish)

Prometheus was punished by Zeus because he helped human beings.

8. 只有希望还留在潘多拉的盒子里。(Pandora’s box)

Only hope was left inside Pandora’s box.

Unit 3

1. 罗伯特(Robert)的昵称是鲍勃(Bob)。(nickname)

Bob is the nickname for Robert.

2. 我们给这对熊猫取名为“团团”和“圆圆”。(name ,panda)

We named the two pandas Tuantuan and Yuanyuan.

3. 在一定程度上,名字对一个人的命运会有影响。(affect ,destiny)

To some extent, a person’s name may affect his or her destiny.

4. 调查表明,现在的孩子时兴取单名(one—character name)。(survey,in fashion)

According to a survey, one—character name for children is now in fashion.

5. 我们称呼数学老师为李教授或李博士.(address)

We address our math teacher as Prof.Li or Dr..Li.

6. 中国人的姓名是中国文化的一部分。(culture)

Chinese people’s names are part of Chinese culture .

7. 这首歌的歌名听起来很吸引人。(attractive)

The title of this song sounds very attractive.

8. 名字并不能真正反映一个人的品质。(reflect,quality)

A person’s name cannot truly reflect his qualities.

Unit 4

1.我们每个年轻人都应该有自己的角色楷模。(role model)

We young people should all have our own role models.

2.许多美国人师傅钦佩奥普拉·温弗雷的才能(admire ,talent)

Many Americans admire Oprah Winfrey for her talent.


Tom showed great determination to finish the work within this week.

4.这位科学家努力工作,取得很多成就,为我们树立一个好榜样。(accomplishment, set an example for)

This scientist set a good example for us with his hard work and many accomplishment.

5.要完成这项任务,你必须一步一步地做。(step by step)

To finish this task, you must do it step by step .


The lecturer shared his experience with his audience.


Her success is a great inspiration to me .


He can achieve his goals ,so can you .

Unit 6

1. 是否克隆人类是个道德问题而不是技术问题。(clone)

Whether to clone human beings or not is a moral question rather than a technical one.

2. 在很多国家,研究克隆人是违法的。(illegal)

In many countries, it is illegal to study human cloning .

3.玛丽的哥哥是研究基因工程专家。(genetic engineering)

Mary’s brother is an expert in genetic engineering.


You need great patience to do this experiment .


Genetically modified foods should be labeled.


Progress in science and technology sometimes brings us problems .

7.基因研究能够帮助人类预防某些疾病。(genetic research)

Genetic research could help human beings prevent some diseases.

8.他们的研究项目遇到了麻烦。(get in trouble)

Their research project got into trouble .

Unit 8

1. 我相信,通过努力,我们一定会取得成功。(mutual)

I believe we will succeed through our mutual efforts.

2. 平均而言,我们班上的女同学要比男同学用功。(on average)

On average , female students are working harder than male students in our class .

3. 幸福这个词很难界定。(define)

The word “happiness” is very difficult to define.

4. 她必须在出国留学和留在国内工作之间做出选择。(make a choice)

She must make a choice between studying abroad or working at home .

5. 我们对人生应该有积极的态度。(positive)

We should have a positive attitude toward life .

6.每天早上她的情绪都非常好。(cheerful mood)

She is in cheerful mood every morning .

7.我不赞成浪费时间去抱怨。(approve of)

I don’t approve of wasting our time in complaining .

8.毫无疑问,她是我们班上学习最好的同学之一。(without question)

Without question , she is one of the best students in our class .

Unit 9

1. 我真的后悔在中学里没多花点时间学数学。(regret)

I regret that I did not spend more time on math at high school .

2. 我们需要考虑自己能为国家做点什么贡献。(contribute)

We need to think about what we can contribute to our country.

3. 他对中国历史感兴趣。(interest)

He is interested in Chinese history.

4. 我认为,今天的努力是明天成功的基础。(be based to)

I think future success is based on today’s efforts.

5. 能够独立思考是成熟的表现。(maturity)

It is a sign of maturity to be able to think independently.

6. 我认为一门手艺很有用。(learn a trade)

I think it is useful to learn a trade.

