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Time flies, Year 2014 is coming to an end and 2015 is approaching. At this turn of the year, I now extend my best wishes to people of all ethnic groups in China, to our compatriots from Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Regions, to compatriots in Taiwan and overseas Chinese, as well as to friends in other countries and regions in the world.

2014 is unforgettable. In the past year, we pushed forward reforms with strong commitment, conquered many hardships and introduced a series of important reform measures, many of which are closely associated with the interests of the general public. We worked to adapt to the new normal of economic growth and actively pushed forward economic and social development, resulting in further improvement in people's lives. On December 12, the first phase of the central route of Water Diversion Project from South to North was officially completed. More than 400 thousand residents along the route were relocated. We pay our sincere tributes to them for their sacrifice, and wish them a happy life in their new homes. In the past year, we endeavored to improve our work style and strengthen party and government discipline, with efforts focusing on fighting against formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism and extravagance. The situation has greatly improved. We stepped up our efforts in our crackdown on corruption, and severely punished corrupt officials with zero tolerance. This demonstrates that we are strongly committed to fighting against corruption and other evil forces. In the past year, we enhanced our cooperation and exchanges with countries in the world. We hosted the informal leadership meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Organization in Beijing. Chinese leaders visited many countries and received many foreign leaders. Such exchanges of visits have helped the rest of the world understand China better.

Officials at various levels have also spared no efforts performing their duty. Of course, those achievements would not have been possible without the support of the people. I would like to salute our great people.

In the past year, through legislation we established the Commemorative Day to mark the victory of Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, the Commemorative Day of Martyrs, and the National Memorial Day to

commemorate victims in the Nanjing Massacre. Solemn ceremonies were held on these days. Despite the change of times, we would always remember the sacrifice and contribution of those who gave their lives for the Chinese nation and for peace. In the past year, we also recorded sad moments. We remember the more than 150

Chinese compatriots still missing after the loss of the Malaysian Airline flight MH370. We will continue our efforts to locate their whereabouts. In the past year, China

suffered from a number of natural disasters and tragic work safety accidents, in which some compatriots lost their lives. The Ludian earthquake in Yunnan Province claimed more than 600 lives. Our hearts are with them and we wish their families all the best. The New Year bell is about to ring. We will continue our efforts to act upon people's expectations and turn their aspirations into reality. We will continue to deepen the reform in an all-round way. This is an unstoppable train. Only those who brave hardships would prevail. We will push forward the rule of law in an all-round way,

safeguard the rights of people in line with law, maintain social justice and promote national development. For an eventual accomplishment of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way in due time, both deepening the reforms and strengthening the rule of law should function as the two wings of a bird, or as wheels on both sides of a vehicle.

People's lives in our country are enjoying constant improvement, but we will always remember those still living in hardships. We will work with passion to improve their well-being, with efforts focusing on poverty-alleviation and

guaranteeing basic living conditions. We will provide assistance to all those in need of help, including poverty-stricken farmers and urban residents with difficulties, so that their basic living conditions are guaranteed and they feel the warmth of care being in this society

We will continue to comprehensively push forward strict party discipline, never hesitate in improving our work style. We will always resort to the anti-corruption drive as a sharp weapon, and consolidate mechanism-building as a cage to contain powers. In this socialist country led by the Communist Party of China, every corrupt official must be dealt with once evidence is found. There's absolutely no tolerance for corruption and graft

We’re engaged in a lofty mission. Only perseverance will lead to victory, while giving up halfway will end up with failure to do whatever. Our blueprint is

magnificent, but our struggle will certainly be arduous. All party members and people of all ethnic groups in the country must be united as one, draw on collective wisdom and useful ideas to grasp opportunities, jointly face challenges with united strength, conquer problems with quick action, be bold to carry on innovation, making China a better country year by year and constantly improving people's lives

Chinese people are not only concerned with the prospect of their own country, but also that of the whole world. We helped African people fight against the Ebola epidemic, and assisted people in the Maldivian capital suffering from severe water shortages. Many of those moves showed that Chinese people share weal and woe with people in the world. The world is still not stable enough. We long for peace and sincerely wish that global efforts will help relief all people from hunger, all families from war, and ensure that all children grow in peace and in sunshine.

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新华网北京12月31日电 新年前夕,国家主席习近平通过中国国际广播电台、中央人民广播电台、中央电视台,发表了二〇一五年新年贺词。全文如下:

时间过得真快,20xx年就要过去了,20xx年正在向我们走来。在这辞旧迎新的时刻,我向全国各族人民,向香港特别行政区同胞和澳门特别行政区同胞,向台湾同胞和海外侨胞,向世界各国和各地区的朋友们,致以新年的祝福! 20xx年是令人难忘的。这一年,我们锐意推进改革,啃下了不少硬骨头,出台了一系列重大改革举措,许多改革举措同老百姓的利益密切相关。我们适应经济发展新常态,积极推动经济社会发展,人民生活有了新的改善。12月12日,南水北调中线一期工程正式通水,沿线40多万人移民搬迁,为这个工程作出了无私奉献,我们要向他们表示敬意,希望他们在新的家园生活幸福。这一年,我们着力正风肃纪,重点反对形式主义、官僚主义、享乐主义和奢靡之风,情况有了很大改观。我们加大反腐败斗争力度,以零容忍的态度严惩腐败分子,显示了反腐惩恶的坚定决心。这一年,我们加强同世界各国的合作交往,主办了北京亚太经合组织领导人非正式会议,我国领导人多次出访,外国领导人也大量来访,这些活动让世界更好认识了中国。









中国人民关注自己国家的前途,也关注世界的前途。非洲发生了埃博拉疫情,我们给予帮助;马尔代夫首都遭遇断水,我们给予支援,许许多多这样的行动展示了中国人民同各国人民同呼吸、共命运的情怀。当前世界仍很不安宁。我们呼唤和平,我真诚希望,世界各国人民共同努力,让所有的人民免于饥寒的煎熬,让所有的家庭免于战火的威胁,让所有的孩子都能在和平的阳光下茁壮成长。 谢谢大家。

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