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Invitation Letter


January 15, 1981

Dear Tien- Tien (Sweet-Sweet),

How are you? Have you made any plans for The winter vacation yet? I have been thinking of Going to the east coast and staying in Hualien for two days. How about joining me? We could Make it an around-the-island tour. If time is Short, we could fly down to Hualien and then Take the train back along the eastern coast. There Will be lots of beautiful scenic spots for pictures! Give me a call or write me a note as soon as you decide.

Yours affectionately,

My Hometown


I come from a very small village on the west Coast of Taiwan I usually go by a slow train, and it is about four from Taipei. The villagers are mostly fishermen and farmers. The downtown of the village is two streets perpendicular to each other. Life in the village is Very slow and very simple; when you, and some-times you stop to visit. Most people are either very old or very young because the big cities to work. Small children always run in the streets without shoes, and chicken, geese, ducks, turkeys. It is very peaceful here.

My Great- Grand father


I have two great-grandfathers, one from my mother's side. My father's grandfather is now97 years old and lives. In Toufen Although his eyesight and hearing is poor, his mind Is still sharp and clear. He always asks each visitor




many pertinent questions and shares his ideas and opinions. He often talks with

a loud voice and with much enthusiasm and energy. He can remember all He can remember all the names of his relatives and friends. In his youth he was trained to be a medical doctor; through his life he was an avid reader.

My Grandmother's First Trip on the Freeway


Usually my grandmother comes to Taipei on a slow train three or four times a year. She is eighty-three years old and still very healthy and active. Her eyes and mind are still as clear and fast as her small great-grandchildren. One day we agreed to go home with my grandmother by car on the freeway. She was very excited and kept talking about everything she saw and heard. She talked about the flowers on the small bushes we passed and how smooth the car ride was. She commented about the toll charge and that the freeway was the best road she had traveled on in her life. By the time she got home she was still talking about how fast she got home.

My Friend Hsiao-mei(Little-Plum)


Whenever I have a party, Hsiao-mei is always the first person I invite. She is such fun. I know that she will be able to make my other guests laugh. She does not get upset if somebody tries to tease or make fun of her, either. Hsiao-mei can also be very serious and can discuss almost anything you can think of. If it gets late before the party ends, I can always depend on Hsiao-mei to clean up the house. She never says no, even if she is very tired and would rather go straight home to bed.

The Fox and the Grapes


Some of the stories we know and like are many hundreds of years old. Among them are Aesop's fables. A fable is a short story made up to teach a

lesson. Most fables are about animals. In them animals talk. Many of our

common sayings come from fables. “Sour Grapes” is one of them. It comes from the fable “The Fox and the Grapes.” In the story a fox saw a bunch of grapes hanging from a vine. They looked ripe and good to eat. But they were rather high. He jumped and jumped, but he could not reach them. At last he gave up. As he went away he said. “Those grapes were sour anyway.” Now we say, “Sour Grapes!” when someone pretends he does not want something he tried to get but couldn't.

Folk Dancing


My sister belongs to a folk dancing club in college. They meet twice a week at night. Their club has about thirty members from varying classes and

departments. All the members love to dance because it is good exercise and fun. Also by studying folk dance they get to know each belong to this club, and they study together, too. My sister seems quite happy with her life in college, but she always says that college education is much more than folk dancing or going on a picnic; there are lots of serious things to learn

Going to Feed the Ducks


Not very far from our house there is a small River that has many wild ducks. The ducks are very colorful during the spring mating season. Male ducks have multiple colors of green. Gray, Red, and blue; the female ducks are brown all the Year round. This section of the river is also part of a small island park where people picnic and play ball. Wooden tables and chairs, metal boxes for cooking, and big trash cans are available. Sometimes the ducks will leave the water and walk ashore looking for food among the picnic grounds. Quite often my sister and I like to bring old bread there to feed the ducks. If is really a very peaceful place to relax and play, and study, too.

The Grand Hotel


From the freeway you will see the beautiful looking buildings set high on the on the green mountain in the suburb of Taipei. The Chinese-style architecture of the Grand Hotel is very colorful; it has been ranked as one of the world's top ten. The lobby is very large, and the roof has hand- carved wooden panels; the

supporting columns are colorfully painted. The most impressive item in the lobby is the large, beautiful, all-marble staircase that comes down from the second floor on two sides of the lobby; a huge bronze wall painting separates the two staircases. Standing in the lobby you feel as if you have walked into a king's palace because of so many beautiful things around you.

On a Crowded Bus


I am a senior high student who has to commute from home to school every day. It is always an ordeal for me to try to get on a crowded bus. I am often squeezed so hard that I can't breathe.

