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Dear professor:

My name is Zhoutao .who is a graduate student of Jilin University. My major is Agricultural Mechanization Engineering. I wish obtaining an offer for the next year doctor program in your university.

During Postgraduate, My major is Agricultural Mechanization Engineering, but my research direction is the mars rover. so, I wish going to contact more advanced education and knowledge to improve my ability. This is the reason choosing you. Firstly, in mars car, America is the most advanced, and have been got success, such as the curiosity Rover. Secondly, you are so famous in the respect. Finally, I hope that I am able to become one like you.

As far as I am concerned, although I do not achieve Great achievements like you, I got some small performance, too. For example, I assist my teacher to complete a Research project about mars rover.in addition, I got some the position in some the competition .If got your approval, I will continue to struggle to study knowledge and Innovation to become one like you.

I would be grateful if you could send me an offer for the next year doctor program as well as information about your university. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon

Sincerely yours Zhoutao

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I will come to the Teacher’ Club next Wednesday, may the ninth, at six-thirty in the evening 我将与5月9日(周三)晚6点30分来教师俱乐部。


I will come if I am free. 如有空,我将回来。


Apologizing Being Unable to Accept

A Weekend Invitation

Dear Linda,

I am so sorry we can’ t come to join you on this weekend. How awful to have to turn down your very, very kind invitation! Tim’s sister is coming to visit us from California and we are supposed to meet her at the airport on Friday afternoon.

Thanks for you inviting us, Linda. We certainly hate to miss such a marvelous time. Please remember us to the Smiths and tell them how sorry we are not having been able to join them for the weekend.

Affectionately yours, Sophia



A Note of Thanks for One’s Guidance

Dear Professor Leech,

Three months ago, I consulted with your about the topic of my M.A dissertation and I want to assure you that I appreciate your help.

Your advice has been invaluable to me, and I have followed your recommendation. After collecting materials, I have already working on my thesis.

I would like to express my gratitude, along with my very best wishes.


Chang Dahai

A Note of Thanks for One’s Gift

Dear Angel,

Yesterday I got the parcel you posted for my birthday. I cannot wait to open it. Oh. It’s a lovely vase. How nice it is.

I don’t know how to thank you for such an attractive present. It is something that will give me pleasure for along time to come.

Please accept my sincere thanks and best wishes.





Congratulation on the Birth of A Child

Dear Pearl,

I was so pleased to receive the announcement of he birth of littler Bob. Becoming a Mother is one of the greatest experiences in the world. I know how proud you and Michael must be of your baby.

Here, I’d like to give my sincere congratulation to you both.



Congratulation on A Promotion

Dear Mr. Macdonald,

I was very delighted to hear that you were appointed to the Sales Manager of your company. This is a marvelous achievement, though no more than you deserve. P lease accept my heartiest congratulation and best wishes for the future.

Yours sincerely,

Victor Lee


欢迎信在机关、企业、团体等机构间的运用十分广泛。它是主人对来宾的一种 主动友好表示。在市场经济的社会里,它同时也是企业或团体间相互沟通和寻求合作的重要手段。欢迎信要做到情真意切,表明对方的到来的重要性。

Welcoming A New Teacher from the

United States of America

Dear Miss B. Hoffman,

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to our university. From Professor Johnson’s recommendation we know that you have done a very good job in teaching English as a foreign language in Wuhan University. So we are fortunate to have you joining us as an English teacher in Foreign Languages Department. You will be working with our staff, and I want to assure you that you’ll find them capable and cooperative.

Let us get together and have a chat, as soon as you are settled.

By the way,

If there is anything I can do for you, do not hesitate a moment to let me know.

Yours sincerely,

Cheng Jiabing




Employ A Visiting Professor

Dear Professor Lin Jiaxiu,

The Chinese Department of Southeast Missouri State University is pleased to appoint you to be a visiting professor, for the term of one year, starting from September 7, 2000. You will be welcome to participate fully in our teaching programs. As you are expert in Chinese Culture, we beg to invite you to give lecture to the graduates on this course. We will pay you monthly sum of 5,000. We will also offer you, free of charge, a three-room furnished apartment on our campus.

