Report on love of life 热爱生命读书报告(3900字)

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Report on love of life

Jack London , the greatest representative author of America critical realism during the 19th and 20th century . He was born in the Great Depression ,because of hard familiar life, he went to sell newspaper in the early morning at the age of ten. At 3 o’clock ,he had to separate newspaper ,and after school he went to sell newspaper. He worked in exercising room on Sunday . When he was 13 , he left school to canning factory and worked as a child worker to making a living . He had to work about 19 hours everyday and tired off. The kind of life deeply stimulate him. He bearred different kinds of jobs and gave himself away. So he hated the man-eating society to the utmost degree. Like all children , Jack London had some beautiful daydreams He readed all the books he can borrowed. In the spring of 1894 , America-famous labor movement broadened his mind and throw him into it . When he was 19, he studied in Auxan Middle school and California University . But one year later ,he had to give up studying and worked as a laundryman . In 1896, he joined in gold-diggers’ ranks. He didn’t get gold but took back various materials of northen stories .

As a industrious, productive writer ,Jack London insisted on writing everyday .Less than 20 years , he had written 169 novels , 3 dramas and plenty of essays. His short novels created a new period

for modern America short novels . There are stories from the north , the pacific short novels and the society problem novels.

Love of Life is one of his representive novels , which describes a gold-diggers who reached the bottom of the barrel seeked to live through seven days and nights in arctic circle.

The dramatic details and plots are the main peculiarity of the artical . The author who loks like a sober bystander throws all his passion on energetic , descriptive words. The whole story doesn’t present any discussion , but stresses on discriping the main character’s actions. Counting match ,binding up broken feet and crewing grass root appeared again and again. Upon them , we find a conflicting man who is not only frightened but also fearless . At the same time , the description of figure and landscape are united , which add charisma to novel.

Love of Life creaets a fingure that a man is with strong will and good vitality . This novel not only expresses the instinct of living , but also praises the will and strength of the man.

It is said that Lenin is fond of this novel , and is attacked by its power . The power is love of life and insistence.

Once the writer Jack London said that this story is of two properties .In appearance , it is a simply story that every child can read it .From it ,we can infer that the novel is complicated and rich

philosophical in fact. If you readed this novel carefully , you would find three implicit points . The first is that they go to pan for gold in a hopeful manner , but at last they throw their gold only for living . Secondly,Bill gave up friends for his gold , but his friend found his broken body at last. When they lived through hungry , coldness and hopelessness , but they made a decision to gave up gold . Factly, he came to be a bread-collector and lived under the shadow of lacking food.

‘Had it been a well wolf, it would not have mattered so much to the man, but the thought of going to feed the maw of that loathsome and all but dead thing was repugnant to him . He was finicky.’

I can’t tell what is the basic requirement for human being . Is it food or dignity ? When we only have the last choice to choose to die in which way . Maybe all things aren’t necessary ,making a choice is the last only thing we can do . All of their actions are for the passion.

? Title: Report on Love of Life ? Author: Jack London

? Class and grade:08英语-1

? Number of words: about 3000

? Name the main character: a gold digger ? Date: 11/5/2010

? Name:冯晶晶

第二篇:A report of the Scarlet Letter 《红字》读书报告 2800字

A report of the Scarlet Letter

Summary: The story happened in Boston of America in 19 century. The heroine is a beautiful woman, Hester Prynne, who married an old man of malformed body, named Roger Chillingworth, before she knows what love is. Roger decided to move to America. Hester went there first and Roger went back to Europe to disposed things left. Hester fell in love with the young priest, Mr. Dimmesdale, while she was waiting for her husband. She had an affair with him and later gave birth to a daughter, Pearl. In order to protect the priest, she was punished by a red A on her chest which means adultery. Ever after, Hester lived a plain life, but she always dressed Pearl up very well. Although people put Hester to shame whenever saw her, she was still willing to help others. She never complained others. She made Pearl a happy life and didn’t restrain her a lot. Her lover, the young priest, felt guilty and tortured himself mentally and physically. And this gradually ruined his health. At the same time, Hester’s husband, Roger, disguised himself as a doctor and lived with the priest. For the sake of revenge, he tried very hard to find out the connection between the minister’s anguish and Hester’s secret. Later, Hester told Roger’s true identity to the priest and asked him to escape to Europe together. However, their plan was destroyed by evil Roger. In the end, the priest confessed his adultery with Hester. He tore away his clothes and revealed his chest, on which there was a same scarlet letter.

People were totally shocked and the priest fell down and died. And after that, Roger was left with no aim in his life. He gave his property to Pearl and soon died. Later, Hester and Pearl disappeared. People got no news of them from then on. Many years later, Pearl married someone and had her own home, while Hester returned to the town and resumed to do something to help others. Until the end of her life, Hester still wore the scarlet letter A. But it has become the symbol of able, angel, admirable and other good things.

My thoughts:First, this novel give those who have made mistakes hope. In fact, I don’t know whether it is right for Hester to fall in love and have an affair with the priest. But Hester’s good deeds make people who insult her at the beginning respect and admire her. This kind of change gives many people in dark hope for better life and encourages more people to help others. Second, honesty should be our principle of life most of time. The priest dare not confess to public at the beginning. His inner guilty tortured him day and night. When he confessed at last, he felt peaceful. Finally, we ought to know what we are doing and what we should do. Roger is a pathetic person. He aimed to avenge, but when his enemy died, he was at a loss. This is, actually, because he didn’t choose right and meaningful things to do.

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