Once I felt someone pushing me very hard, and then he touched my rear. I couldn't turn around to see who did it because I was sandwiched between two tall men. I was so angry that when the bus arrived at my school, I clenched my fists and elbowed my way through the crowd and got off. Then, to my dismay, I found that my purse had been stolen from my school bag.



The Fire





There was a big fire in one office building in our neighborhood at about nine4 o'clock last night. Many firemen and fire engines came. In the beginning, we saw flames with thick black smoke coming out from the sixth floor; and we also heard the explosion of the gas tank mixed with the noisy sounds from shattering windows. Soon the fire spread one by one to the floors above, and finally reach the top floor. Some aluminum window frames and some brick walls meted and collapsed from the heat. Many people like myself stood outside on the streets watching the fire in horror as we heard the sirens and gas explosions. Luckily there was no one in that office building when the fire broke out. The fire-men were unable to control the fire until the top floor was burned out; it took about one and a half hours for the firemen to put out the big fire. The next morning newspapers carried the story and pictures of the fire.


The Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics logo has a single Chinese character on a traditional red Chinese seal. The English words "Beijing 2008" are written with a Chinese brush below it. At the bottom of the picture, there are the five rings of Olympic Games. The figure in the logo resembles a runner or dancer and the Chinese character "jing" which means "capital".

The image carries the message that today's China is not only a nation with a long and glorious history, but also one full of modern dynamics. First and foremost, this logo is a journey to the future, the emblem for China moving towards the 2008 Olympic Games. What is more, it is a symbol of the city's promise to make the Games a success. Accordingly, this emblem represents the heart of an ancient culture embracing the modern world, the spirit of a people moving towards a new destiny.

In my view, first of all, the Olympic Game represents the spirit of sports. Arms flung wide, it invites all people and the world to share in the city's history,

beauty, energy, and its future. In addition, it is a gesture of friendship and hope that the community of nations will unite in peace through sports.








这 一会徽表达了当今的中国不仅个拥有悠久灿烂的历史国度,更是一个充满了现代活力的国家。首先,这一会徽是一次奔向未来之旅,是中国迈向20xx年奥运会的 象征。其次,它是北京承诺将成功举办奥运的标志。因此,这一会徽代表了一种悠久文化拥抱现代世界的信心,以及中国人民迈向新征程的精神。



Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the topic Studying Abroad. You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below:




Nowadays, going abroad for studies is enjoying a striking popularity among adolescents. Importance should be attached to studying abroad.

There are a great many advantages of studying overseas. First and foremost, living and studying abroad offers students a different world. On a university campus, international students are likely to encounter their counterparts from various countries and areas and are exposed to diverse ideas and values. What is more, overseas experience is the best opportunity for the real-life use of foreign languages. There is no better opportunity to improve second-language skills than living in the country in which it is spoken.

Generally peaking, it is my view that although going abroad is expensive and perhaps painful, the payoff is worthwhile. In the first place, in addition to knowledge, overseas students can gain precious experiences that those who stay at home will never have. Furthermore, overseas experience, frustrating and painful as it may be, is conducive to the growth of adolescents.


Directions: For this part you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Internet. You should write at least 120 words and base your composition on the outline below:

1、 互联网使用的现状,

2、 大学生是否应该使用互联网,人们的看法不同,

3、 我的看法。

In recent years, people are developing an inseparable relationship with Internet. As is known to all, it is convenient for us to click the mouse when surfing on line, either to entertain ourselves or to meet the work?s needs.

On the one hand, no one denies that Internet is currently one of the most useful media in our daily life. As a college student, I get on line every day to exchange information through e-mails with my net friends. But on the other hand, a good many people admit that they are too much addicted to Internet to maintain a regular and wholesome lifestyle.

Thus, it is necessary for us to use Internet in a reasonable way and restrain from . After all,Internet is invented to enrich our life, and to improve the efficiency of our work rather than shackle us with a chain.


Strong earthquake damage so large, to show once again brought out. In the vicinity of the epicenter, and in some cities and villages, many houses collapsed and damaged roads, telecommunications disruption, many schools and hospitals have become ruins. Human vibrant homes, Zhuanshun between appalling. This is a natural disaster caused by difficult to avoid the tragedy, it is sad. And this kind of tragedy, and in fact the long history of human companions, Ruyingsuixing. Far not said that the 1976 Tangshan earthquake, despite the past 32 years but has remained a matter of fear. In 1998 the major flood disaster in 2003, the atypical pneumonia crisis, the end of 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and the recent tropical storm in Myanmar, have caused a large number of casualties and property losses. Human nature is no stranger to disaster, but when Wenchuan earthquake and the plain reality of the time, the natural power of human beings before the fragile, exposed completely.




Wenchuan earthquake, the people to disaster areas has caused tremendous physical and mental suffering, but also makes the map as a small region, the people throughout the country the most about the place. As a so-called human life, compatriots suffering in some of the time, the country?s grief out of the full performance. The international community has also expressed concern about the rapid and condolences.

