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Gone with the wind --Margaret Mitchell

This book was written during the American Civil War. Scarlett ,a beautiful girl with "bristling black eyelashes ",use to charm man. When I first read it, I did not like her. In my view ,she was a paradoxical human. She was hopelessly selfish,vain,manipulative,deluded and foolish,but she is also extremely vivacious,loyal and strong character.She had a strong will .whatever she thought she will try her best way to do it.

In the book,she always think she loves Ashley.and she believe that Ashley also loves her.Although at the end he leaves her unkindly,she never give up this thought.

But when I read it secondly.I find that she is just a lonely girl. during the Civil war , she has to make enough money to live with her lover and valentine. She pursuits but also ignore the true love . she regards Ashley as her true love but ignore Barrett who is always being with her.

What a pity! If Scarlett can understand who is her lover and can give her happy life, she will not live so hard. Luckly , she has a strong will.

Barrett is one of the persons that I like most. He was born in a wealth family, And has a good education. He did many things for Scarlett. He protected her, loved her,looked after her. He is waiting for Scarlett patiently. But Scarlett refused. As a smart ,charming,grave man. He could have had a better lover . He is not leave until his daughter's death.

After read this book, I learned that we should enthusiastic with our

life. Such as Scarlett. When I happen to something bad , I will tell myself "Tomorrow is another day" !

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Scarlett O’Hara

One of my friends had recommended the book Gone with the Wind almost two years’ ago, but my reading plan was just put off, for the book is really too thick and I even no courage to start. However, this semester I made my mind to read and I found myself was totally lost in the absorbing plots and the attractive characters the author portrayed. I was impressed by the war, the love and the hero Scarlett O’Hara, who would also be a charming and successful woman in today’s modern society, I think.

Scarlett is a dark-haired, green-eyed Georgia belle who struggles through the hardship of the Civil War and Reconstruction. She exhibits more of her father’s hard-headedness than her mother’s refined southern manners. Determination defines Scarlett and drives her to achieve everything she desires by any means necessary.

1, pursuing her love bravely

Scarlett aims to win Ashley Wilkes, and her failure to do so guides the plot of the novel. Ashley’s marriage to Melanie and rejection of Scarlett drive nearly all of Scarlett’s important subsequence decisions. Scarlett marries Charles Hamilton to hurt Ashley, stays by Melanie’s side through the war because she promise Ashley she will, and loses her true love, Rhett butler, because of her persistent desire to win Ashley. Without hesitation for pursuing her love, she is a little blind to love. However, her

courage is inspiring. After all, love always makes people lose sense. 2, facing the war fearfully

On the night the Yankees capture Atlanta and set it afire, Scarlett drives the cart all night and day through a dangerous forest full of deserters and soldiers, at last reaching Tara. She arrives to find that her mother, Ellen, is dead; her father, Gerald, has lost his mind; and the Yankee army has looted the plantation, leaving no food or cotton. Scavenging for subsistence desperately, Scarlett vows never to go hungry again. Scarlett takes charge of rebuilding Tara. She murders a Yankee thief and puts out a fire set by a spiteful Yankee soldier. What a great girl she is! Instead of feeling afraid and waiting for others to help her, she bears the burden of rebuilding the Tara by herself. I admire her so much; for I have the same belief---- heaven helps those who help themselves!

3, gifted in business

When Scarlett takes advantage of Frank’s immobility, going to the store to see the account books, she quickly realizes that frank runs the business badly—his friends owe him vast sums of money that he is too embarrassed to collect. Scarlett thinks she could do a much better job in strictly male world of business and begins to think of acquiring a sawmill. Devoting all her time to the mill and turning a sizeable profit by any means necessary, she becomes the only successful businesswoman in Atlanta. In that age, it is really a big challenge for women and she has the

confidence and courage to challenge it.

Scarlett’s development precisely mirrors the development of the American’s south. She changes from spoiled teenage to hard-working widow to wealthy opportunist, reflecting the south’s change from leisure society to besieged nation to compromised survivor. As selfish she is, her bravery and strong mind towards love and war really impress me a lot. When there is barrier, even disasters come, we can feel depressed or afraid, but never give up.

It is really a wonderful novel which worth being chewed!


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