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媒体类(Media)是雅思口语话题的常见考题之一,书籍、电影、电视节目等都是三部分可能会考到的内容,所以建议烤鸭们在考前要对于这部分内容有一个大致的了解。 基本词汇:


爱情小说 love story 科幻小说 science fiction 连环画 comic book

人物传记 biography 侦探小说 detective story 童话故事 fairytale( Green’s; Andersen’s)

校园小说 campus novel 网络小说 online novel 寓言故事 fable Magazine

时尚美容杂志 beauty and fashion magazine 体育杂志 sports magazine 文学杂志 literary magazine

娱乐杂志 entertainment magazine 汽车杂志 car magazine 女性杂志 women’s magazine Film

喜剧 comedy 爱情片 romantic movie 恐怖片 horror movie

悲剧 tragedy 动作片 action movie 灾难片 disaster movie

动画片 animation 纪录片 documentary 战争片 war movie

历史剧 historical movie 文艺片 literary film 儿童电影 children's film

教育电影 educational film 贺岁片 new year film


1) A book you enjoyed as a child

2) An educational TV program; a TV program you didn’t like

3) A website you like

4) A magazine or newspaper you like


网站 (a website)

Well, the first website comes into my mind is Moonbasa. It is one of the most famous shopping websites among young ladies in China.

It’s not the first shopping website I’ve ever visited, but it is the one I most frequently visit now. Last Christmas I received an e-mail from my best friend. She suggested that I visit Moonbasa where there would be a big promotion during the holiday. Since then, Moonbasa becomes my favourite shopping paradise. As a matter of fact, it is a good way to relax after work by browsing all kinds of goods on the website.

It’s really useful for me, because it not only includes clothes suitable for office ladies like me, but also some shoes and undergarment in good quality. However, their prices are much lower than those in big shopping malls. Honestly, I am unwilling to spend a weekend doing shopping in crowded shops. I would rather stay home to click my mouse to choose what I want on Moonbasa. Most importantly, I can return the goods I buy on Moonbasa in 30 days without any reasons. 分析:

A website其实是今天烤鸭们雅思口语考试题目回忆之一。而这篇范例就是写“梦芭莎”,一个著名的购物网站。内容包括:浏览该网站的频率,开始访问该网站的原因,网站上有哪些内容,可以得到哪方面的信息,以及自己为什么喜欢或者使用这个网站。考生们在叙说的时候,注意逻辑顺序和连接词的使用。

第二篇:雅思口语话题必备句式 9600字




--- 话题21 机器人

--- 考试必背句子

Robots can helpus do some household chores in future.^将来机器人可以帮助我们干些家务杂活。

Robots have nofeelings and they only accept predesigned orders.^机器人没有感情,他们只能接受预先设置好的程序。

Robots can beused in some dangerous and poisonous working conditions.^机器人能被用在某些有毒、危险的工作场合。

Robots work moreefficiently than human beings.^机器人能比人类工作更有效率。

It is amazingthat robots can understand our orders.^机器人能懂得人类的指令真是不可思议。

If robots arewidely used, we human beings will have more time to relax.^如果机器人被广泛利用,我们人类就会有更多休闲时间。

As far as I'mconcerned,robots will be widely usedin factories in future.^就我看来,将来机器人会被广泛使用于工厂。

Robots withartificial intelligence can decide to do something by themselves.^具有人工智能的机器人能自己决定做一些事。

Some robots cando what we can't do.^有些机器人能做我们做不了的事。 In future, allthose repetitive things will be done by robots.^将来,所有重复的工作会由机器人完成。

No matter how,the robots will not take the place of our brains.^无论怎样,机器人是不会替代我们的大脑的。


The robot DEEPBLUE designed by IBM is an expert on chess.^由IBM公司设计的机器人“深蓝”是下棋的专家。

--- 话题22 收藏

--- 考试必背句子

Collectingstamps is my hobby.^集邮是我的爱好。

I do not collectstamps to gain money.^我集邮不是为了挣钱。

Stamp collectingis full of fun, relaxing and inexpensive.^集邮有趣、轻松且花费不大。

Some peoplecollect ancient coins by way of investment.^有些人收集古钱币作为投资。

In the processof collecting, I learn a lot of knowledge about a variety of subjects.^在收集的过程中,我学到了多种学科的许多知识。

