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财富与健康(wealth and happiness)

Wealth has always been what some people long for. It is true that most of them try to acquire wealth by means of honest labor. Their efforts contribute to the welfare of the society and at the same time to accumulation of their wealth, and hence their happiness.

There is no doubt that wealth brings happiness especially in the modern society, where various kinds of modern conveniences, new fashions and entertainments make their appearances with each passing day to make life more comfortable and colorful. Only money can turn admiration into reality.

But there are exceptions when wealth does not go hand in hand with happiness. Wealth may encourage those weak-willed persons to be addicted to some harmful habit, such as drug-taking or gambling, and bring about their own ruin. Also, a person may lose his reason and go astray if he is passionately devoted to seeking wealth. Therefore, one can never reckon only on wealth to achieve happiness.

Brief Introduction of World Expo Shanghai 上海世博会

World Expositions are galleries of human inspirations and

thoughts. Since 1851 when the Great Exhibition of Industries of All Nations was held in London, the World Expositions have attained increasing prominence as grand events for economic, scientific, technological and cultural exchanges, serving as an important

platform for displaying historical experience, exchanging innovative ideas, demonstrating esprit de corps and looking to the future. With a long civilisation, China favours international exchange and loves world peace. China owes its successful bid for the World Exposition in 2010 to the international community's support for and confidence in its reform and opening-up. The Exposition will be the first registered World Exposition in a developing country, which gives expression to the expectations the world's people place on China's future development.

So what will Expo 2010 Shanghai China deliver to the world? There is no doubt the Chinese people will present to the world a successful, splendid and unforgettable exposition. Unemployment in China 中国的失业

Nowadays unemployment has been a serious problem. More and more people lost their jobs, to those people, it’s difficult for them to support their family. Those unemployment people are so desperate for money to make their living that they may even take some inappropriate actions. Such as something that against to the law, among which stealing and robbing have taken place now and then. Another problem that caused by unemployment is psychological disease. One may be pessimistic if one loses his job. He may be unconfident to his life and always has a depressing feeling.

There are two main reasons which contribute to unemployment. The first one is economic crisis, this is a global problem, and it covers many countries and a lot of workers suffer from it. As the economic crisis, the economy declines, and less workers are needed, so those who worked less well may face the problem of losing job. The second reason is our large population, China has one fifths of the world population, so workers have great pressure of hunting jobs. The competition among workers are fierce, many workers who lost in the competition may go to the unemployment group.

Some measures should be taken to solve this problem. Government should play an important role in solving the problem. Government should strongen its ability in controlling and adjusting. Offering more jobs and giving some help to those who lost their job may be a good solution. To the unemployment people themselves, they should learn more skills to gain more work opportunities. It’s not good for them to be depressed, what they should do is giving themselves enough confidence and trying as many as possible ways to gain a job.

Unemployment is a serious problem, but it’s not impossible to overcome. Let’s join hands to create a better future! Ability and Good Looks 能力与外貌

Self-run, I think relatively speaking ability important than appearance, that is to say I support the traditional view, but I think that some people think that appearance is also important than the ability to compare the right, I elaborate on the following grounds: 1: The traditional view is that the ability important than looks

According to my ideas, a single appearance on the good is not enough, if you do not have that ability, it certainly is no future for the people is simply a waste.

2: Now, some people think that looks important than the ability to Looks good on people, they themselves find it looks on the trip, after finding a big deal with the money on the line. In short I think the ability to important than looks!

Are parents demanding to much from their children

Mostly families demand too much from their children. Because nearly all parents love their children and try to give them their best love .but the problem is, what if the children receive more love and attention from their families, the parents will live in more hope of them. The parents will not like to see their children make mistakes, because their children should be better than the others and they feel that their children should be a backbone of their country in the future. Most of the time, love may be painful for their children. As a parent, do you love your children? Do you have the same problem?

