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Recently we’ve had a discussion about whether we should...

We have had a survey on… 我们对……开展了一次调查。

Our opinions are divided on this topic.(观点有分歧)

Opinions are mainly divided into two groups. 有两种不同意见。


1.Most of the students are in favour of it,.…think it is good for us.

2………..are for the idea.

3.Sixty percent of the students think it necessary,

(Here are the reasons.)

1)First... Second... Finally...(列出2~3个赞成的理由)

2)For one thing…for another…what’s more…


However/On the contrary/On the other hand, the others are strongly against it./ other students have different ideas.

Their reasons are as follows,

1)First... Second... Finally...(列出2~3个赞成的理由)

2)... What’s more... In addition... Besides, …



Personally speaking/As far as I am concerned/In my opinion, I think….




? 注意:信的开头已写好,词数100左右。

Dear editor,

Recently we have had a heated discussion on whether people should keep pets at home in cities. Our opinions are varied from person to person.

Some students think it's a good idea to keep pets because many old people who live alone at 1

home can get some comfort from pets. Besides, getting along well with animals will make our life interesting .

On the contrary, other students are against the idea. In their opinion, if too many people keep pets at home, it is bad for the environment. What is worse ,pets may make too much noise and even attack people.

I like animals , so I don't think it's bad to keep pets at home .But we must take some measures to prevent them from polluting our environment.

Yours truly,

Li Hua


赞成迁出:游客多,交通堵塞, 郊区环境好

反对迁出:建于19xx年,中外闻名, 搬迁易造成动物死亡


1. 词数100左右,信的开头已为你写好。

2. 可根据内容要点适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

3. 参考词汇: 郊区—suburb

Dear Editor ,

–which has to be made by people in Beijing.

Yours truly,

Li Hua




Should students make friends on line? Different people have different opinions towards it.

Some people are for it. First, they think the internet helps make many friends .Second, chatting on line ,students can more freely express their feelings and even get with their foreign language studies.

However, others are against it. They say friends on line is a waste of time, which should be spent more meaningfully on study. Besides, some students will possibly get cheated on line.

In my opinion, students should place their study, health and safety before other things. As for friendship, we can find it in our classmates and other people around us.


1. the more… the more…

2. not only… but also…

3. not until…. will we…

4. ….. , which….

5. It is +adj. +to do…

6. It is believed that…

7. Only when we do …. will we be able to….

8. It is …. that….强调句

9. so… that…./ such… that

10. what an attractive city! How attractive the city is!


There is a widespread concern over the issue that (作文题目)But it is well known that the opinion concerning this hot topic varies from person to person.

A majority of people think that _ 观点一_. In their views there are 2 factors contributing to this attitude as follows: in the first place,原因一.Furthermore, in the second place, 原因二. So it goes without saying that观点一.

People, however, differ in their opinions on this matter. Some people hold the idea that观点二. In their point of view, on the one hand,原因一. On the other hand, 原因

二. Therefore, there is no doubt that观点二_.

As far as I am concerned, I firmly support the view that观点一或二. It is not only because ____, but also because ____. The more ____, the more___.



Recently, people have been concerned about whether PE Test should be added in the Entrance Examination to University in Shangdong, which causes a heated debate. People hold different opinions about the issue.

Supporters of P.E test would probably say that it is an excellent way to motivate all the students to build up their body. It is, therefore, desirable that we should be optimistic about P.E Test. Furthermore, some would say that it is P.E test that represents the spirit of quality education. Though there is no proof that it is the case.


On the contrary, those who are against P.E test often fix their eyes on the negative aspects of the problem. They suppose that having PE test enables students to have a heavy burden. In addition, P.E test is difficult to operate, which causes unfair phenomenon.

As an old saying puts “Every coin has its two sides”. Personally, I support the idea that we should take P.E. Test into account. Not only does it make us persistent but also contributes to a healthier body. If we try our best to do it, we’ll surely benefit a lot.


In today’s class discussion about whether we should attend extra class at weekends, students had a heated debate and opinions varied.

Students approving of weekend lessons believe that attending extra classes would help review what they’ve learned and during the lessons they could experience different teaching styles. What’s more, it is extra lessons that enable students develop wide ranges of interests. All in all, they think it desirable for students to attend extra lessons at weekend.

On the contrary, those who hold opposite ideas argue that students couldn’t pay full attention to in-class teaching due to extra classes they attend at weekends, which would definitely disturb their concentration when they have in-class lessons. It is believed that some students pursue others to take extra lessons for fear that they would fall behind others even though their families are not rich enough to afford such expensive tuitions. From the point of view, there is no doubt that attending extra classes will surely add financial burden to families. Another negative aspect lies in that many students attending weekend lessons often ask their parents to accompany them, which is regarded as a waste time and energy if their parents send them and pick them up.

As an old saying puts “ Every coin has its two sides”. Personally, I prefer to attend extra lessons at weekends. Not only do the lessons motivate me to learn more knowledge but also broaden my horizon. If we make full use of time and study efficiently, we can benefit a lot from extra lessons.


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The topic about … is becoming more and more popular in our school recently. There are two sid Some students prefer to consider doing sth.(Some students say … is their favorite.) they think that…由二)。 Moreover, … (理由三)

However, others believe … is a better choice for three reasons. (然而,其余的人认为做某事是一由) to begin with, … (理由一)。 Next, 。。 In addition, …

From my point of view, the former is surely a wise choice. The reason is that…(或者用:As farsupport the view that…(依我来看,我坚决支持这种观点… that引导同位语从句)

There is a widespread concern over the issue that (作文题目)。 But it is well known that the opinvaries from person to person.

