Chapter 4~6必背词汇(7500字)

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Final Revision from Chapter 4-6

Chapter 4

Vocabulary and Language points ( 词汇与课文语言点)


1. add A and B/ A added to B/ A plus B/ A and B: A+B

2. subtract B from A/ B subtracted from A /

A minus B: A-B

3. multiply A by B/ A multiplied by B/ A times B : A×B

4. divide A by B/A divided by B : A÷B度数)

6. percentage; percent

7. Egyptian(埃及人)------ Egypt(埃及) Chinese(中国人)------China(中国) Japanese(日本人)------Japan(日本) American(美国人)------America(美国) Indian(印度人)---India (印度)


7.invent(v); invention(n) 发明; inventor (n) 发明家


9.especially (adv) ; 尤其; 特别 especial (adj); 特别的 special (adj)

10. international (adj) 国际性的---- nation(n) 国家 national (adj) 国家的; 民族的


in ancient times在古代

12. however=but

13. nearly= almost


15. develop(v); development (n) 发展

with the development of ….随着….的发展

developing countries发展中国家 developed countries 发达国家

16. accurate( adj)=with no mistakes 准确无 2

误的 ; accurately(adv); accuracy (n)

17.bead(n.) (有孔的)珠子



at the bottom of the sea 在海底


21. electronic (adj.) 电子的

electricity(n. )电

electric: (adj): 带电的,电动的

22. powerful(adj.)= very strong ; power(n.力量)

23. change(v.改变)---change(n.零钱)不可数名词---changeable(adj.多变的)

24.kid(n. ) (非正式)小孩

25. separately (adv) ;分别地 separate (adj)

26. double(adj.双的)


28. instruction (n) ; 指导; 指令 instruct (v)

29. decide (v)= make a decision= make up 3

one’s mind 决定; decision (n)

30. total(adj.总的):totally(adv.) total number(总数目); total price(总价格)

31. fellow(adj.同伴的;同类的)

32. traffic (n) ; traffic accident交通事故;

traffic lights交通灯;红绿灯

33. rise (v)---rose---risen 上升

e g. The temperature will rise tomorrow. Look! The national flag is rising. The sun rises in the east and sets in

the west.

34. at least= not less than 至少

35. consist of= be made up of= include 由…组成

36. stand for= mean= represent 代表

37. in a flash= very quickly 一瞬间 Ⅱ.Language Points(课文语言点) 1 in ancient times: 在古代

2 in different ways: 以不同方式


3. from …to…: 从…到…

4. system of numbers: 数字系统

5. calculating machines : 计算机器

6. on the abacus: 在算盘上

7. electronic calculators: 电子计算器

8. do a calculation: 进行计算

9.. be able to do: 能够can

10. in your whole lifetime: 在你一生的时间里

11. the following story: 下面的故事

12. solve the problem: 解决问题

13. powerful enough: 够强大

14. in tens: 以十计算

15. have a seat= be seated= sit down 入座

16. one of the first calculating machines: 最早的计算器之一

17. in figures/ numbers: 以数字(的形式)

18. in words: 以语言(的形式)


Chapter 5

Vocabulary and Language points ( 词汇与课文语言点)


1. astronaut (n.宇航员) spaceman or spacewoman

2. captain(n.机长) : the head of a plane or a ship:

3. towards(prep.向;朝着): close to a certain part / up to/ to

4. land(v.登陆) : reach a place in a plane or a ship

5. pilot(n.飞行员): a person who flies a plane


7. suddenly(adv.突然)---sudden( adj & n.) all of a sudden

8. kill(v.杀) cause someone to die—killer(n. 6



11. appear (v.出现) come in sight: appearance(n. 出现, 外貌)---disappear(v.消失)out of sight

12.plan(n.计划) : make a plan for study/work

13. reply(v.回答): give an answer ; reply to=answer

14. trust(v.信任)= believe in

15. underground(n.地铁) =subway=metro

16. passenger (n.乘客); passenger seat

17. suggest(v.建议)= make a suggestion.建议---suggestion(n)

suggest doing sth

suggest that sb do/should do sth

18.intention(n.目的)– intend(v. 打算) intend to do sth (意图/打算做某事) 7

19. court (n.球场) football/tennis court足球/网球场

20.forecast(n.预报): the weather forecast/the weather report(天气预报)

21. housework(n.家务) : help mum (to) do some housework(帮助妈妈做家务)

22. invite(v邀请)---invitation(n.请柬) invite sb. to do sth(邀请某人做某事) give sb an invitation(给某人发出邀请函)

23. arrange(v. 安排)---arrangement(n.) make an arrangement for…(为…做出安排)

24.survey(n.调查): do a survey/make a survey (做调查)

25. suitable(adj.合适的)---suit(v.符合) be suitable for= be fit for 适合…

26. cycling(n.骑自行车运动)

27. sailing(n.帆船运动)

go cycling/ go sailing/ go swimming/ go 8

shopping/ go fishing…

28.barbecue(n.烧烤) have a barbecue(吃烧烤)

29. special(adj.特别的)—specialty (n.特殊性; 特产)

Today is a special day because it’s my twelfth birthday.