When a major earthquake has occurred, and aftershocks continued, the key word at this time only a matter of fact the word save and assistance. In a sense, the assistance is also save an integral part. There is no doubt that relief has become China?s current government and the people most important task. Disaster relief to save what ? This seems to be without a thought. But in fact, the true meaning of disaster relief must be clarified. The primary task of relief, when in order to save lives. Compared with the life, property loss and post-disaster reconstruction and so has been relatively minor, or that include the rescue of property and the seismic reflection of the problem, should be moved back to save lives extremely important After that.

In the earthquake disaster site to direct rescue of Premier Wen Jiabao said a word, as long as both hands, will be able to rebuild their homes - these words to the real interpretation of the true meaning of the disaster. In other words, this is also the Chinese government will as a primary task of saving the idea of the source. That is only one life, not to the other of alternative, the response must be to the fastest speed, with the GREatest efforts, even at the cost to take any means, at any cost, the disaster areas to save people?s lives.

This means that the government-led rescue system should be the focus fell on the lives of the rescue. With the passage of time, the number of casualties will also continue to increase. Safety of the lives of tens of thousands of people, in fact, the most severe disaster order. As long as there?s hope that the front line, who must rescue efforts to hundredfold, from the ruins in search for possible survivors, from under collapsed buildings in a rescue every life.

It should be noted that not only rely on relief confidence, courage and a spirit of solidarity, but also rely on the professional rescue teams and technical configuration. Although available for disaster relief to everyone, but under certain conditions, relief is also a live technical, professional and strong,

high-risk, large amount of labor. Can not fail to mention that Chinese soldiers

once again played a steel wall role in the relief difficult conditions, the elite

combat units in the affected areas to give full expression to the mighty army of glory. The young Chinese soldiers in the affected areas of the rescue scenario is indeed deeply felt the blood is thicker than water like fish and water deeply. Will save lives as the overriding priority, also means that aid must race against time, and death race. Those dying in the ruins of the life, is eagerly awaited relief. Time is life, meaning, at this point has been the most vivid

expression. Early into the second relief to the affected areas, we can save a life back. In the epicenter of local traffic inconvenience or even interrupted the circumstances, Premier Wen Jiabao asked the rescue team is to walk as soon as possible into the most affected areas, highlighted the earthquake relief the importance of the concept of time.

It should also be noted that the earthquake disaster relief is not just a matter of the Government. As the face of ever, a major natural disaster, the government?s influence, life-saving operations, but also relies on public and non-governmental organizations surmount. Including encouraging the spirit of the people of disaster areas, material support, including positive and practical actions, such as blood donation, both will have a positive effect rescue

operations. Wenchuan after the earthquake, many enterprises and individuals, has begun an emergency donation of property, to the most needed areas.

Non-disaster areas the people?s blessings and encouragement, people have fully felt the warmth and firm national strength.

No Valentine?s love of natural disasters. In a battle to save the lives of all people, the victory will come after a disaster test of the Chinese nation.


















My fellow students,

Last Friday, the Students? Union of our Department organized a clean-up project to Zhongshan Lake. The purpose of this project is to enhance(加强)the environment awareness of general public. Late in the afternoon around 4, a group of 35 volunteers went to the park where we pick up the trash(垃圾)left by some tourists. As head of the group, I would like to report to you on the event. Actually, we did a wonderful job. When we were collecting the trash near the lake, many people paused to watch and then came to our help, showing considerable appreciation and support. But our work still left some to be desired. For one thing, since our project started late in the afternoon, hours were not long enough to attract enough people as we had predicted. For the other, lots of people passed by apparently not knowing what we were doing. But for these two drawbacks, our project could have been much better and more effective. So, following are two of my suggestions: next time we have similar

activities, try to start earlier, say in the morning. In this case we can put in more




hours. And also, as we are getting along, we can put up some posters to tell

people what we are doing and call their attention to environment protection.

Thank you.


例:A Welcome Back Celebration


2.班上同学准备cheer her up.


Yang Ling is my fellow classmate and friend. Recently she had a terrible condition and has been hospitalized for over a month. She was depressed, sad and downhearted. She told us so many things are working against her, and she didn?t know how to change and redirect herself.

The day before she was released from hospital, we, some of her friends decided to give a surprise to cheer her up the next day. That night, she came back, shoulders bent and head fallen. She was so deep in her bad mood that she didn?t realize that her dorm is the only one in the building that is dark. She turned the key in the lock and opened the door when the room was suddenly lit like a bright day. Her eyes sparkled with delight and surprise. She saw all her classmates crowded in this tiny room. Everyone was holding

something in his hand, flowers, fruits, cards, cheering, “Welcome back!” She was so moved that she burst into tears. And smile returned to her pretty face. She said “Thank you all.” heartedly.