7. 大家都跨他家具做得好。(praise)

We all praised him for making good furniture.

8. 实际上,许多蓝领的薪水必白领的薪水还要高。(blue collar ,white collar) In fact, many blue collars earn even more than white collars.

Unit 10

1. 许多读者期待着能早一点看到下一本哈利波特故事。(look forward to) Many readers are looking forward to reading the next Harry Potter book soon .

2. 很多人喜欢这部电影,但我觉得它很无聊。(boring)

Many people like this movie, but I think it is boring.

3. 我听说有这本书,但是我还没看过。(heart about)

I have heard about the book, but I haven’t read it.

4. 看这部厚厚的小说是相当耗时间。(time-consuming)

It’s very time-consuming to read this thick novel .

5. 作者在故事的开头暗示,哈利的过去不同寻常。(hint)

At the beginning of the story, the author hinted that Harry had an unusual past.

6. 现在,我已经把这本书看了一半。(At the moment)

At the moment, I’m halfway through the book.

7. 从本质上说,这部小说是个童话。(essentially

Essentially, this novel is a fairy tale

8. 这部电影的主题是善与恶之间的斗争。(theme)

The theme of the movie is the fight between good and evil

第二篇:新世纪大学英语综合教程第三册课后翻译句子答案 9900字


1.以共同兴趣为基础的友谊是不容易破裂的。(ground; break up)

The friendship grounded on common / shared interest does not break up easily. / It is not easy for the friendship grounded on common / shared interest to break up.

2.孩子们必须学会将电脑游戏中的暴力与勇敢区分开来。(distinguish between; violence)

Children must learn to distinguish between violence and bravery / courage in computer games.


There spring up so many new things every day in the world that it is no longer sensible to expect a person to know / keep track of everything.

4.诸如背弃朋友 (betrayal to friends) 这类事并不受法律制约,所以才有了我们称作的“道德法庭”。 (regulate)

Laws do not regulate such things as betrayal to friends; that is why there is what we call / is called "the court of morality".

5.有人把今天的文化描述为“快餐文化”。无论做什么事,人们只是追求用最短时间达到最大的满足。 (describe as; pursue)

Today's culture is described as "fast-food culture". Whatever they may be / are doing, people just pursue the greatest / maximum satisfaction within the shortest time.

6.常言说,天下没有免费的午餐。如果你想要什么,就得去挣。(as the saying goes) As the saying goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch. If you want something, go and earn / work for it.


1.无论是友情还是爱情,你都不可能期待自己付出最少而得到最多。(maximum; minimum)

In either friendship or love / In both friendship and love, you should never expect to take / receive the maximum while you give the minimum.

2.我把全部希望寄托在他的承诺上,结果却发现他根本不是个真诚的人。(build on; sincerity)

I built all my hopes on his promise(s), only to find that he was not a man of sincerity at all.

3.我们带母亲去了所有我们能找到的最好的医院,但一切努力都是徒劳的,母亲还是没能熬过那次疾病。(in vain)

We took Mother to all the best hospitals we could find, but all our efforts were in vain; she failed to survive the disease.

4.情人节(Valentine's Day)是个一年一度在2月14日庆祝的节日,一个向自己心仪的对象表达爱意的好日子。(affection)

Valentine's Day is an annual holiday celebrated on February 14, a perfect day to express love to the object of your / one's affection.


(simultaneous)。 (era; via)

In the information era, communications with far-away friends via e-mail can be almost / virtually simultaneous.

6.爱情需要时间,因为只有慢慢习惯和学会欣赏对方才会产生出爱情。(grow used to; forge)

Love takes time, for it is not forged until you have grown used to the other's company and learned to appreciate the other.


1. 千百年来哲学家们费尽心机从各自的角度阐述何为幸福。(take pains; point of view)

For thousands of years philosophers have taken pains to illustrate / explain / interpret the meaning of happiness from their own points of view.

2. 刚上大学时,突然发现自己得处理所有日常事物,直到那时自己才觉得在父母身边生活真是幸福。(leave ... with ...)

When I first came to college, I suddenly found myself left with everything to deal with by myself. It was not until then did I realize that living with my parents was truly a happy experience.