Hoping to get a favorable reply from you at your earliest convenience.

Yours sincerely,

Sally Parsons


Chinese Department




An Application for M. M. Degree

Dear Sir,

I am writing you to apply to for admission to your University to pursue my M. M. Degree. My name is Zhao Tongtong. I graduated in 1995 from Luzhou Medical College in medicine with a

B.M.Degree. After my graduation, I have been working at Chengdu 363 Hospital. With a view to futher my studies, I have a strong desire to study in your university for a M. M. Degree. I am also applying for a scholarship or teaching assistantship which will enable me to finish my study. Hoping to be favored with an early reply.

Yours Faithfully;

Zhang Tongtong

An Application for A Job

Personnel Director

Simson Company

120 Lingling Road

Shnghai 200040

October 10, 1998

Dear Sir,

I would like to apply for the position advertised in yesterday’s China Daily.

I was born in 1970 and graduated from Beijing University wth a B. A. in General Business. I have been handling most of the bookkeeping for the past 3 years and I trust I am qualified to fill your position.

I am enclosing a brief resume of my life history as you request. Please send any application forms that you want me to fill out and let me know if you ant an interview.

I look forward to hearing from you appreciate your consideration of my application.

Yours Faithfully;

Cheng Ming





Recommendation of A Postgraduate

Sichuan University

Chengdu, 610041

China October28,1999

Cambridge University England Dear Sir,

I take pleasure in recommending to you Miss Zhang Lihua who hopes to attend your university for postgradtuate studies.

Miss Zhang graduated from the English Department of Sichuan University in 1998 with brilliant academic records. She is very sensitive to English Literature. I think that she is qualified to carry on postgraduate studies in English Literature in particular in your university. I know her to have been a promising student of intelligence and ability. I strongly recommend her application.

It will be greatly appreciated, if you will give Miss Zhang a chance to study in your university.

Truly yours, Zhu Zixiu

Professor of English Literature



A Letter of Inquiring after Someone’s Health

Dear Wengo ,

I am extremely sorry to hear that your illness, which we had thought was clearing up, has become more serious, and that you have had to stay in hospital for a month. Let us hope that it will be for only a very short time, and that you will soon be up and about again. Everybody here sends his best wishes to you for a quick recovery. With kind regards,

Yours sincerely





A Letter of Introduction without A Known Unit

To whom it may concern,

This is to introduce Mr. Tian Yun and Mr.Cheng Hongbo who are entrusted with a task of making the necessary arrangement with you for our teachers’training course.

Please favor them with an interview.

Introducing without A Known Unit

Chongqing Changan Vehicle Company

April 20,2000

Beijing Vehicle Factory

Dear Sirs,

This is to introduce to you Mr.Zhao Xiaoyong,the bearer of this letter, who is going to make an investigation of a few of our employees who worked in your factory two years ago. We should greatly appreciate it if you would kindly offer him the concerned information.

With high respect,






Resume 1

Zhu Huiyu

306 Yinghui Road Chengdu

Sichuan 610000

The People’Republic of China

Job Objective: Seek a position as a computer programmer

Experience: Programming----Skill in computer programming

Analysis----Developed skill in analyzing flow charts, programs, and systems


Organization----Highly organized with demonstrated leadership skill in

coordinating and motivating workers.

Human Relation---Able to well with people, work hard and make significant

contribution to an organization.

Education: Bachelor of Science Degree, 1994, Chongqing University, Chongqing

Major: Computer Science

Work History: September 1994----July1995, Technician, Dongfang Computer Company,


August, 1995--- August, 1996, Assistant Engineer, Xinglong

Electronics, Inc., Chongqing.

September1996---December, 1999, Engineer, Changzhen Electronics

Company, Ltd.

Personal Data: Date of Birth: March20, 1971

Place of Birth: Mianyang, Sichuan, China

Martial Status: Single

Health: Excellent

Interest: Sports, Beijing Opera, Reading

Reference: Available upon request.

Resume 2

Author Beyer

39 Queen Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

U. S. A.

Tel: 406--3229

Date of Birth: 14/5/1956

Nationality: the United States of America

Martial Status: Married. 2 sons aged 19. 17.