Ever since that day, happiness and delight have stayed with her. Life is so wonderful 书信





June 17th , 2006

Dear Xiao He,

Thank you ever so much for having invited me for the tour of Yunnan, your home province. I had a fantastic time with you and your family. Your great hospitality will be unforgettable throughout my life.

When I think of those gorgeous places of scenic beauty you showed me around, I couldn?t be more delighted. And the pineapple pie Grandma prepared for me is out of this world. I had never had so delicious food! Indeed, I am still missing your snug log-cabin, small and cozy, which was turned into my dream house in fairy land those nights.

Would you come to Harbin, my home town, some time this summer vacation? Harbin, a beautiful place frequently referred to as Oriental Paris, offers a picture of another kind. I can assure you another pleasant tour. My family and I cannot wait to see you here. Yours,

Li Ming





September, 11

Dear President,

I am a sophomore with the Department of Law. My name is Wang Ming. I am writing to you today to intimate you with something undesirable that I have found in the University Library.

You may or may not realize how much our library, the landmark of our university or even of our town, weighs in our minds. It is a place we are most proud of and where we like to spend most of our time. In such an honorable place we have noticed recently some phenomena which hurt our eye. Some seats in the reading rooms are ?permanently

reserved vacant seats?, that is, some students “occupy” some seats they never come to use. What a terrible waste of valuable resource! Some other students are too noisy, talking among themselves, leaving mobile phone beeping anytime. And some library staff is ill-mannered and rude and not helpful most of time. These and other undesirable things have already done damage to the fame of our university and caused a lot of inconvenience to the users.

Dear President, we hope that something can be done to change and reverse the current situation. Let our cozy, comfortable, quiet, effective library come back. Best wishes


例:Buying or Borrowing Books?




Buying or Borrowing Books?

Books can arm us with knowledge and information we need to make success of life. There are generally two ways in which we can have access to books: borrowing or buying. While millions are borrowing books, I still think buying them best suits me and gives me the greatest pleasure.

Many people choose to borrow books. For one thing, borrowing books can save us huge amounts of money. For another, if we borrow books from the library or friends, we normally have deadline to finish them. And consequently we can read more books in a

limited time, just as a famous Chinese saying goes, “books can not be read unless borrowed.”

I believe that advantages for buying books are more obvious and compelling. Firstly, we can keep the books as long as we wish. Secondly, we can take whatever notes on the margin of the pages of the books. Finally, the process of selecting and keeping books can be a great fun.


例:论电话与写信 Will Phones Kill Letter Writing?




Will Phones Kill Letter Writing?

Today, more than ever before, we depend on the expediency brought about by such modern devices as phones. As a result, when we feel the need to communicate with friends, instead of picking up the pen to set down to serious writing, we pick up the phone. Indeed, we speak so much and write so little that some people begin to suspect that phones will kill letter writing. However widely used it is today, the phone will not take the place of letter, for both phone and letter writing have respective functions to perform.

There are at least two reasons, as far as I am concerned, why this will not happen. For one thing, although phones admittedly have already taken over many roles traditionally played by the letter, there are certain areas such as commercial transactions and legal correspondence, in which black and white sincerity and confirmation is still a must. For another, in no way can a quick phone conversation convey and accomplish as much as a deliberate, well worded letter does. For instance, there seems to be no better device than letter writing to express deep, heart-felt, profound love, a fact underlined by the enormous love letters of great men and women.

As we know, in the 1960?s, there had been so much talk that TV would kill newspapers. And it has never happened. Today we are in a similar situation. We can be certain, for the reasons discussed above, that letter writing is irreplaceable.


例:论挫折Is Frustration a Bad Thing?




According to The New Oxford Dictionary of English, frustration, by

definition, means the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of

inability to change or achieve something. Since frustration seems to be a

negative feeling, some people may be tempted to think that frustration is bad for people. They believe that constant frustration may cause serious mental

problems. People suffering from such psychological problems often resort to

violence or suicide, which poses a big threat to the people around them and thus causes instability to the whole society.

Others, however, hold a different view. They maintain that it is beneficial

to people. It goes side by side with success. It inspires people to overcome

hardships and difficulties and achieve the final success. People with this view

even go so far as to say that no frustration, no success. Indeed, we cannot

always hope to embrace success and never accept failure. And most

importantly, only if we learn from many a failure can we do things better and

finally overcome such a bad feeling as frustration.

Frustration thus is part of our life experience. In our process of growing

up, we may inevitably experience it when confronted with situations that don?t

come up to our expectations. It is a test of our courage when it befalls us. If we let it control us, we may fall into the abyss of being inflicted by serious




psychological problems. But if we harness it and take it as our source of

inspiration, we may ultimately enjoy the glory of success.

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