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According to the Motivation-Hygiene Theory of Frederick Herzberg, people are influenced by two factors, one is hygiene factors which is also means failure preventer, and another is motivation factors which is some kind success builder. Satisfaction and psychological growth are a result factor of motivation factors. Dissatisfaction was a result of hygiene factors. And the Motivation-Hygiene Theory is trying to prove that the attitude individuals have towards their job is decided the success or not of the task in significant measure. Hygiene factors are needed to ensure that an employee does not become dissatisfied. They do not cause higher levels of motivation, but without them there is dissatisfaction. Due to the expansion plan of Scotia Airways, many staff have a concern about the change this company may face. But if without the help of all of the members in the business, this plan is not going to be successful, so it is essential for the managers of Scotia Airways to do something like raise their wages or improve the working condition to pacify the emotion of staffs. Holiday and medical care is also can become somehow the motivator factors to workers. Motivation factors are needed in order to motivate an employee into higher performance. These factors result from internal generators in employees. In order to encourage the talented worker, the managers of the business should give them some promotion as a reward or show them the opportunities of advancement. It will give the workers sense of personal achievement and work harder to get more praise.

Process theories of motivation provide an opportunity to understand thought processes that influence behaviour. Equity Theory considered that a individual is whether motivated or not is not only decided by what they have got, but also by what they have got is fair enough to anyone else or not. So the distribution rationally is important for stimulating job motivation' factors of individuals in an organization. Someone will compared to other colleagues that the ratio of input, like time, effort and ability, and output, like salary, praise and achievement, and when it is equal, they will feel justice. And Scotia Airways wil never stop to recruit new staff, whenever there is someone who has get into this company with an unfair way, the original

members in Scotia Airways will feel uncomfortable and thinking that their effort is not worth. This is going to be a disaster for Scotia Airways cause their origin member will not being hard-working in that unfair condition.


As management of Scotia Airways, there faced many challenges. According to the case, we got that the Scotia Airways plans to expand its market, and set an ambitious programme for expansion over the five years. When face of more and more worker,the management should give the right of manege,the low level management. Let the staff can manage themself when they face some low level problem. That will be improve the efficiency and communication with the client.

And if the management want to control the organization, the management must pay attention to teamwork,the team cohesion. It is also can improve the staff performance and improve the Scotia Airways performance. For example ,AC Milan foot club. In 2007,the team has no one can be called superstar,and the average age of the team is much than another them in Europe . But the team also become the Champion of the UEFA Champions League. Why? It is due to the teamwork and the team cohesion. In 2007,the captain is Maldini, a people who can unite the team members. So AC Milan can play a better level in the game,and won the championship in the final.

Then,There have three common sides in organization—job enlargement, job rotation and job enrichment. Job rotation means employees could change his/her jobs and do various jobs after a period time. It makes employees feel fresh about many jobs that can last their motivation. And the job enrichment means employees have opportunities to use his/her abilities with different jobs, which retained fresh feel about a job, and make them have higher motivation. These can make employees in Scotia Airways interested in their work. But all of these have a premise that is we should found their characteristics and training them. Staffs levels is the most important part of a expansion organization, only employees with high quality can adapt various jobs, and ensuring they use their empowerment right. It also stimulates employees’ motivation to work harder. The final, the management of Scotia Airways should divided goals to

many smart objectives. It makes goals to be more clear and acceptable which is completed convenient. In a word, these methods can make employees develop all abilities to work, maximum the benefits within Scotia Airways, and promote the expansion of it.


At first. The Scotia Airways Only hired 80 employees. Because of expansion, the management decide to expand the size of the department. So the management should use team working to manage their worker, to improve the performance.

The main value of team is their ability to assemble and empower employees to coordinate together, and use their talents to improve the organization. It also benefits the employee's motivation and job satisfaction. Teamxork can improve quality and flexibility, coordination /communication, satisfaction, productivity, development and solve the problem.

In the Scotia Airway,the management team within Scotia have worked meticulously in planning and evaluating their services to ensure that customer focus is the primary driver of business success. So, Scotia Airways have to improve their teamwork’s ability to adapt to market, which reflect the important of teamwork.

However, it also has a potential faults and cost team. The team may have an unexpected effect fermentation hostility management target, make the team completely self management. Individual and team conflict between target.

There is a potential "social loafing" (that is, a person's do less, team work than he/she usually do work alone). Undefined roles and responsibilities can also cause dissatisfaction. In the Scotia Airways, Its expansion over recent years certainly will need to the management of company increase its management ability. This expansion of company also bring the problem of the bloated of organization, the relationship of new staff and old staff is stiffness and team trust is reduce. The Scotia Airway must solve these potential disadvantages and cost of teamwork.


A successful organization always has higher team cohesive and performance, but there have many factors impact on it. Scotia Airways has been influenced by three factors—selection of appropriate supervisor, participation of decision making and SMART objectives. As a team, it must have a completed structure. It means there has senior managers, employees, and employees conclude some proposers, some executors and so on. In this case, the Scotia Airways want to employs executives and managers in marketing, finance, HR and administrative staff within each department. Rosa is in overcharge and assisted by others. When difficult decisions have had to be taken, she has always been a strong and decisive manager. She is the powerful manager, and effective to lead manager team of Scotia Airways. So selection of appropriate supervisor of a team is more significant for an organization’s performance. Then, another part is participation of decision. Every members of a team should participation of decision actively. In this case, the Scotia Airways is made decisions both managers and employees, which benefits promote their team cohesive. It easy to make reasonable decisions with discussion of regularly meeting.

The sufficient participation of decision could make team work efficient and improve its performance. The third one is to have SMART objectives. SMART means Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound. Specific objectives are acceptable to employees. Measurable, attainable and realistic means the objectives are appropriate of their abilities. In this case, the Scotia Airways gives valets, gourmet meals, entertainments and extra services to customers, and they plan to expand their market share the next five years and increase their tourist destinations. These objectives are following these rules, and completed these objectives is make employees’ become higher motivation. These three factors are effective impact on improve team cohesive and performance of Scotia Airways.


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