Many people makea living from collecting and disposing items.^许多人靠收集和处理文物(东西)谋生。

As you build upa collection, it is necessary that you have skills of identifying, selecting,evaluating, classifying items.^你在收藏的过程中,你需要具有识别、选择、评估和分类等多方面的技能。

People collectalmost everything, including books, stamps, coins, fossils etc.^人们收藏几乎所有的东西,包括书籍、邮票、钱币和化石等。

Some people arekeen on collecting grotesque items such as human bones.^一些人热衷于收藏诸如人骨一类的奇异物品。

People collectthings either for fun or for money.^人们收藏物品不是出于乐趣就是为了赚钱。

I'm obsessedwith collecting pictures of TV stars.^我痴迷于搜集电视明星的照片。

Collecting canbe a gateway of understandingChina'sfolk culture.^收藏可以说是了解中国文化的途径。

--- 话题23 颜色


--- 考试必背句子

Many peoplebelieve different colours have different powers.^很多人认为不同的颜色有不同的作用(力量)。

Colours caninfluence our emotions, actions and how we respond to people.^颜色能够影响我们的情绪、行为以及如何与人相处(反应)。

Differentcolours have different symbolic meanings and different effects on people.^不同的颜色有不同的象征意义,给人不同的影响。

What colour youlike to some extent reflects what kind of person you are.^你喜欢的颜色在一定程度上反映你是哪一类的人(你的性格)。

Warm colourssuch as red and orange make people feel confident, active and happy.^暖色如红色和橘色使人感到自信、积极和快乐。

Cold colourssuch as blue and purple represent peace, meditation and calmness.^冷色如蓝色和紫色代表和平、沉思和冷静。

People who likewarm colours tend to be optimists.^喜欢暖色的人一般都是乐观主义者。

People who likecold colours are probably shy and quiet.^喜欢冷色的人一般都害羞和安静。

White symbolizespurity and cleanness.^白色代表纯洁和干净。

I would like todecorate my room in orange colour because it looks warm.^我喜欢将房间装饰为橘色,因为(这样)它看起来温暖。

InChina, red issupposed to bring good luck.^在中国,红色被认为能够帶来好运。

Red is a sign ofhappiness in Chinese Culture.^中国文化中.红色是幸福的象征。

--- 话题24 文化娱乐

--- 考试必背句子

Physical cultureis one kind of the human culture as a whole and also a very special kind.^总的来说,体育文化是人类所有文化中的一种,也是很特殊的一种。


Physical culturecharacterized with "Olympic Spirit" has been accepted by the peopleof the whole world.^以“奥林匹克精神”为特点的体育文化已被全世界的人们所接受。

China's culture hasnever stopped developing throughout history.^中国文化在历史上从未停止发展。

China's culture hasenriched itself through mutual exchange in the world.^中国文化通过与世界(其他文化)的交流得以丰富。

In recent years,Beijingoperahas attempted numerous reforms in response to sagging audience numbers.^最近几年,面对观众日渐减少的局面.京剧做了很多的改革。

Beijing Operaarose in the late 18th century and became fully developed and recognized by themid-19th century.^京剧形成于18世纪末,在19世纪中期得到全面发展和认可。

Last month Iwent to Chinese National Grand Theatre to see a play called Thunderstorm.^上个月,我到中国国家大剧院观看了名为《雷雨》的话剧。

We can relaxourselves in KTV thoroughly.^我们能通过KTV得到完全的放松。 Sometimes we cango to amusement park to relieve the pressure.^有时我们可以到游乐场(欢乐公园)释放压力。

Movie Season ismy favourite holiday because I would have a lot of films to enjoy.^电影节是我最爱的节曰,因为我可以观看很多电影。

It is a greattime for us to gather with our friends and relax.^对我们来说,和朋友一起聚会、放松是难得的节曰。