Education: B. Sc. Physics Chicago University

Work Experience: 1979—1986 Pocton Electronics

Had overall responsibility for training recruits and placing them in appropriate

department. Second to German Office (Stuttgart)

1986—1999 Shelton Research Studio Devised new techniques and carried out

detailed research for projects still in the experiment stage. I was subject to

Official Secrets Act for this work.

11 出生证明(birth certificate)

(99) CH D No.54

This is to certify that Li Zhongguo (male) was born on May 18.1995 atNo.3Hospital of Chengdu.his father is Li Yongbo and his mother is Tang Jing

Chengdu Notary Public Office


The People’Republic of China (seal)

Notary: Zhang Hui.

November6, 1999

12.结婚证明(marriage certificate)

(99) LZ No.22

This is to certify that Tang YONGSHENG (Male, born on August24, 1973) and Li Donghong (female,born on February21, 1971) were married on October 1,1998 in Luzhou.

Luzhou Notary Public Office


The People’Republic of China (seal)

Notary: Zhang Hui.


13.学习证明(learning certificate)

(99) C Q No. 34

This is to certify that Lin Hua (female,born in 1981) is now learning in the Biological Department of Southwest China Normal University. She is the daughter of Mr.Lin Dawei who now resides in the Unite States of America.

Chongqin Notary Public Office


The People’Republic of China (seal)

Notary:Yang Dejun.

March 19, 1999

14 定居证明 (Certificate of Resettlement)

(99)CH D No. 61 This is to certify that Mr. Chen Lixin former Chinese resident in Britain (born in 1942) for permanent settlement, now residing in Wu Hou District,Chengdu.

Chengdu Notary Public Office


The People’s Republic of China (seal) Notary: Lou Yangbin

June2, 1999

15 亲属关系证明(Certificate of Kinship)

(99) Z G No.14

This is to certify that Gu Jun (male,born in 1986)now residing at 32 Liao Ning Road, Ziliujing District, Zigong, is the son of Mrs. Jian Xiaoying who resides in Japan.

Zigong Xotary Public Office


The People’s Republic of China (seal) Notary: Zhang Dingyue

January 21,1999

16 经历证明(Certificate of Professional Experience)

(99)B J No.34

This is to certify that Wang Changrong (male, born on July 20, 1958) was a professor of Mathematics in Beijing University from September, 1981 to June, 1994 and a manager in the Stone Company from August, 1994 to May, 1999.

Beijing Notary Public Office


The People’s Republic of China (seal) Notary: Deng Yangchang

July 28,1999

17 成绩证明(Certificate of Academic Records)

C Q No.48

This is to certify that the scores of the courses which Miss Fu Dongbin took during her studying in Chongqing Normal University are listed below:

General Linguistics: 80 Sociolinguistics: 86

Academic Writing: 79 American Literature: 91

Oral English: 87 Applied Linguistics: 88

Teaching Methodology: 84 Translation: 89

Chongqing Notary Public Office Chongqing

The People’s Republic of China (seal) Notary: Yan Shu

July 21, 1999

18 请假条


19 病假条(Asking for Sick Leave)

December 8, 1999

Dear Mr. Li,

I am very sorry to tell you that I am unable to attend your lecture today owning to a terrible headache. I enclose a doctor’s certificate and ask you for sick leave of one day.

Thank you very much.

Your student,

Zhang Tianyi

Encl: Doctor’s certificate for sick leave.

20事假条(Asking for Business Leave)

January 27, 2000

Dear Director Song.

A telegram has reached me saying that my mother is seriously ill and urging me to go home at once. Because of this I would like to ask for a leave of 3 days beginning on January 28. I hope that my request will be given due consideration.

Thank you.


Xu Chenggong

21 代假条(Asking for Leave Written by Someone Else)

Dear Prof. Woodsman,

Please kindly excuse Larry’s absence from school on Wednesday and Thursday ( April 6 and April 7). He caught a bad cold and had a high fever at 10 last night. I will take him to the hospital this morning.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,

Betty Smith

22续假条(Asking for Extension of Leave)

Dear Miss Hoffman,

I am still lying in the hospital with the flu and cannot get up. My doctor said that it would be another 2 days before I could leave the hospital to resume my study. Please give an extension of my leave for 2 days. I enclose a certificate from the doctor who is attending on me.

