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He studied the traditional music of the region. But it turns out that what would later have a notable influence on European music on the whole was the way Bartok used elements he heard from what he heard, like unusual rhythms. And he liked to use glissando as his hallmark, which he probably got from listening to Croatian folk music.

A 影响 B A 导致B

One consequence of global warming is extinction. There is compelling evidence that global warming will be a significant driver of many plant and animal extinctions in this century

And in the early 1900s, composers who worked in the Romantic style were the most popular in Austria-Hungary. But Bartok, he was part of the musical community that was trying to change this. And it led him to.. Well the first thing it did was led him to travel. He looked at the countryside for the music of the farmers and the people who lived in small towns, and their music, well, you could say he discovered the music that was popular in those areas.

He became very successful there. Particularly, when Bartok ballet the wooden Prince opened, There was great excitement for music that included musical elements from local folk songs, music that reflected the region’s musical traditions.

Young animals play in. order to get really good at certain specific things they will need to do when they are adults, things like chasing, pouncing, climbing. In other words, they play in order to practice survival skills, like movements used in hunting and fighting. That hypothesis makes a lot of sense, like , maybe the most sense of all the theories we read about.

As you say, play is much more than just pretend fighting or practicing other adult behavior. Apparently, it also contributes to the development of a brain that’s flexible, a brain that’s quickly able to get a handle on unfamiliar situations.

According to the flexibility hypothesis, yes, the diversity, the variety in play can lead to a broader behavioral vocabulary.

Sometimes playing results in an animal doing something it would not normally do. That can lead to the animal learning to adapt, to come up with new behaviors that can help it cope with major problems later on, like staying safe or finding food.

But that message wasn’t effective. Research shows that consumers don’t want to let go of any traditional product attributes, like convenience, price, and quality. Even though surveys indicate that almost everybody cares about the environment.

Now, the discovery of this cadmium-based enzyme It’s actually the first enzyme we have discovered that uses cadmium. So it is possible that other not so typical trace metals may be used in chemical processes, that marine organisms might make 1

enzymes from other trace metals when the essential one is scarce. And there may be other types of diatoms that use cadmium to cycle carbon.

How old is this solar system? Four and a half billion years, remember? And Halley’s is going around the Sun once every 75 years and losing stuff each time. So the comet should be long gone by now right? I mean how come Halley’s is still there? After four and a half billion years. How could it be? Well, the answer is that this comet hasn’t always been in such a short periodic orbit, since once a comet gets into an orbit that keeps it coming in close the Sun quite frequently.

A B 交替

Over the past two million years, colder glacial periods have alternated with warmer interglacial periods. In response to these gradual climatic swings, some species have shifted their rang hundreds of kilometers.

Housing developments, highways and cities have replaced or sliced through forests and prairies.

Many species are interdependent, intimately connected to one another. Like animals that eat a certain plant and that plant relies on a certain fungus to help it get nutrients from soil and on a certain insect for pollination. We probably have to translocate entire networks of species and it’s hard to know where to draw the line.

cadmium can actually substitute for zinc, that organisms can use it instead of zinc when there isn’t enough zinc in their environment.


is scarce in certain environments. And it’s particularly scarce in waters near the surface of rivers and lakes and shallower parts of oceans, which might make us wonder how pants could live there at all. In fact, there are a lot of marine plants that survive, that grow and reproduce in surface waters.下定义

Assisted migration means picking up members of a species, or members of a group of interdependent species , or members of a group of interdependent species and physically moving or translocating them. Translocating threatened species to a cooler place, to higher latitudes or higher elevations, for example.

Assisted migration could become a viable part of our rescue strategy, but there are a number of uncertainties and risks. Without more research, we can’t predict if assisted migration will work for any given species.

The Rosetta Stone is arguably the most famous archaeological artifact ever discovered. It contains the same exact text written in three different alphabets: Greek, demotic, hieroglyph

Self-handicapping. Like during a fake fight, a play fight, if one of the animals is winning, the winning animal might just stop and give up its advantage.