30.go through(穿过;通过) : go through the forest(穿过森林)

31.dress up(装扮;打扮)

32.dress up as a clown/beggar(装扮成小丑/乞丐)…

Ⅱ.Language Points(课文语言点)

1. towards evening: 接近傍晚

2. land on : 着陆

3.bring us to a cave: 把我们带到一个洞穴里

4. go through: 穿过

5. get out of: 逃出来=run away 9

from=escape from

6. press a button: 按按钮

7. steel bars: 钢筋

8.over our head: 在我们头上

9. appear from the ground: 从地面出现

10. name/ call oneself: 自命为…

11. be in pieces: 变成碎片

12. trust me=believe in me

13. space adventure太空冒险

14. in peace: 和平地;平静地

15. have fun=enjoy oneself= have a good time玩得开心

16. in trouble: 有麻烦

17. take place= happen: 发生

18. space travel: 太空旅行

19. reply to: 回答=answer。。。。。。

20. dress sb up: 给某人打扮; dress up as: 打扮成某人

21. tell sb sth=tell sth to sb告诉某人某事 10

22. prepare breakfast :准备/煮早餐

Chapter 6

Vocabulary and Language points ( 词汇与课文语言点)


1. blow(v.)---blew---blown

It is blowing hard.天正刮着大风。

2. escape(v.逃脱): get away from a place

3. almost(adv.几乎) : nearly

4. immediately(adv.立刻)= at once=right away

5. interrupt(v.打岔;插嘴)---interruption(n.)

6. otherwise(adv.不然;否则) : or/or else

7. aim(v.瞄准) at; aim something at someone = point something at someone

8. attack(v.袭击) : hurt someone or damage something

9. damage(v.伤害,损害):hurt

10.secretly(adv.秘密地;悄悄地)---secret(adj. 11

秘密的;悄悄的& n秘密. )



13.fall asleep(入睡) fall---fell---fallen

14.wake up(醒来) wake---woke/waked---woken/waked

wake(v.)--- awake(adj.清醒的)

15.go out (灯/火)熄灭 go---went---gone The light went out suddenly.= The light stopped shining suddenly.

The fire will go out soon. = The fire will stop burning soon.

Ⅱ.Language Points(课文语言点)

1. after one’s supper晚饭后

2. fall asleep 入睡

3. Here’s my plan.这是我的计划。

Here are my arrangements for the trip. 这是我的旅游安排。

4.use the laser torch to melt the bars of the 12


= melt the bars of the cage with the laser torch 用激光手电筒融化笼子的棒条

5. interrupt me = stop me=make me stop talking 打断某人说话

6. escape from here = run away from here从这儿逃脱

7. moments later= after a few minutes 片刻之后

8. wake up醒来

9. aim at= point at 朝…瞄准

10. The light in his eye went out.= The light in his eye stopped shining.他眼睛的光灭了。

11.What’s wrong?= What’s the matter? = What happened?怎么了!

12. had a bad dream= made a bad dream做了个噩梦。

13. at that time正在那时

14. secretly climb into the kangaroos’ 13

pocket 秘密地爬进

15.went back to bed=returned to bed回去睡觉

16.carried us out带我们出去

17.Then we were free.= Then we got our freedom.接着我们自由了。


18. What happened to Gork? Gork怎么了?

=What’s the matter with Gork? =What’s wrong with Gork?

=What’s Gork’s trouble?

=What’s the trouble with Gork? =What’s troubling Gork?

=What’s Gork’s problem?

=What’s the problem with Gork?

19. Maybe he’s still in his cave and looking for Nobody.

= He may be in his cave and looking for 14


20. no =not any

21. no longer= not… any longer 不再

We are no longer pupils. = We aren’t pupils any longer.我们不再是小学生了。

22. no more=not any more

23. take photos of… 照……的照片

24. take action 采取行动

25. next to 临近= beside= near

26. too…to… 太……不能……

The boy is too young to go to school.

=The boy is so young that he can’t go to school.

The stone was too heavy for me to carry. The stone was so heavy that I couldn’t carry it.


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