Thank you.

Your student,


23 留言条


1)来访不遇 (Message to One Who Is Out)

11 a.m. March 12

Dear Victoria,

You have happened to be out when I call on you. I have something urgent to consult you. I shall be obliged if you find time to favor me with a call as soon as possible.


2)黑板留言 ( Notes on the Blackboard)

Wang Qing,

I arrived in Chongqing this morning by air and now I am going to stay in Yangtzi Holiday Inn. Please ring me up.


24 条据



1)借条(Receipt)for a loan

April 4, 1999

Borrowed from Tian Zhongguo the sum of two thousand yuan RMB.

Liu Weiwei

2) 欠条(IOU)

June 24,1999

To the Department of Foreign Languages, I.O.U. 5000 yuan RMB only.

Li Hong

3) 收条(Receipt)

August 23,1999

Received of Wang Lili of the Chinese Department the undermentioned novels:

Two copies of “ the Arabian Nights” and one copy of “ Water Margin”.

Bai Tian

For the college library


通知是日常生活和学习中上级对下级、组织对成员布置工作、安排任务或召集某种活动的常见应用文。本节主要讨论的是布告形式的通知。通知的内容要求简洁,但要要求明了。出通知的单位或个人,可以写在右下角,也可以写在正文上面。注意,日期写在正文的左下角。 请看下面几则通知:

1).更改图书馆开放时间( Notice about the Chang of Library timetable)


Readers are requested to note that as from May 1, 1999. The library will be open during the following hours:

8:30—11:30 a.m,


The university office

April 30,1999

2)关于报告传达的通知 (Notice about A Relayed Report)


The Foreign Languages Department

All the teachers and students of our department are required to meet in the Auditorium on Tuesday, at 10:00 a.m., Nov. 8 to hear a relayed report.

Nov.6 Monday

3)关于放假的通知 (Notice about Holiday)


Tomorrow being the National Day, there will be no classes; all classes will be resumed as usual on the 2nd .

The University Office

September 30,1999




出具海报的单位的署名写在正文下一行的右下角,日期写在署名下一行的左下角。 需要指出的是,和通知相比,海报的形式更灵活一些。它常常使用变化多样的字体以及配以色彩绚丽的图画来吸引大众的注意力。

海报的标题可以用Poster(海报),或具体的海报名称如“Film News” (电影消息)、lecture(讲座)、Basketball Match(篮球比赛)等。


1)演唱会 (Recital)


There will be a concert given by students of Sichuan Public Security College in order to celebrate the Teachers’ Day. The program includes male and female solos, ensembles, choruses,piano, violin and other instrumental performances. Admissions free.

Time: September9, 7 p.m.

Place: The Campus Auditorium

College Students Union

September 8, 1999

2)文艺晚会 (Literary and Artistic Evening Performance)

Spring Festival Entertainment Programs


1. the Song of Yangtze River

2. Yellow River Cantata

Ⅱ Dance

3. Traditional Chinese Lion Dance

Ⅲ Female Solo

4. Naniwan

Ⅳ Quartet

5 the Song of Guerrillas

Ⅴ Selected Scenes from Beijing Opera

6 Three Forked Crossroads

Time: Sunday, February 4, 2000, 7:30

Place: Auditorium of the College

The Art Club of the Teachers’ Union

February 2, 2000

3)体育比赛 ← (Sports)


Dalian Wanda→

← Inter Milan

Workers’ Stadium

7:00 p.m. July 22

27 失物启示


April 9,2000

Due to carelessness, I lost my English book—College English ( Book2)----when studying in no.7 Teaching Building. This book is very important to me, because it is my textbook. As the final exam approaches, I become more and more worried about it. The finder is kindly requested to send it back to Rm.307 of Students Dormitory Building No.5.

Substantial reward for such a kind deed is guaranteed.

Ding Xiulian




April 19,2000

Someone happened to find a purse. It contains banknote, tickets, and other things. The loser is expected to come to this office to claim it.

Foreign Languages Department

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