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Good afternoon ,every professor.

I am very glad to be here for this interview. First let me introduce myself. My name is tian,25 years old. I come from Dandong,a beautiful city of Liaoning Province. I graduated from Liaoning Technical University , and major in engineering mechanics.

Just as every one knows the aviation industry in our country is still worse than abroad in some areas。Mechanics is the philosophy of engineering.So I have a dream, I wish one day I can devote my whole life and energy into the development of mechanics about aerospace engineering.

I realized that what I had learned was not enough for this target, I thought it would be great if I can continue my interest in that, so that was why I choose to further my study with a master degree. So i choose Harbin Institute of Technology for my further study.I will be glad if i have the opportunity to study here.Thank you!



一、 第一句话(first word)。见到考官的第一句话,很关键,不用说的很复杂。可以是一个简单句,但一定要铿锵有力。 展示出自信和实力。千万不要来一句“sorry, my English is poor”。常见的开头有: I am glad to be here for this interview. First let me introduce myself. I’m ..., my Number is …北大清华等学校参加面试的考生很多,可能对考生有一个编号,说一下自己的编号显得很职业,正式。

二、作自我介绍——成长经历(making a self-introduction ——developing history)。有很多学校要求做一个自我介绍,这一问题并非在请你大谈你的个人历史。考官是要在你的介绍中寻找有关你性格、资历、志向和生活动力的线索。


三、若考官问其他的,没有听明白,可以说"could you speak slowly ?"or"sorry,I didn`t prepare for this question"相信英语(论坛)口语菜的人大有人在,豁出去了保持微笑:I am sorry! I beg your pardon? I don't understand your question,Could you repeat it again?Sorry, I don't know. (I am little acquainted with the aspect of special knowledge)But I wish I can have a chance to learn more deeply the knowledge under your direction 。



1、"What can you tell me about yourself?" ("关于你自己,你能告诉我些什么?")

This is not an invitation to give your life history. The interviewer is looking for clues about your

character, qualifications, ambitions, and motivations.不完全等同于自我介绍,选一部分。

2、"What would you like to be doing five years after graduation?"

If possible, I will go on with my study for doctorate degree. After graduating received doctorate degree, I wanted to teach in university, and continue research in Archaian(古代的) literature field,I hope I can have some achievement in my major.

3. "What is your greatest strength"?" ("你最突出的优点是什么?")这是你"展示自己"的最佳机会,不要吹嘘自己或过于自负,但要让雇主知道你相信自己,你知道自己的优点。

"I feel that my strongest asset is my ability to stick to things to get them done. I feel a real sense of

accomplishment when I finish a job and it turns out just as I'd planned. I've set some high goals for myself. For

example, I want to graduate with highest distinction.如可答:"我认为我最大的优点是能够执着地尽力把事情办好。当做完一件工作而其成果又正合我的预想时,我会有一种真正的成就感。我给自己定了一些高目标。比如说,我要成为出色的毕业生。

4、 "What is your greatest weakness?"("你最大的弱点是什么?")你不应该说你没有任何弱点,以此来回避这个问题;每个人都有弱点。最佳策略是承认你的弱点,但同时表明你在予以改进,并有克服弱点的计划。

Maybe because I am young people, I am a short fuse girl in daily life, fortunately I have realized it was disadvantage, and I am trying my best to get rid of it.

5. How do you feel about your progress to date?对于你至今所取得的进步你是怎样看的?绝不要对你以前的所作所为表示内疚。

"I think I did well in school. But I am clear that I still have a long way to walk to realize my dream and finally achieve self-value. I will try my best.

6. What has been your greatest accomplishment?

I will try my best to accomplish my plan as soon as I make a good choose, and I am not distracted by circumstance and I never give up my choose, such as this postgraduate exams.


7. What are some of the things you find difficult to do?

I don’t discouragement, on the contrary, I will actively think measure to conquer it and put measure into practice, I am sure I will succeed in the end.

8. What is the worst thing you have heard about our university?

To tell the truth, I don’t completely know our university, I know it only by internet and some students, so I don’t randomly value it, but during my preparing this postgraduate exams, I obtained some helps coming from our university. They were very warmhearted, and I very appreciate them. In a word, I have very good impression about our university.


9. Describe your best friend and what he or she does for a living.

First of all, I have many good friends; we often study, discuss and play in harness. To speak of my best friend, maybe it belongs to **, she is a warmhearted, hardworking strong-minded girl, we were favor in discussing some our interesting questions.She also took the postgraduate exams, and obtained very good result. I heartily hope she has a happy future.


10. In what ways are you similar or different from your best friend?

I think we have many similar characters, such as warmhearted, hardworking etc. To mention difference, I think the big difference is that she do anything slowly, on the contrary, I am short fuse. Maybe we can supervise and urge both sides, so we are very good friends.