3. 你不要总是和别人攀比,否则你可能会陷于忧郁之中,因为毕竟有许多人比你强。(comparison; depression)

You shouldn't always make comparison with others; otherwise, you may be trapped in / fall into depression, for there are always many others who are better than you.

4. 今天人们生活比以前富裕多了,闲暇时间也多了,奇怪的是人们反而觉得生活乏味了。(better off; leisure)

Today people are much better off and enjoy more leisure. Strangely enough, they find life boring / dull.

5. 事实上,人生是漫长而缺少兴奋的。如果期待每天都如戏剧般精彩必定会遭遇失望。(in effect; inevitable)

Life, in effect, is long but short of excitement. You are sure to suffer from inevitable disappointment if you expect everyday life to be as exciting as a drama.

6. 过于顺利的生活可能具有破坏性,因为人们没有机会学会怎样应对挫折。这能部分解释年轻人居高不下的自杀率。(destructive; in part)

A life that is too easy / smooth may also be destructive because it offers no opportunity for one to learn how to deal with / handle failures / frustrations / setbacks. That / This in part explains / accounts for the high rates of suicide among young people.


1. 他们带着生病的父亲远赴北京,希望能治好他的心脏病。(in the hope of) They took their sick father on a long journey to Beijing in the hope of finding a cure for / in the hope of curing his heart disease / problem.

2. 普及艾滋病知识的活动需要继续开展,这个阶段的重点放在这种病的传播途

径。(carry on; contract)

The campaign of Knowing More About AIDS needs to be carried on, and for / at this stage the emphasis is put on the way (how) the disease is contracted.

3. 权力如果运用得当则百姓安居乐业,运用不当则殃及百姓日常生计。(render) If power is properly applied / used / exercised, the lives of the common people will be rendered happy. If not, their daily life will be placed under threat.

4. 政府使用核武器来防御恐怖袭击算是正当行为吗?(justifiably; guard against) Could a government justifiably use nuclear weapons to guard against terrorist attacks?

5. 由于缺乏对这种病的了解,许多人依然认为HIV受害者都是自作自受。(owing to; ignorance)

Owing to ignorance of the disease, many people still believe that HIV victims deserve what they suffer.

6. 新发布的关于改善农村医疗系统的报告让我们相信农村地区缺医少药的时代终将结束。(issue; bring sth. to an end)

The newly issued report on improving the medical system in rural areas leads us to believe that the era is to be brought to an end when such areas are always short of doctors and medicines.


1. 培养正确的感情是极其必要的,因为它可为一个人将来学习和工作的成功奠定基础。 (indispensable; lay the foundations for)

Cultivating the right emotions is indispensable in that / because it lays the foundations for the successes of one's future work and studies.

2. 中国西部发展急需人才,政府为此制定了优惠政策,号召更多大学毕业生去西部工作。(cry out for; to this end)

West China is crying out for talented people for its development. To this end, the government has laid down / made favorable policies, calling for more college graduates to go and work there.

3. 你怎么可以在我这样艰难的时候对我置之不理呢?我们患难与共差不多半个世纪了。(turn one's back on; practically)

How can you turn your back on me when I am in such difficulty? We have gone through trials and tribulations for practically half a century.

4. 网虫们 (web addicts) 很多时间都泡在网上,以至于他们无法分辨虚拟世界与现实世界。(draw a distinction between; virtual)

Web addicts spend so much time on the Internet that they are unable to draw a distinction between the virtual world and the real world.

5. 生活在城市的人常常有这样的幻想:乡村生活是闲适安逸的。其实不一定是这回事儿。(resident; rural; be the case)

Urban / City residents often have the illusion that rural life is always leisurely and comfortable. In fact, that may not be the case.

6. 远程学习是个全球化的趋势(trend)。随着它的迅速发展,人们无论身处何地都能有同样方便的途径享受教育资源。(global; access)

Distance learning is a global trend. With its quick growth / development, people are given / can enjoy an equally convenient access to educational resources, no matter where they are.


