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The reading passage refutes the idea that the lines in the Sinosauropteryx fossil indicated a feathered dinosaur by demonstrating several counterarguments论据;用来反驳的观点. The lecturer, however, is strongly convinced that lines could represent feathers through /处理问题 advanced提出/提议 by the reading. (In the lecture, the professor points out that the three reasons given by the reading material is not adequate to explain Sinosauropteryx was not a feathered dinosaur. Instead, the professor states that the dinosaur fossil with lines is a strong proof indicating Sinosauropteryx had feathers. )

To start with, according to the reading, those lines may derive from decomposition of a dead dinosaur’s skin instead of being part of a living one. The lecturer does not believe this point for the reason that other animals’ fossils that are buried at the same site have not shown such kind of decomposition; instead,their functional skin structures have been perfectly preseved in the volcanic ash. Therefore, these lines are likely to be well-preserved feathers instead of fibers. (First, the professor says that the fossils of many other animals buried at the site reveal that their functional skin structures have been well preserved in volcanic ash by which she refutes the reading passage's first argument that the lines are remains of skin fiber. However, the professor thinks that the Sinosauropteryx's lines are functional structures, like feathers.)

Second, the reading proposes that the lines may be the frills rather than remains of feathers. The listening argues this is not true. She further explains that there is an apparent chemical difference between feathers and frills. Feathers contain a protein called beta-keratin while frills do not. And the chemical analysis suggested that Sinosauropteryx's structures contain protein beta-keratin.

Finally,the reading puts emphasis on强调 such a fact that line around the backbone and the tail of the Sinosauropteryx can not play the role of 起着。。的作用helping it fly or regulating its body temperature but common feathers have these functions. The lecturer, by contrast, mentions other functions of the feathers by using peacock孔雀 as an example. The peacock has colorful feathers in its tail to attract the mate. Recent analysis has found that Sinosauropteryx's structures are also colorful, which can also be used for display.

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Task 1

Parents need to make sure their children lead healthy lives. What can parents do to help their children have healthy lifestyles?

Task 2

Some university students choose to take difficult classes even if they know they might not get a good grade in the class. Other students prefer to take easier classes in which they know they will get a good grade. Which do you prefer? Explain why.

Task 3

Students Need Access to Movie Collection

The university library has a large collection of films on video and DVD that students can borrow. However, students aren't allowed to go into the area where these items are kept. Instead, students need to request a movie title, and then library staff get it for them. I think students should be allowed to go into the area where the videos and DVDs are kept. First, it will be easier for students to choose a good movie because then they can easily see what is available. Also, if students can get movies themselves, the university won't have to pay extra library staff to help students Sincerely

Rebecca Smith

The man expresses his opinion about the proposal described in the letter. Briefly summarize the proposal. Then state his opinion about the proposal and explain the reasons he gives for holding that opinion.

Task 4

Mental Accounting

Although they may not realize it, people do not always manage their money in responsible way. In their minds, people tend to divide their money into different categories as if they were putting it into separate mental bank accounts. This tendency is known as mental accounting. People mentally store some money in one account to be saved, while they imagine other money being stored in another account from which money can be taken and freely spent. Mental accounting can lead people to spend more money than they should, which can make it difficult for them to save enough money to achieve their long-term financial goals.

Using the examples from the professor's lecture, explain the concept of mental accounting.

Task 5

Briefly summarize the problem the speakers are discussing. Then state which of the two solutions from the conversation you would recommend. Explain the reasons for your recommendation.

Task 6

Using the example of the owl and the wolf, explain how two special body features have helped Arctic animals adapt to the cold.

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