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男:Ladies and gentlemen ,attention please!It's the show time! 表演后

女:Wow !What a wonderful Clapper talk!Thank you for the wonderful performance!Now (Well,Good evening),ladies and gentlemen,welcome to our English Corner organized by XXXX(合) 。It's my great honour to be one of the hosts tonight.My name's XX.You can just call me XXX for short.And standing here beside me is my partner,XXX.

男:Thank you ,XXX。Good evening,ladies and gentlemen.I'm honoured to co-host English Corner tonight .This is the first I've ever been a host since we came to Guangzhou Campus.

女:Both of us hope all of you have a nice time here.Well,As the poster shows,our topic is something about a movie named "A Story of Lala's Promotion",it's Chinese name is "杜拉拉升职记"。This movie was very hot some days ago.I'm sure that almost everyone has watched it.

男:So,first of all,please allow me to introduce the story.

In this story...........(读稿)。That's the summary of Lala's story.Now,

ladies and gentlemen I have a question for you.What can we learn from this story?(主持人与观众互动环节)Anyone who wants to share his or her thoughts please just come on the stage.You can talk anything flashing in your mind .Such as "what is the most important thing you have to gain when you are employed " who wants to have a try?Anyone?Oh,Come on ,don't be shy.May be you can ask yourself a question like"in order to get a better promotion in a company ,what can we do ?That handsome boy ,I see you.That beautiful/lovely/nice girl.Your eyes tell me you have something to talk.Why not?


男:Oh,ladies and gentlemen,here comes a good news.Our foreign friends have just arrived in our school,They're XX and XX .let's welcome XX and XX.(与外教互动)

女:OK ,ladies and gentlemen ,the next part is free talk .Please enjoy yourself.

男:Well,ladies and gentlemen, As time is limited,A and B have to say goodbye to us .Let's give them a big hand.Thank you,XX and

XX .Thamk you for sharing the time with us.Thank you and byebye.(See you next time).

女:Well,ladies and gentlemen,let's continue our activities.After communicating with so many friends,I'm sure that everyone have learned some knowledge of workplace.Now,let's invite some friends to share his or her flaming thoughts.(观众与主持互动)Again,who wants to have a try?Anyone.Oh,Come on ,don't be shy.It's a good chance to challenge yourself .We come here for what?Of course ,open our mouth and practice our English skills.......


男:Maybe it's a little difficult for us to express ideas about workplace.So do you want to play a game?A debate game.As we know,in lala's story ,there is Office Romance.So, Do you agree to Office Romance?If you agree.please stand on the left side.If you dont't agree ,please stand on the right side.Let's begin our debate.So why do you agree to Office Romance?Please Give us some reason.So do you agree with them?Go and fight !


女: Oh,ladies and gentlemen,I'm certain that we have got a nice

time here.But as you know ,Time is always fleeting and I'm afraid our English Corner has come to the end.We hope all of you have learn something or make new friends here.

男:Yes,It's our great honoured to share the night with all of you.Ladies and gentlemen.Thank you for coming.Thank you for joining us. Good night and good luck!See you next time!.88

第二篇:英语角主持稿(Come_on~) 5100字


Crystal:Ladies and gentlemen, attention please! It's the show time! 歌唱表演


Crystal:Wow !What a wonderful show! Thank you xxx for your amazing music and marvelous voice! Well, Good afternoon,ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our English Corner organized and sponsored by Foreign Language department. It's my great honor to be one of the hosts today. My name's Crystal. And standing here beside me is our distinguished supervisor today, one of my favorite teachers, Kitty, Welcome, Kitty. Applause(掌声)!!

Kitty:Thank you ,Crystal, thank you all. Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I'm honored to co-host English Corner today .This is my first to be host since I came to I&B vocational College. I am quite excited. Here I am to share with you the most sincere and precious ideas of Love on campus, which is considered the most romantic, loyal and sweetest feeling by the majority of people, well, quite a few people believe that love on campus is unpredictable and unreliable. What is love exactly like on campus. May you find out the real significance and mystery of love and being loved today,. 1

Crystal:Yes, both of us hope all of you have a nice time and find more opportunities to be involved in the activity here today. Well, as the poster shows and the song xxxxx implied, our topic is something about Campus Love. This topic is always popular and I'm sure that everyone here is experiencing your love on campus or eager for your Mr. Right or Dream Boat. Ok, before we reveal the real meaning of campus love, let?s enjoy a game.

Kitty:Game time! Please allow me to introduce the rules and purpose of the game. The name of the game is Whisperers, the purpose of the game is to test your ability of listening, speaking, and organizing English sentences within limited time, and still we have another objective which is to exam your teamwork. You have been divided into xxxx groups according the color of the heart holding in your hand. Please stand in line with same colored hearts and be quiet. We will show the first person a long sentence related to love, after 20 seconds the first person needs to whisper the sentence to the second person in the line, then second person to the third person, the third person to the next, until you pass your sentence onto the last person. You have 2 minutes to finish the task. Afterwards, the last one please reports your sentence to us. Now let?s begin.


Crystal shows t the sentence prepared beforehand to the first person in each line. Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful.

Crystal: Hi, Guys. Take in mind, you need to whisper, and try to give the next person a correct sentence even though you do not know the original sentence. Hurry up, everyone. Time?s up. Show time! Let?s report our sentence!

Kitty: you did a quite wonderful job! The original sentence is Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful.

So, I believe you have found the strength of teamwork when we learn English and know before you get married; it is fate for you to meet some guys to involve in your life.

Crystal: Yes, exactly. Most of us are full of imagination and fantasy to love, let?s have a free talk, each line please 3

form a circle, let?s talk about what love is in your imagination with the sentence pattern “ love is like…, because…”, Kitty, could you give us a demonstration! Kitty:Yes, my pleasure! This part reminds me of my life in college, how sweet it was. Ok, here we go ? Love is like a pair of shoes because no one knows whether they are comfortable or not except yourself.

Crystal: Wow, It?s my turn now. Uh, let me think about it! Ok, I got one, and I think love is like air, we can?t live without it!

Kitty: you have found the importance of love on campus. Ok, let?s share with others our understanding to love. 大家讨论中,主持人可以参与到各个组中一起讨论。 Crystal: You got different understanding to love. Love is a shelter, umbrella, a strong hand, a firm shoulder or … Kitty: even though, love on campus can be everything which is good in our life, sometimes it is an unwelcomed guest in our life.

Crystal;Why is it an unwelcomed guest? I am looking for my Mr. Right, Kitty.

Kitty:Sorry, I have mentioned it sometimes brings us trouble. Therefore today we will have a discussion. What 4

is the advantage and disadvantage of campus love? Is advantage more than disadvantage or disadvantage is more than advantage? Now, you may discuss with the one you want and then share your idea flashing in your mind.


Crystal: Who wants to have a try? Anyone?Oh, Come on ,don't be shy. That handsome boy, I see you. That beautiful/lovely/nice girl. Your eyes tell me you have something to talk. Why not?

Kitty: Everything has two sides. Campus love is the natural part of our life. The point is it is your attitude to campus love that influences the direction of your life. So, enjoy your campus love here, in time, your Mr. Right arranged by God will .come to you.


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