1. 我们中国人会再三地请客人多吃饭桌上的菜,以表明我们好客。(help oneself to ... ; proof)

As a proof of our hospitality, we Chinese will repeatedly ask our guests to help themselves to the dishes on the table.

2. 正是通过倾听人们的谈话和观察他们的举止,我们才加强了了解社会的能力。(by means of; capacity)

It is by means of listening to what people say and observing how they behave that we've strengthened our own capacity to learn about / understand society.

3. 安全感常常来自对环境的熟悉,所以人们对于陌生的环境往往会抵制或避开。(familiarity; resist; tendency)

One's sense of safety comes from familiarity with the environment; so people have the tendency to resist or avoid new situations.

4. 我们往往对某地区的人产生偏见甚至敌意(hostility),这是由于我们不熟悉他们。(attribute)

We tend to show prejudice against or even hostility towards people from a certain region, which can be attributed to the fact that we are unfamiliar with them.

5. 我觉得直接拒绝是一种礼貌,而我父母却很少说 “不”,以免使对方为难。(decline)

I believe it is polite to decline directly, while my parents seldom say "No" so as not to embarrass others.

6. 知识积累有两种方式:亲身体验和间接体验。能为我们打开不同文化世界的阅读属于间接体验。 (build up; open up)

There are two means to build up knowledge: to get it personally or by second-hand experience. Reading, which opens up a new world of different cultures for us, belongs to second-hand experience.


1. 奥运旗帜白色的背景上印着五个相连的彩色圆圈,代表五大洲。 (feature) Against the white background, the Olympic flag features five interlinked colour circles, representing the five continents.

2. 他差0.02秒就得金牌。那些目睹这一比赛的人们不禁发出叹息。 (narrowly; witness)

He narrowly missed the gold medal by 0.02 seconds. Those who had witnessed the race could not help giving a sigh.

3. 长跑比赛是对耐力的极大考验。运动员不仅流汗,还会流泪,甚至流血。 (tolerance; shed)

Long-distance race is a hard test on tolerance. The athletes shed not only sweat, but

also tears, and even blood.

4. 绊到另一个选手的脚,他摔倒在跑道上,但他很快爬起来,一瘸一拐地走到终点。 (trip; limp; rise to one's feet)

Having tripped over another athlete's foot, he fell down on the track, but he soon rose to his feet and limped to the finish line.

5. 故事的最初版本是这样的:那个助理教练因为率领球队打赢了与古巴队(Cuba)的比赛而一夜成名。 (original; version; conquer)

The original version of the story goes like this (Or: As the original version of the story goes), the assistant coach rose to fame / became famous overnight by leading his team to conquer Cuba.

6. 有些运动员承认以提高竞技成绩为名服用过兴奋剂(dope),而且他们的教练也不对这种违法行为表示异议。(confess; in the name of)

Some sportsmen confessed that they had taken dope in the name of improving / enhancing performance, and that their coaches showed no disagreement with such illegal acts.


1. 那些认为自己拥有更多特权的人往往会有优越感。(privilege)

Those who suppose they possess more privileges tend to have feelings of superiority.

2. 高关税和反倾销(anti-dumping)政策会削弱外国产品在本土市场的竞争力。 (undermine)

High tariffs and an anti-dumping policy will undermine the competitive edge of the foreign products in the domestic market.

3. 如果各部门能协调好,大家为共同利益而努力,我们一定能成功。(coordinate; pull together)

If all the departments can be well coordinated and all of us pull together for the common good, we are bound / sure to succeed.

4. 为了防止盗窃,学校已经制定规章制度,明确规定了大楼看管员的职责。(regulation; on guard against)

To be on guard against theft, the school has issued regulations specifying the duties of the door keepers / guards / janitors.

5. 大家都称道良好的举止。因此良好的举止肯定会增强你和他人交朋友的机会。(manners; it follows that; enhance)

Good manners are always appreciated. It follows that good manners will enhance your chances of making friends with other people.

6. 不要小看标点符号(punctuation marks),有时候误用一个标点符号确实可以改变一句话的意思。(literally; take sth. lightly)

Punctuation marks should not be taken lightly; sometimes the use of a wrong punctuation mark can literally change / alter the meaning of a sentence.

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