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Summary 1 Assignment

Due: September 17

Upload to Blackboard (See Week 3)

Format: 12 pt. font. Double-spaced. 300 words.


? Use your own words to restate what the author says. NO COPYING.

? Introductory paragraph: Incorporate the name of the author, the title of the article in “Quotation Marks,” and then the thesis.

? Body of your paper: use as many paragraphs as you need to cover all the main points the author makes. Sum up the author’s key points and restate each one. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence that introduces the next main point. ? Final paragraph: Conclude your paper by summarizing the author’s most important point.

? Maintain a neutral tone. Do not write your opinion of the subject.

第二篇:10英语摘要写作summary 5500字

abstract summary executive summary

? abstract: a statement summarizing the important points of a text.(摘要)

指面向专业读者的摘要,如学位文(dissertation)、学术刊物论文(journal paper)的摘要、学术会议论文(conference paper)的摘要及展示论文(poster)的摘要。

? summary(概要, 综述)

一般指面向专业水平低一些的普通读者的摘要,读后能理解其大意、主要论点及新发现和见解等。但有时abstract、summary也可互换。如果正文前无abstract或executive summary,正文开始的第一段通常就是summary;如果前面有abstract,在短的论文中summary经常位于文章最后,功能相当于conclusion。

? executive summary(概要)

通常指面向专业水平可能更低的公司、基金会决策人员的摘要,篇幅比abstract、summary长得多。在正式项目报告中可以既有abstract,又有executive summary。executive 在此指“执行官”“管理人员”“经理”等。

Summary Writing

1. Accurate, clearly organized and clearly written

2. A brief restatement, in your own words, of the content of the passage

3. Indicate all the main points

4. State their order and their emphasis

5. For longer passages, important illustrations and examples should be included.

6. Should not contain any of your own ideas, opinions, or conclusions.

Length: no longer than one-quarter the

length of the original passage

Qualities of a summary:

? Objectivity: No idea and judgment that are not the author’s should be included in the


? Completeness: The summary should include every main idea in the article.

? Balance: Giving equal attention to each main idea that the author stresses.

Questions to judge a valid summary:

a) Did I include all the important ideas?

b) Did I omit all unnecessary words and phrases?

c) Does the summary read smoothly?

d) Would a reader of my summary who had not read the article get a clear idea of the


How to write a summary?

Here is a five-step process for writing summaries:

1) Read the article carefully, try to understand it accurately and look for main ideas.

2) Write a list of points in note form while reading the passage or the article.

3) Connect your points to write a rough draft of the summary in your own words.

Refer to the passage or the article only when you want to make sure of some points. Do not count the number of words until you have finished your rough draft.

4) Revise the rough draft, inserting transitional words and phrases where necessary to

ensure coherence.

5) Write a fair copy of the summary within the word limit after checking for

grammatical corrections, punctuation and spelling.

Suggestions on writing summaries:

1) Omitting the details

2) Reducing the examples

3) Simplifying the descriptions

4) Eliminating all repetitions

5) Using phrases instead of sentences or clauses while writing a list of the points

6) Using the shortest possible transitions

but, then, yet, for, thus

7) Avoiding figurative language

8) Putting the main points of a dialogue in indirect speech

Summarize the following article:

As the plane circled over the airport, everyone sensed that something was wrong. The plane was moving unsteadily through the air, and although the passengers had fastened their seat belts, they were suddenly thrown forward. At that moment, the air-hostess appeared. She looked very pale, but was quite calm. Speaking quickly but almost in a whisper, she informed everyone that the pilot had fainted and asked if any of the passengers knew anything about the machines—or at least how to drive a car. After a moment’s hesitation, a man got up and followed the hostess into the pilot’s cabin.

Moving the pilot aside, the man took his seat and listened carefully to the urgent instructions that were being sent by radio from the airport below. The plane was now dangerously close to the ground, but to everyone’s relief, it soon began to climb. The man had to circle the airport several times in order to become familiar with the controls. But the danger had not yet passed. The terrible moment came when he had to land. Following instructions the man guided the plane towards the airfield. It shook violently as it touched the ground and then moved rapidly across the field, but after a long run it stopped safely. Outside, a crowd of

people who had been watching anxiously, rushed forward to congratulate the “pilot” on a perfect landing. (230 words)

Making a list of main points:

1. pilot fainted

2. Air-hostess found a person

3. Moved the pilot aside and listened to instructions.

4. Plane flew low, climbed and circled the airport

5. The man guided the plane--airport

6. Touching ground, moved rapidly, stopped safely

7. People rushed to congratulate

Writing a rough draft:

As there was something wrong with the plane, the passengers were thrown forward. At that moment, the air-hostess appeared and she looked for someone who could drive a car. Then, a passenger was led into the pilot’s cabin. When he moved the pilot aside, he sat down and listened to the urgent instructions which were being sent by radio from the airport below. Though the plane flew dangerously low, it soon climbed, and rounded the airport several times. Then, acting on instructions, the man guided the plane towards the airfield. On touching the ground, the plane moved rapidly until it stopped safely. After this, anxious people rushed forward to congratulate the “pilot” on a perfect landing. (116words)

Making a fair copy:

As the pilot fainted, the air-hostess managed to find a passenger to fly the plane. He followed instructions sent by radio from the airport below. The plane was flying dangerously low, but soon it began to climb and circle the airport. Acting on instructions, the man guided the plane toward the airfield. After touching the ground, the plane moved rapidly and stopped safely. People rushed to congratulate the “pilot” on the landing. (72 words)

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