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1. Why are girls afraid of the letter C ? Because it makes fat fact!

2. Why is the letter E so important? Because it’s the beginning of everything!

3. Why are the letter G and letter S in“gloves” close to each other? Because there is love between them!

4. What letter is an animal ? B( bee)

5. What letter is a question? Y(why)

6. Why is U the joyest letter? Because it’s in the midst of fun!

7. How can you make a rope shorter without cutting or winding it?

Take a longer rope and compare with it!

8. What can you tell from Peter’s record card with extremely poor grades? He didn’t cheat!

9. What does everybody do at the same time? Grow old! (or Breathe)

10.What resembles half a pie? The other half!

11.Who works only one day in a year but never gets fired? Santa Claus 圣诞老人

12.Why do lions eat raw meat? They don’t know how to cook.

13. How many sides does a circle have? Two. The inside and the outside!

14. How can you be completely sleepless for seven days and still lack no rest? Sleep at night

5. If you throw a stone into the Red Sea, what will it become? wet

16. If two’s company and three’s crowd, what’s four and five? 9

17. The farmers in this village used modern methods but harvested no apples this year, why? They plant peach but not apple tree

18. A police officer had a brother ,but the brother had no brother. Why

19. What falls often but never gets hurt? snowflake

21. Where did the egg floating down the Mississippi River come from? hen

23.How can you make 1000 out of eight 8’s? 888+88+8+8+8

24.How can you make 6 out of three 7’s?

25.How can you make 6 out of three 5’ s

29.Lucky Mouse fell off a 1000-step stair and was not hurt.why? it fell from the last step

30.Why do giraffes have long neck? Because their heads are far from their bodies!

34.Can you name the captital of every state in the U.S. in ten seconds? Washinton,D.C.!

36.Why does a cat look first to one side and then to the other side when it enters a room? Because it can't see both sides at once.

37.How do you know policemen are strong ?

38.With which hand do you write? Neither.I use a pen! 39.What must you do before you return a book to the library? Borrow the book from library.

1. What’s the Chinese for “six of one and half a dozen of the other?”

A. 六分之一 B. 人云亦云 C.半斤八两 D.见一面分一半

2. What three letters turn a girl into a woman?


3. We don’t want it. It’s “a white elephant.” What is it?

A. 一件无用而累的东西 B.一头白象 C. 白给的东西

D. 白色陷阱

4. What’s too much for two and just right for one?

A. Time B. A secret C. Two friends D. A room

5. What’s the Chinese for “talk big”?

A. 吹牛 B. 说谎话 C.骂人 D.很大

6. I know that from A to I.

A.从A到I B.从头到尾 C.字母表 D.距离很远

7. You can’t do it . You can sue to Ann for help.

A. ask B. think C. find D. give

8. What’s that? That’s a lily I like it very much.

A. girl’s name B. flower C. picture D. cup

9. He’s a yes-man I don’t like him .

A. 唯唯诺诺的人 B.总有理的人 C.坚强的人 D.说一不二的人

10. All right. Let me do it. That’s the boy.

A. Good boy B. Young child C. Big boy



1.the apple of one’s eye 的中文意思是: A .眼中的苹果 B 掌上明珠

2.black tea 的中文意思是: A.红茶 B.黑茶

3.ABC 的含义是: A 基础知识;字母表 B. ABC song; 句型

4. 英语字母中使用最多的是:___________ 最少的是:___________

A.e;x B. s;e C. e;z D.z;x

5. A man has(有)wo eyes . Someone (有人)says he has four eyes. Do you know the reason(原因) ? A. He has a pair of glasses( 眼镜). B. He is a blind (盲的) man


1、My grandmother is very old . She is 84. She is four times () as old as I am . How old am I ?__________________


a. 第十二夜 A. The Million Pound Bank Note

b.百万英镑 B.The Twelfeth Night

c.音乐之声 C. Sound of Music

d.未来世界 D. Future World

3. 哪种说法正确?请用YES 和NO 表示:

A. The earth moves round the sun. ( )

B. The sun moves round the moon. ( )

9. I see three men on a bus. A speaks English and Japanese. C only talks with B. B can speak Chinese and English. What does C speak? He speaks______.

