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I really appreciate all the wonderful wishes from you pretty girls and

handsome boys who remember me and my birthday. I feel so happy that I have to express my grateful feeling in my own way.

Firstly, i wanna thank my parents who give me a brilliant life and

unconditional love. Two days ago, missing my mom badly,,a call was given to my mom. It was really a big shock that my mom remembered the exact time when I was born, which encouraged my tears to move around in my eyes. At the same time , I felt ashamed of my poor memory ---- I do not memorize my mom”s birthday. What a cruel boy I am! Thankfully , my mom does not care my cruelty. She said she was extremely proud of me . Yes , my sister ,brother and I are her whole life! My dad silent man never force me to do sth I do not like. When a little boy, I played all day long instead of doing homework. He knew it ,not scolding me, and just gave me few words like “my son, you know , you decide your future”. Actually, my dad felt sorry to his kids. Once he was drunk, he stared at me directly and said,”I not a good dad. I 、、、 I just could not give you kids a better life , a better opportunity of education, a better 、、、just of everything.” My dad is real man in my heart and my best example. He is honest. He is kind. He is hard-working. He teaches me how to be a good person. He tells me to be a grateful man. ”I would like to be your son in the next life, would you be willing?” my sister and brother, I always have a quest ion in my heart. That is, are you still remember our childhood. You two are the best umbrellas protecting me everywhere and every minute. I really miss you two to death. Best wishes and good luck.

Secondly, my dear friends, thanks a million. I am very grateful that you guys give me timely help and sincere encouragement when I am not in the moods. You borrow me money generously but never give me a deadline. You help me to know more things in life. You are worried about me when I am not happy. You share your stories and jokes with me. You say ,”I am stupid but clever boy.” You wake me up in the morning when I am lazy. You take care of me when I am under weather. You remind me to wash my clothes when I am too busy to forget that. You bad guys give me nickname which , I have to say, is not an elegant name but I like very much. My dad tells me to be a grateful man. so I remember all the kindness you my friends show to me. I feel lucky to be your friends. You are my friends for ever.

Thirdly, I think, it is necessary for me to express my gratitude to two

persons here. About two months ago , I was excited to visit a international city. However, it was not so good as I imagined. Maybe, I am too simple. Maybe I expected too much. Maybe, the person I miss just(、、、). Ok , I do not want to mention it any more. It is not easy for me to restore from it. Now , i just wanna say “I wish nothing but the best wishes to you,too.” Fortunately, my best friend help me out. Actually we always treat each other as brothers. He arranged everything for me I was in a low mood. He arranged the room for me. He bought me food. He bought me beer. He said,”Hey, drink the beer out! Then have a good sleep. Everything is ok. That is nothing. You are great. You are a

good guy, a pure guy. ” I was closely moved to tears at that time. But ,I felt sorry , my dear brother. I wasted the beer. I do not like to use beer to paralyze my feeling. I will go to visit you when the vacation comes.”Still remember that we always had meals together in senior shool? You do remember, I know.” Finally, 我想说,我可能不善表达感情,但我懂得感情,你们做每一件事我都用心记住。从我和你们接触的时间,你们应该能感觉到我的真诚,我也一直认为那是你们喜欢和我交朋友的原因,同时,那是我喜欢你们的原因,我喜欢接近你们这样的人,我感到很幸运I LOVE YOU ALL!



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Directions: You have just celebrated your birthday and your university classmate Jack has sent you an MP3 as the gift for your birthday. Write a letter to express your thanks to him.

Write the letter with no less than 100 words. Do not sign your own name at the end of the letter. Use “Wang Hua” instead. Do not write the address.

Dear Jack,

I am writing to express my sincere thanks for the MP3 you sent to me as my birthday gift last Sunday.

How considerate and wonderful of you to remember my birthday. It’s one of the most wonderful gifts I’ve ever got and I like it very much. You have a positive genius for selecting the right gift!

The four years I spent with you at university has always been the most pleasant period in my life. I will cherish this memory forever. How nice it would be to see you again.

I am looking forward to getting lots of use out of your thoughtful and practical birthday gift.

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