11. Are you a happy person?

Yes, of course. First, I have a happy family, I love my parents and they love me, too. Second, I have a health body. Finally, I study the major that I very like. Though I have no many money, but I don’t envy people who own much money, I can create life by my both hands, I think I am very happy.


12. If you failed this time what will you do in the near future?

I very clear that life is not successful at any time, it is full of challenge, so I prepare for receiving

challenge coming from life and I also tell myself I never give up at any moment. Now, I also receive challenge, I only think try my best to pass this challenge. No matter what result is. I never give up my pursuit and my dream.如果这次你失败了你会怎样做,在不久的将来?我很清楚,生活并不会每时每刻都很成功,它是充满挑战,所以我准备接受生活中的挑战,我也告诉自己,我永远不会放弃在任何时候。现在,我也接受挑战,我只是觉得,尽我所能通过这一挑战。无论什么结果。我用于不会放弃我的追求和梦想。


13. What kinds of opportunities are you looking for? I think that life fills with opportunities; people try their best to looking for opportunities, of course, including me. But I think the most important is how you seize every opportunity to make you succeed.


14. Say a little about your educational background.I come from a suburb of Luoyang.

My elementary school and my junior high school is located my village, I spend my elementary school and my junior high school during 1989 to1998. During 1998 to 2001, I study in my senior high school in Luoyang city. From two thousand and one to date, I studied in Luoyang normal college.

谈谈您的教育background.I一些来自洛阳市郊区。我和我的小学初中位于我的村庄,我花1989 to1998在我和我的小学初中。在19xx年至20xx年,我在高中学习洛阳市。从2001至今,我研究了洛阳师范学院。

15. What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I like reading books, writing life sentiment, listening music, communicating with

friends, and so on.16. What is your impression of Nanjing? Maybe because I have good impression to Nanjing

people, I have good impression to Nanjing, Nanjing is the city that owns some history base, it is very good to me, I like this city.






二、从细节入手 自信掌控全局

考研复试不仅仅考察学生对专业知识的掌握,更重要的是考核学生的综合素质,因此,在英语口语考试过程中,一定要注意细节问题, 在细节上赢得成功。


着装。 切记不要太张扬,不要让印象分成了你考研路上的绊脚石,那样就得不偿失了。男生应该尽量穿西服或者比较正式的服装,女生嘛千万不要穿紧身衣和短裙。自然、大方、得体就已足够。

自我介绍。 自我介绍应简洁,发音准确,吐字清晰,音量适中,回答问题流利准确,切记吞吞吐吐,不知所云;另外,在回答讨论性的问题时需注意,千万不要只回答“YES”或“NO”,而要加上你的reason或者是example。应充分开阔思路,发表自己的意见或评价。









I wonder if you could help me

Look, I’m sorry to bother you, but

There’s something you could help me with

I hate to have to say this, but



你难得不觉得你自己是不是反应过度了一点吗?(太敏感了吗) 没什么值得心烦的


Take it easy!

Don’t you think you’re overacting a bit?

There is no reason to get upset。

I am sorry to hear that。








I was wondering if you’d ever thought of

I think it might be a good idea。

Have you ever thought of

Don’t you think it might be a good idea to

You could always……

If I were you I’d……

Why don’t you……

You’d better……


Didn’t you once……

Did you ever……

Tell me about the time you……

I hear you once……

You’ve…, haven’t you?






What happened next? Why didn’t you…? Did you… before that? How do you feel when…? Where were you doing while……? Then what did you do? Did you think of…? 五、回顾时引导别人的想象 要是……你会干了些什么 要是……情况会怎么样 如果……你会有什么样的感觉? What would you have done if What would have happened if How would you felt if 六、这样回应引导 我不知道,我猜我会 很难说,但是我想我会 当然啦,我…… Oh, I don’t know, I guess I would have…… Hard to say, but I think I would have…… Well, of course, I could have…… 七、老实道歉 噢,实在对不起 歉意之深,实在是无以言表(我无法告诉你我是多么的内疚) 我真不知该怎样说才好 万分抱歉 Oh, I’m awfully sorry…… I can’t tell you how sorry I am…… I just don’t know what to say…… I’m extremely sorry。 八、我错了 我为……而道歉 恐怕我得说 真不知该怎样说,…… 要解释清楚并不容易 I’ve got to apologize for I’m afraid I have something to say I’m not exactly sure how to put this, but Um, this isn’t easy to explain 九、没关系,我原谅你 没关系,不要在意 算了 不是你的错 啊呀,不要放在心上,真的没什么

