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请用英语为学生会(The Students Union)写一个书面通知,时间是5月4日,内容是:





There will be a meeting for all the monitors in the meeting-room at 10∶00 this morning.

All the teachers and students are going to see a film at 4∶00 this afternoon. The classes this afternoon will begin at 1∶30. Be sure not to be late for school, please.

The Students Union

May 4,2003







Tomorrow is Tree Planting Day. It is warm. You will have no classes. We will plant trees in the park. We will meet at the gate of our school at 8∶00 in the morning and go there by bike. We will have lunch there. Please take some water and food with you. Don't be late.

the Headmaster Office

March 11




(1) 骑自行车去,九点前到达,在大门口等候,不要迟到。

(2) 历史老师将和我们一起去,并给我们讲有关的历史知识,请带钢笔与笔记本。

(3) 下午三时去公园听音乐会。要在音乐会上唱歌的同学请做好准备。




May I have your attention, please? (Classmates, listen to me, please.) Tomorrow is Saturday. Our class has decided to visit the City Museum. We are all to go there by bike. Please get there before 9 o' clock and wait at the gate. Don' t be late.

Our history teacher will go with us. During the visit, he will tell us the history of the city. Please bring your pens and notebooks.

At 3∶00 p. m.,we'll go to the park to listen to a concert. Those who will sing at the concert, please get ready for it.

That's all. Thank you.








Tomorrow is New Year's Day . There will be no classes. All the teachers and students must attend the song meeting.It will be held in the meeting-hall between 8∶00 and 11∶30 in the morning. And there will be a basketball match between Boy-students Team and Young men teachers Team from 2∶00 to 2∶50, a volleyball match between Girl-students Team and Young-woman-teacher Team from 3∶00 to 4∶30 in the afternoon. People are warmly welcome to watch the games. Class will be had as usual on January 2.

the Headmaster Office

Dec.31, 2002










3.请以教务处(Teaching Affairs Office)的名义写一份书面通知,发布日期是20xx年9月8日。 内容要点如下:

(1)教务处准备组织一次英语演讲比赛(English Speech Contest)。主题(theme)是“爱我祖国”;

(2)比赛时间是9月25日下午两点半,比赛地点是大礼堂(the assembly hall);



4.你校学生会(The Student Union)将为来访的美国朋友举办一场晚会,请你用英语写一篇广播通知,字数在100词左右。






晚会内容:欣赏音乐、跳舞、唱歌、游戏、交换(exchange)小礼品(请将礼品包好wrap up、签上名,并在包装外面写上祝愿的话)。




Tomorrow is Sunday. We are going to the West Hill for a picnic. We are going there by bus. We'll meet at the school gate at 7∶00 tomorrow morning. Everyone should take his own food and drink for lunch. Everyone should wear sports shoes. We'll be back home at five tomorrow afternoon.

the School Office

September 24,2000



Boys and girls, your attention, please!

The little library of our English corner in our class has been opened. We hope that books in the library will be useful to all of us. Everyone can borrow books from now on.

We should do like the followings:

1. Borrow one or two books each time.

2. Keep the books for no more than two weeks and return them on time.

3. Take good care of the booksand obey the rules written on the blackboard back in our class.

Welcome to our little library!

Thank you!

Class 2, Grade 3



We are going to organize an English Speech Contest. It is to be held at 2∶30 p.m., September 25. The theme of the contest is My Love for Our Motherland. Those who would like to join in the contest are required to get the speech ready and hand it in before September 20. The place for the contest is the assembly hall. All students are welcome to attend.

Teaching Affairs Office

Sept. 8, 2003

4.May I have your attention, please? I have an announcement to make. The Student Union is going to hold a party on Friday evening, September 30, to welcome our friends from America.

The party will be held in our school hall. It will begin at 7∶30 in the evening. There will be music, dancing, singing, games and exchange of small presents. Remember to wrap up your present, and write your name and a few words of good wishes on it.

Don't forget: 7∶30, Friday evening, our school hall. There is sure to be a lot of fun TO: Mary Smith, Director

Research Division

FROM: A. S. Analyst [Your name goes here!]

DATE: April 7, 2003

RE: Analysis of Web log file data


This memo summarizes the results of my analyses of the Web log files. The major findings are:

1.The average length of time is …(Remember the "hint" in the assignment.)

2. The percentage of users from each of the domains is …

3. The percentage of users clicking through to the advertising is …

4. The busiest hour is …

5. The usage varies by time of day and has the following general pattern …

6. The users that were most likely to accept cookies were…. Those least likely to ….

7. The users that were most likely to click through to an ad were …. Those least likely to ….

8. I concluded that the banner add [was/was not] more attractive than the other adds because …. (Say something about how often users clicked through to banner ads versus each of the other ads.)

In addition, I am providing the following answers to the other questions you asked:

[Optional] Although you did not request any other information, the data we collected permitted additional analyses that may provide useful results. In particular, I found ....

The key tables of the summary statistics, frequency tables, and cross-tabulations that support this memo are attached as an appendix..

File updated:11 Mar 03

邀请信包括宴会、舞会、晚餐、聚会、婚礼等各种邀请信件,形式上大体分为两种:一种为正规的格式 (formal correspondence),亦称请柬;一种是非正式格式 (informal correspondence), 即一般的邀请信。邀请信是在形式上不如请柬那样正规,但也是很考究。书写时应注意:

邀请信一定要将邀请的时间(年、月、日、钟点)、地点、场合写清楚,不能使接信人存在任何疑虑。例如:“I’d like you and Bob to come to Luncheon next Friday.”这句话中所指的是哪个星期五并不明确,所以应加上具体日期, “I’d like you and Bob to come to luncheon next Friday, May the fifth.”