Dear all parents in the world. You all love your children so much that you want them to be famous, successful and international. There is one thing you all should not forget, is love them and allow them to be themselves, but not the ones in your mind. God gives each child different life and different position in the world. Do not force them. Avoid the struggles that often come with the challenges of mastering sleeping, eating, and potty training. Love them with your heart and try to understand them. You all will be perfect parents along with your children

提高个人修养(Shaping the Morality )

According to a survey, more than two thirds of people in China agree that, the public moral level is lower than before. This figure, although hard to accept, has indicated the fact that the nation’s overall morality is declining. If you pay some attention, you could easily point out some improper behaviors happening around: young men refusing to give seats to the old on buses; shoppers jamming into queue instead of waiting in line; crude riders neglecting red lights, etc. So what the hell is going on?

As analysts have figured out, this trend of degradation mainly originated from faulty education. For decades, Chinese schools simply infuse bookish knowledge to their students, whilst moral cultivation becomes a kind of formalism; on the other hand,

children are naturally influenced by their family and other adults in the society, most of whom are too sophisticated to be considered as eligible moral models.

Facing such disappointing condition, you may ask: how can things become better? As far as I am concerned, we must following these three steps. First of all: self-shaping. We should manage ourselves well, and try to shape our own morality as perfect as possible. The second step: family-shaping, which is to behave as the model for your children and improve their moral status through strict discipline. The third: organization-shaping. If you are leading people, such as being a manager or national president, you could reinforce your whole organization’s moral situation with policy and your own action. Even if you’re no leader, you’ll have a positive impact on the society if only you manage yourself well and try to influence others as much as possible.

How to Cope with Stress 如何减轻压力

Sometimes the pressure of school and family can drive people up the wall. As young people experience the changes of adolescence, their emotions can switch violently. A bad day at school may result in a fight with your brother or sister; an argument with a friend may end in tears of sadness; and a conflict with a parent may lead to a broken window.

Imagine that your heart is transparent as glass. Let's say right now it is empty. What would you like to put in your heart? What would you like people to see if they could look into your heart? Would they see anger, jealousy or sadness? These things would only make you feel bad. What about joy, peace and love ? these qualities can make you smile, and the ones you love happy. Try to look at the bright side of life and things might begin to take on a whole new perspective. . Try to look at the bright side of life and things might begin to take on a whole new perspective.

Is It Good for Students to Have Part-time Jobs?大学生打工好吗?

First, students can promote their study through part-time jobs. For instance, If a law student finds a part-time job in a law firm, his

practice will enable him to better understand what he's learned from books. What's more, the part-time job can offer him opportunities to go beyond what he's been taught in class, and he'll learn something that doesn't exist in books but in practice.

Second, students can also accumulate work experiences through part-time jobs, which will benefit their future job-hunting. Actually, part-time jobs act as warm-up exercises for students to take full-time jobs after they graduate, and help them prepare for their future careers. In addition, as fresh blood in the society, graduated students are often unfavored in job-hunting markets for lack of

practical work experiences. It's easier to find jobs for those who have accumulated experiences in part-time jobs.

The more得出结论,出色的工作表现是很常见的。虽然工作出色可以

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然而,校园生活是否真正地鼓励他们去寻求帮助,却是另外一Music comes 1.At2.style3.invented4.heard5.popular6.follows7.expressing

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Tea 直到17世纪初东印度公司开始直接从中国运输茶叶,茶叶在英国

一直很稀有,很昂贵。B tea A the C seven D l C class

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It is他们总是抱怨父母跟不上时代,专横霸道,不信任子女有处理危机的能力,对一些问题絮絮叨叨,至少在与子女的关系中缺乏幽默


CdelayDdelayBdiseaseCpleaDself-defeat Do you对这一问题的可能解释是他体温和精力的高峰时刻是在晚上。


何,许多家庭争吵就不会发生了。DspeBunaDeveCl Al

The standardized测试结果是有价值的,还是毫无意义甚至是误导的部分取决于测试工具本身,但主要取决于使用者。 DtheoreCspecialDexpBsApositi This is当然,这种专业性的服务的发展以其获得的显而易见的成功是当前失业率高的反映。但同时也表明了简历越来越重要的作用,它本身已成为一种艺术形式。ClDmoreClClCapp

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During教师和家长越来越担心电视对学习成绩的影响。许多教师报告有越来越多的疲劳、紧张以及恶劣行为的事件发生。BspendBproCcollBbadDl Corporations有些大公司已经建立起各种健身项目,耗资数百万建造和维修,作为其招募员工和改善形象的方式。