Something else, the company that makes the eco-light, researchers would consider it an ‘extreme green company’, not only because its products are energy-efficient, but because the company tries to reduce its environmental impact in other ways too. Like in addition to selling Earth-friendly products, its offices and factories are designed to conserve energy and use all sorts of recycled materials. A company that only recycles office paper, researchers would classify as a ‘lean green company’. And there are other degrees of greenness in between.

Let’s continue our discussion now by talking about orbits, especially those of the so-called periodic-orbit comets. These are the comets that circle around the Sun pretty regularly. They return again and again, predictably, after a certain period of time. That’s why we say their orbits are periodic. Probably the most famous and brightest of these is Halley’s comet.


Actually, that’s something the flexibility hypothesis explains very well. Since play fighting includes variations in speed and intensity, and quick role reversals involved with self-handicapping. An animal that’s play fighting is constantly responding to changes. So it is learning to be flexible.

Green marketing refers to companies promoting the product as environmentally friendly. Companies often turn to advertising experts to help them do this.

But lots of comets aren’t like that. They come in, pass behind the Sun, and then travel back out. But with an orbit so large, and its farthest place so far away from the Sun that we just don’t know how far out it goes. We just can’t determine that very accurately from the close-in part of the orbit that we do see. So these are often called parabolic-orbit comets. Parabolic means the orbit is open at the far end.


The demotic script found on the Rosetta Stone, well, demotic was not as elaborate as hieroglyphic writing. It was used for more mundane matters, oh , like administrative documents. These ancient Egyptian scripts were replaced by Coptic scripts. But eventually, the Arabic language replaced Coptic and this cut off the linguistic link between ancient and modern Egypt.

He was eventually able to confirm that it was. So, he had figured it out.

Just before the end of the last class, we started talking about trace metals, metals found in living organisms in very small quantities that serve an important biological, important nutritive function in those organisms. And one trace metal that serves a nutritive function is zinc.

Different enzymes assist in different chemical reactions. Now, the one that speeds up the 3

conversion of carbon dioxide has zinc in it. So this Zinc enzyme is critical for getting CO2 out of our bodies through lungs. And it is also extremely important for plants.

Plants also convert carbon dioxide into different forms of carbon-containing molecules and the conversion process used relies on the very same enzyme that work in humans. So zinc is also important for plants.

There are a number of different types of diatoms, and well, diatoms play a very important role in the carbon cycling process, because they help make carbon available to other organisms in deeper parts of the ocean.

But how did diatoms survive if zinc is so scarce? Well, recently researchers discovered that a specific type of diatom makes a different enzyme that serves the same purpose.


So this conservation group wants to translocate seedlings, Florida Torreya seedlings, 500 kilometers North in order to expand the species’ range. The group believed its effort is justified, but I and many other biologists will be watching very closely how this maverick group makes out, because like I said, there could be unintended consequences.

He was not a fan of the Romantic style of music that was popular in his homeland during his youth.

So, this self-handicapping, it is important to take into account before just deciding to go with that first explanation. And in fact, there really isn’t much in the way of solid experimental evidence to support the play-as-preparation hypothesis.

But as some green marketers learned the hard way, green marketing must still involve all the same principles of a traditional marketing campaign.

So let me tell you about one green marketing campaign that failed at first and explain why.

However, let’s say you are fined for violating the Clean Water Act while manufacturing products from recycled materials. The public would eventually find out. You can’t just make the claim that a product is environmentally friendly and not follow through on.

Young did actually proved that these hieroglyphs represented sounds rather than whole words. Strangely though, he gave into the dominant thesis of the day that hieroglyphs were pictographs. He actually dismissed his own findings as an anomaly because the Ptolemaic dynasty was Greek, not Eyptian. In other words, he figured it was an exception to the rule.

This notion, the flexibility hypothesis, well, many of my colleagues find it quite persuasive.

Now, if all these diatoms are taking carbon dioxide from the surface, there is more to that whole process, that 4

cycle, something that we’ve overlooked. So further research might tell us more about these warming cycles too.


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