1. 邀请朋友共进午餐 Inviting a friend to informal luncheon

Dear [Zhang Ying]:

Will you come to luncheon on [Friday, May the fifth], at [twelve o’clock]?

My niece [Mary] is visiting us and I think you will enjoy meeting her. She is a charming, very pretty girl … and very good company! [John and Jane] will be here, and perhaps we can [give a dance] after luncheon. Do say you’ll come!

Affectionately yours,

Li Ming


您能在[5月5日星期五中午12点钟] 来吃午饭吗?


2. 邀请朋友同他们不认识的人一起共进晚餐 Inviting friends to supper with the strangers

Dear [Susan]:

I know you are interested in [oil painting], so I’m sure you’ll be interested in [Mr. and Mrs. Lin dun]! They are coming here to supper [next Sunday night, October the twelfth], and we’d like you and [Walter] to come, too.

[Mr. and Mrs. Lin Dun] are that very charming couple we met in [London] last summer. They have a wonderful collection of [oil paintings of various stages]; and I understand that Mr. Lin Dun is quite an authority on

[oil painting]. I’m sure you and Walter will thoroughly enjoy and evening in their company.

We’re planning supper at six; that will give us a nice long evening to talk. If I don’t hear from you before then, I’ll be expecting you on the [twelfth]!

Affectionately yours,

Li Ming





3. 邀请参加新厂开工典礼 Invitation to opening ceremony of new factory

Dear [Mr. Harrison]:

Our new factory will be commencing production on [April 10] and we should like to invite [you and your wife] to be present at a celebration to mark the occasion.

As you will appreciate this is an important milestone for this organization, and is the result of continued demand for our products, both at home and overseas. We are inviting all those individuals and trust that you will pay us the compliments of accepting.

Please confirm that you will be able to attend by advising us of your time —— we can arrange for you to be met. All arrangements for your stay [overnight on April 10] will, of course, be made by us at our expense. Yours faithfully,




如您确能参加,请来函告知您抵达的时间 —— 以便我们为您安排会晤。当然,所有安排您在[10日晚间]夜宿的费用,皆将由公司代您支付

4. 邀请来家中小住及周末聚会 An invitation for a house and weekend party

Dear [Jane]:

I hope [you and Fred] haven’t any plan for the weekend of [July twenty-fourth] as we’d like you to spend it with us at [Far Acres]. It’s simply beautiful here now, with everything in bloom!

I think we can promise [Fred] some good fishing this year. The fish are biting better than ever! So bring your fishing clothes; and be sure to bring your tennis things, too, because [the Owens] are coming and I’m sure you’ll want to get out on the courts with them.

There’s a very good train [Friday night]; I’ve marked it in red on the timetable. It gets you here about

[seven-thirty] which is just in time for dinner. You can get a late train back [Sunday night], or there’s an early express that [Bob] usually takes on [Monday morning].

We hope nothing will prevent you from coming, as we’re looking forward to your visit … and I know [the Owens] are looking forward to seeing you again, too. Be sure to let us know what train you are taking so that [Bob] can meet you at the station.

Affectionately yours,







5. 邀请参加招待会 An invitation for a reception

Dear [Mr. Smith]:

It would give [me/us] great pleasure to have your presence at a reception in honor of the Chinese delegation. The reception will be held in the [the City Hall], on [Tuesday, October the fourth]. Cocktails will be served promptly at [six] to be followed b dinner at [eight].

[I/We] sincerely hope you can attend. Let [me/us] know.

Sincerely yours



招待会定于[10月4日(星期二)]在[市政厅]举行。[6点钟]准时举行[鸡犬不宁尾酒会], 随之在[8点钟]举行[正式的晚宴]。


6. 邀请演讲 Inviting someone to address a meeting

Dear [Dr. Rodger]:

[The English Department of Nankai University] would like to extend to you an invitation to be our guest speaker at the [annual conference] to be held at the [meeting room] at [eight] o’clock, [Saturday morning, December the thirtieth, 1993].

As you know, the department is interested in [the 20th century English literature] Since you are familiar with the field, we know your views will be extremely interesting to us.

You will receive further details later, but we would appreciate having your acceptance soon so we may complete our agenda.






Mr. and Mrs. Andrew K.K. Wang

request the pleasure of your company

at a dinner

in honor of their parents

Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary

on Sunday, the fifth of July

at eight o'clock

New Asia Hotel

100 Deep Water Bay Road

Hong Kong

R. S. V. P.










Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Robert

request the pleasure of

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Clacks company

at dinner

on Thursday, September the twentieth

at eight o’clock (or eight p.m.)

to meet Mr. John Oven

100 North Avenue



Mr. and Mrs. Roger Clack

accept with pleasure

Dr. and Mrs. Robert’s

kind invitation for dinner

on Thursday September twentieth

at eight o’clock


(三) 拒绝邀请


Mr. and Mrs. Roger Clack

regret that

a previous appointment (engagement)

prevents them (their) accepting

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Robert’s

kind invitation for dinner

on Thursday September twentieth

在拒绝函中一般不写出具体几点钟,而且拒绝的原因应写在开头,且一般不用because of 或due to而用 owe to。因为邀请函通常只一句话,所以每行开头首字母皆不用大写

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