A majority of people think that 观点一 。 In their views there are 2 factors contributing to thisfirst place, 原因一 .Furthermore, in the second place, 原因二 。 So it goes without saying that People, however, differ in their opinions on this matter. Some people hold the ideaof view, on the one hand, 原因一 。 On the other hand, 原因二 。 Therefore, there is no doub As far as I am concerned, I firmly support the view that 观点一或二 。 It is not only The more , the more 。


In recent years, …… has been popular. There are many advantages in…… First, …… Second, However, there’re some disadvantages. ……(之一)。 Besides, ……(之二)。 Also, ……(之三) In my opinion, it is true that advantages are more than disadvantages.(依我看,的确是好处多于坏处of … is that…。 / One obvious advantage of … is …。 / Finally, …

While it is true that …。 has many advantages, it is also important to realize that…。(虽然某事也很重要。



In recent days, we have to face a problem that……近来,我们面临这样一个问题,就是(that同从)。 解决办法:

With the help of modern technology, we now have many means to solve it. By doing ……, we can…is that……


In a word, it is clear / obvious that…… Only when……can we ……。


1.有一些人认为… 2.另一些人认为… 3.我的看法…

The topic of ①____________(主题)is becoming more and more popular recently. There are two sides ofsay A is their favorite. They hold their view for the reason of ②____________(支持A的理由一)What is ④_____________(理由三)。

While others think that B is a better choice in the following three reasons. Firstly,_________(支持B的⑥______________(理由二)。 Thirdly (finally),⑦_____________(理由三)。

From my point of view, I think ⑧__________(我的观点).The reason is that ⑨__________(原因)。 Asome other reasons to explain my choice. For me, the former is surely a wise choice 。


ome people believe that ①____________(观点一)。 For example, they think ②___________(举例说③_______________(为他们带来的好处)。

In my opinion, I never think this reason can be the point. For one thing,④__________(我不同意thing, ⑤____________(反对的理由之二).

Form all what I have said/In a word/In conclusion, I agree to the thought that ⑥__________(我 解决方法题型

要求考生列举出解决问题的多种途径:1。 问题现状;2。怎样解决(解决方案的优缺点)。

In recent days, we have to face a problem A, which is becoming more and more serious. First, _____________(举例进一步说明现状)

Confronted with A, we should take a series of effective measures to cope with the situation. For决方法一)。 For another thing ____________(解决方法二)。 Finally, ______________(解决方法三)。 Personally, I believe that ____________(我的解决方法)。 Consequently, I‘m confident that a brigh______________(带来的好处)。



1。说明事物现状;2。 事物本身的优缺点(或一方面);3。你对现状(或前景)的看法。

Nowadays many people prefer A because it has a significant role in our daily life. Generally, follows. First _________(A的优点之一)。 Besides ___________(A的优点之二)。

But every coin has two sides. The negative aspects are also apparent. One of the important disadvant的第一个缺点).To make matters worse,_______________(A的第二个缺点).

Through the above analysis, I believe that the positive aspects overweigh the negative ones. _______________(我的看法).

From the comparison between these positive and negative effects of A, we should take it reasona

circumstances we are in. Only by this way, (对前景的预测).)


Dear Sir or Madam:

I’m writing to apply for the job as a\an part-time reporter , which I saw advertised in the Englbecoming a\an part-time reporter very much. I enclose a copy of my CV.

I’m a girl\boy of 19 years old and I‘m in my second year of senior high school. I work hard and doin writing and speaking. Besides, I’m good at typing and computer. What‘s more, I also know somethis helpful to my job.

I have been a\an part-time reporter of our school newspaper for 3 years, which gives me great it can broaden my knowledge and help me know more about the society. On the other hand, it helps pracmy comunication skills. In addition, I can also make some money to support myself.

I would appreciate it if you could possibly consider my application. I look forward to your pr Yours sincerely,



As is shown/indicated/illustrated by the figure/percentage in the table (graph/picture/pie/charon rise (goes up/increases/drops/decreases),significantly/dramatically/ steadily rising/decreasi年_. From the sharp/marked decline/ rise in the chart, it goes without saying that __现象总结___. There are at least two good reasons accounting for __. On the one hand, ____. On thto the fact that __. In addition, __ is responsible for ___. (Maybe there are some othBut it is generally believed that the above mentioned reasons are commonly convincing. As far as I am concerned, I hold the point of view that _______. 再加上对策、口号。

The chart gives us an overall picture of the 图表主题。 The first thing we notice is that 图表最大一步说明)。

We can see from the statistics given that 图表细节一。 After 动词-ing 细节一中的第一个变化,the化) 。 The figures also tell us that图表细节二。 In the column, we can see that accounts for (进一 Judging from these figures, we can draw the conclusion that (结论)。 The reason for this, as (给出原因)。 / It is high time that we (发出倡议)。



Look at this picture./The picture shows that.。。/From this picture, we can see.。。/As is shown in the picture.。。


As we all know, 。。./As is known to all,。。./It is well known that.。。/In my opinion,。。./As fasight reminds me of something in my daily life.


In conclusion.。。/In brief.。。/On the whole.。。/In short.。。/In a word.。。/Generally speaki

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