AlBrealiC1225DthereCsup Ever since管理的所有功能的实质就是协调,即把所有个人的努力和谐


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们能够调节体温,无论天气如何变化,都能保持理性的体温。CbecomBsurrDmatchDhabitAcreate As is如果公司想采取一项新的工资制度,公司务必确定好工作评价方法和员工业绩考核方式。AtradeDlabCmeasDallBtell An uniderntified然而,说句对打鼾者公道的话,应该强调打鼾是一种无意识的行为,打鼾者醒后,这种行为就停在了。

B1/8DlCanBlAobj Now let所有这些练习都很巧妙,然而,提高一个人看单词的能力是一回事,提高他高效阅读文章的能力是另一回事。 CtheCanCs readDeyeAcri I don’t think那天晚上你可以读会书或者听听收音机,再睡几个小时,第二天早上你的感觉会比平时吃安眠药后醒来感觉好。CsDdoCpillDlAdoc I don’t know然后我去了哈佛,创作了更多剧本,成为剧作家的想法始终萦绕心头,离开哈佛,剧本屡次被退回,直到19xx年秋,我一直无法下定决心该何去何从AmadDaAbegCLondBmis Is there a成功的关键能力在于简化,在开会和工作使把复杂的问题归结为简单的词语是非常重要的CnameClBlDsBl Upo父母和子女之间普遍都有挚爱美国家庭也不例外。只不过在美国家庭之中还融合了自主独立的文化价值观念ChaAsCsBsAs In many重要的是我们应该牢记,是个人的观点,而不是个人本身受到了质疑。ChelpAcontrDwantDlAapp Faces当谈到某人的个性时我们指的是这个人与众不同的行为、言谈、思想和感受ClBpsyDallClDl Baekeland他们往往同时从事几项工作,或者一边上学读书一边从事专职或兼职工作。其中许多人有强烈愿望,想在朋友和同伴面前表现得“正常”或“合群”DchildhoodCleastBoftenAappBl In1939他们制作的薯条和汉堡包有着非凡的一致性,因为这对兄弟开发出一套严格的流程来准备食物,而且坚持要求他们的厨师遵守此流程。CbusBcinDsAcreDpec In a family在一个男女角色没有明显区分,且很多家务事或多或少由男女共同分担的家庭中,男性高人一等的概念是很难维持的。AfunAfatherDinvCperAl



TheUS美国邮政总局星期二表决通过一项议案,申请增加头等邮票的邮资一分钱,使邮寄一封信的费用增至33分BincAoBsoDfuCund Taste is我们的偏爱测验结果表明,参加测试的只有少数几个百事可乐


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The New政府将支付一定的儿童抚养和交通费用,它将使参加这项计

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Exchange a如果你打破了不能盯视电梯乘客的这个规则,你就会使他

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有牢固的情感依恋的孩子要比其他孩子更具独立性、更合群、更随和,而且从根本上说,也更幸福DlAmakAmany motBharCconfir Where did我们现任的女王,就是他的后裔。自征服者威廉以后的九百

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忆困难。简而言之,孕妇必须禁酒CfetusDalcoBfewAmanyBtransferr The wife心理咨询师向他强调,如果他继续从事自己的专业并且感到



Nowadays @ is playing an important role in our daily life.

But different people have different views on.

In recent days, we have to face a problem @ , which is becoming more and more serious.

The issue whether it is good or not has aroused a heated discussion all over the country.

People from different backgrounds hold different attitudes towards the issue.


(some/a few/many/most/A majority of/A large number of) people (think/believe) that A is their favorite. 另一部分人的观点

People, however, differ in their opinions on this matter. while others argue(claim) that B is a better choice in the following three reasons.

and in another word, it still has negative aspects. The idea is hardly supported by facts. 我的看法:

In my opinion,, I think(我的观点). The reason is that (原因). As a matter of fact, there are some other reasons to explain my choice. For me, the former is surely a wise choice . The answer to this problem involves many factors. 结尾:

To solve the above-mentioned problem, we must ……

In summary, if we continue to ignore the above-mentioned issue, more problems will crop up.

Whether it is good or not,ne thing is certain

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