千万别自怨自艾了(别再自责了) Oh, that’s right; don’t worry about it Forget it It’ not your fault Oh, never mind never mind. It really doesn’t matter。 Please don’t blame yourself。 十、开始一个故事 我告诉过你那时我 那使我想起 你竟然提起那件事,真是很有意思。因为类似的事情也曾经在我身上发生过 Did I ever tell you about the time I That reminds of the time I Funny you should mention that, because something similar happened to me once 十一、有效控制叙述 言归正传 当我说这句话的时候 不管怎么样,无论如何 长话短说 不敢怎么说,最后的结局就是这样的 To get back to the story As I was saying To make a long story short Anyway, what happened in the end was this: 十二、制造悬念 倒霉的就是(然后呢)他掉到了河里 他打开的是一封信 你可以猜猜他当时的感觉 你想他会怎么做? 然后你知道他干了吗? 你根本无法想象,下面发生了什么事情 当他……想想我的惊讶吧 What happened to him was he fell into the river What he die was open the letter You can guess what he felt like What do you think he did And then do you know what he did You’ll never guess what happened next Imagine my surprise when he 十三、如何陈述观点 如果你问我的话 你知道我的想法吗?我认为 要点就是 您不这样说吗? 你不这样认为吗?

照我看来, 我只是想说说我的想法,…… 我要指出的是…… If you ask me, You know what I think? I think that The point is Wouldn’t you say that Don’t you agree that As I see it I’d just like to say that I think that I’d like to point out that 十四、如何表示同意与不同意 (1) 同意 的确如此(完全同意) 我一万个同意 那正是我想的 那正是我想的 好注意 英雄所见略同 Exactly I couldn’t agree more That’s just was I was thinking You know, that’s what I think That’s a good point Great minds think alike (2) 不同意 是的,说的不错,但是, 我不敢肯定我是否同意…… 你在那一方面是有道理,但是, 也许吧,但是你难道没有想到 yes, that’s true, but I’m not sure if I agree Well. You have s point there, but Maybe, but don’t you think that (3) 朋友之间 开玩笑吧 别装蒜了! 吹什么吹!别骗人了。 Are you kidding? Don’t make laugh! Come off it! 十五、如何进行讨论 (1) 委婉表达意见 有时我想

我听说过 你不是说 你认为你说……是对的吗? 我倒觉得 I sometimes think that Well, I’ve heard that Wouldn’t you say that Do you think it’s right to say that It’s my feeling that (2) 不懂就问 我不明白你说的关于……的情况 对不起,我不明白你的意思 你到底想告诉我什么 我不能完全理解难得意旨 I didn’t follow what you said about Sorry,I don’t see what you mean I don’t see what you’re getting at What exactly are you trying to tell me (3) 被人误解和被人不懂立即解释 那不完全是我想表达的 让我换一种说法 让我再讲一次 That’s mot exactly what I mean Let me put it another way Sorry, let me explain 十六、如何提出问题;如何拖延,回答的技巧 (1) 提问 不知你是否能够帮助我,我想知道 I was wondering if you could help me. I’d like to know 不知你是否介意告诉我 I wonder if you could tell me 这也许听起来是一个愚蠢的问题,但我想知道 我希望你不要介意我的问题,我想知道 你很介意告诉我 打扰一下,我能不能很快问你一个问题 你是否碰巧知道 This sounds like a dumb a question but I’d like to know Excuse me, do you know I hope you don’t mind my asking, but I’d like to know Would mind telling me… Excuse me, but could I ask you a quick question? Do you happen to know (2) 拖延, 避免冷场 好好好,让我想想

好的,我想一下 我不敢肯定,我要核查一下 那真实一个有趣的问题 Well,let me see Oh let me think for a minute I’ m not sure; I’ll have to check That’s a very interesting question 十七、巧妙拒绝 我真的不能肯定 我无法回答 对不起,真是不知道 我没什么想法 我很愿意帮你,只是 这个嘛,我现在不是很想谈 别问我这个 I’m not really sure I cannot answer that one I’m sorry, I really don’t know I’ve got no idea I’d like to help you, but。 That’s something I’d rather not talk about just now 十八、如何知道得更多 您再讲一些有关……的情况吗? 你能不能再多说一点关于…… 关于……我还想了解的更多 我还想知道 另外我想知道的是 对不起,我指的不是那个。我想知道的是 对不起,向您问个没完。您能不能告诉我 对不起,我不是太明白为什么 Could you tell me some more about Could you mind telling me more about I’d like to know more about Something else I was wondering about was Something else I’ d like to know is Sorry to keep after you, but could you tell me Sorry, I don’t quite understand

Good afternoon ,dear professor.

I am very glad to be here for today's interview. First let me introduce myself. My name is kang jingtian,25 years old. I come from Liaoning Dandong,the most beautiful border city of China . I graduated from Liaoning Technical University , and major in engineering mechanics.

Just as every one knows the aviation industry in our country is still worse than abroad in some areas。Mechanics is the philosophy of engineering. So I have a dream, I wish one day I can devote my whole life and energy into the development of mechanics about aerospace engineering. I realized that what I had learned was not enough for this target,that was why I choose to further my study with a master degree. So i choose Harbin Institute of Technology for my further study.I will be glad if i have the opportunity to study here.Thank you!

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