A. English B. Japanese C. Chinese D. English and Japanese

10. How long should your legs be? They are____.


What B. 2 meters long

will C. longer than my father's you D. long enough to reach the ground break 11. What would George Washington be most famous (著名的) for if he were alive today? once A. A president (总统). B. A great American. you C. His old age. D. A father of his son. say it?12 Two men, starting at the same point,walk in opposite directions (相反方向) for 4 metres, turn left (什么and walk another 3 metres.What is the distance (距离) between them? 东西A. 2 metres. B. 6 metres. 一说

C. 10 metres. D. 12.5 metres. 出来

13. Continue (继续) the following number series (系列) with the group of numbers below which 就打continues the series best? 破?) A. 1.5 meters long 1 10 3 9 5 8 7 7 9 6 ? ?

A. 11, 5. B. 10, 5. C. 10, 4. D. 10, 6.

2. 14. If there are three apples and you take away two, how many do you have?

Will A. One. B. Two. C. None. D. Three.

liars 15.His talk was nothing but milk and water. “Milk and water”, here means ?

be A.毫无意义 B.丰富多彩 C.血浓于水 D.例行公事

24.Beijing is very happy to host the Olympic Games and is keeping a cool head at the same hones

t time. after A. 2000 B. 2002 C.2004 D.2008 they 25.连线题 die? a black and white 黑色幽默 (骗子black humor 白纸黑字 死了green hand 新手 之后

green eye 嫉妒 (答案:白纸黑字) 会诚

26.There are 49 birds and hares. A bird has two legs and a hare has four. There are 100 legs in all. 实So there are______birds and _______. 吗?) 45,45 hares B.23,26 hares C.42,6 hares D.48,1 hare 3.

27. Fourth of July is Independence Day. Yes or no? What

alway28. Koalas can swim. Yes or no?

s goes 29. 用西餐时,需左手拿fork, 右手拿knife. Yes or no?

30. Dragon 在中国古时候是帝王的象征,西方国家也是如此. Yes or no? up and never


down? (什么东西只升不降?)

4. Why did the boy make his dog sit in the sun? (男孩为什么让他的狗坐在阳光下?)

5. Why can a bride hide nothing?(为什么新娘子什么也藏不住?)

6. Why is the library the highest building?(为什么图书馆是最高的建筑物?)

7. What is the smallest bridge in the world? (世界上最小的桥梁是什么?)

8. What is the difference between the North Pole and the South Pole? (北极与南极的区


9. What makes naughty boys long to work in a clock factory? (淘气的男孩为什么想去钟表厂工作?)

10. What bird lifts heavy things? (什么鸟能举起重物?)

11. A ship can contain only fifty persons. Now there is alreadyforty-nine person in it. At this time,a pregnant woman comes on andboards the ship. The shipsinks. Why? (有一艘船只能容纳50人,现在已有49人。这时一位孕妇上了船,船就沉了。为什么?)

12. What's the poorest bank in the world? (世界的最贫穷的银行是什么?)

13. What month do soldiers hate?(军人憎恨什么月?)


1. Silence. (沉默)

2. No, they won’t. They lie still after they die。(不会,他们依旧撒谎。Lie still 躺着不动,依旧撒谎。)

3. Your age. (你的年龄)

4. He wants to have a hot dog. (他想要一条热狗。)

5. Because someone will give her away. (因为有人会揭发她。Give away 揭发,在婚礼上把新娘交给新郎)

6. It has the most stories. (它的楼层最多。Story 故事,楼层)

7. The bridge of a nose. (鼻梁)

8. A whole world. (整个世界。 a world of difference 天壤之别)

9. They want to make faces. (make face 做鬼脸,做钟表面)

10. Crane. (鹤。Crane鹤,举重机)

11. Because is a pigboat. (那是潜水艇。pigboat,潜水艇)

12.The river bank。(河岸。)


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