It is free toall citizens, but always you can see too many people and you've got to wait ina long queue.^(它)对所有公民免费,但是总有很多人,所以你不得不排很长的队。

--- 话题25 电影

--- 考试必背句子

I watch a goodold film every weekend.^每个周末我会看一部经典(好)的老电影。

That movie is areal tear-jerker.^那部电影真的催人泪下。


It is a moviethat shouldn't be missed.^这是一部不容错过的电影。

A great moviecan sometimes be a big flop at the box office.^一部好电影有时会是票房的巨大失败。

A good filmshould cater to public taste.^一部好电影应该迎合观众的口味。 Many youngpeople worship heroes in films as idols.^许多年轻人崇拜电影里的英雄.作为自己的偶像。

Parents shouldnot let their children watch films with raw language.^父母不能让孩子观看帶有粗俗言语的电影。

Adventure filmsare my favorite.^冒险电影是我的最爱。

Hong Kong Kungfufilms enjoy international reputation.^香港功夫电影享有很好的国际声誉。

I like thosefilms with an adventurous plot and beautiful actresses.^我喜欢有冒险情节和漂亮女演员的电影。

A good movieshould be educative.^好的电影应有教育意义。

A good movieoften provides us a better way to pamper ourselves.^好的电影经常能够提供更好的方式满足我们自己。

--- 话题26 爱好

--- 考试必背句子

In my sparetime, I like to hang out with my friends.^在空余时间,我喜欢和朋友一起闲逛。

He is keen ongardening.^他热衷于园艺。

Surfing is notmy cup of tea.^沖浪不是我的最爱。

A healthy hobbyrelaxes people and provides fun.^健康的爱好使人轻松,帶来快乐。

I spend a lot oftime and energy on my hobby.^我在自己的兴趣爱好上花了大量时间和精力。

Too muchabsorbed in one's hobby and neglecting work are not good.^过度沉湎于自己的爱好而忽视工作是不好的。


I have a strongpassion of collecting stamps.^我对集邮有强烈的激情。 I began to pickup this hobby when I was in grade six in primary school.^我从小学六年级就开始有这个兴趣爱好。

This hobby hasgiven me an opportunity to make more friends.^这个爱好给了我结交更多朋友的机会。

Friends withcommon interests would have a lot to exchange.^有共同兴趣的朋友会有许多的交流。

I've devotedmuch of my spare time to it.^我在此上花了大量的业余时间。 How much you areinterested in will decide how much you can get from it.^你有多大的兴趣决定了你有多大的收获。

--- 话题27 音乐

--- 考试必背句子

I preferclassical music.^我更喜欢古典音乐。

I am tone deaf.^我对音律一窍不通。

Mozart is myfavorite musician.^莫扎特是我最喜欢的音乐家。

I can't standrock music.^我不能忍受摇滚音乐。

I am simplycrazy about rap music.^我只为说唱音乐而疯狂。

R & B ispopular among young people.^节奏布鲁斯在年轻人中间很流行。 I often go toKTV with my friends.^我经常和朋友去KTV。

I listen to theVienna New Year concert on TV every year.^我每年都从电视上收听维也纳新年音乐会。

Rock and Roll isrich in passion.^摇滚乐充满了激情。

I startedplaying the piano at the age of six.^我在六岁时开始学习钢琴。 The Phantom ofOpera is very touching.^《歌剧魅影》很让人感动。 The singer hasan excellent voice.^歌手嗓音甜美。


--- 话题28 照相

--- 考试必背句子

I am not veryphotogenic.^我不大上相。

Thesephotographs do not do me justice.^这些照片把我拍难看了。

The photo albumis full of memories.^这本相册中充满了很多回忆。

Photographs catchthe happy moments spent with friends and family.^照片捕捉了那些和家人、朋友在一起的快乐时光。

Photography isan amazing art form.^摄影是一门神奇的艺术形式。

I enjoy seeingothers' photos.^我喜欢翻看别人的照片。

I take picturesat memorable events, such as birthdays and festivals.^我在那些难忘的时刻.如生日和节日的时候.会拍些照片。

Taking photos isa way of saving and sharing memories.^拍照是保存和分享记忆的一种方式。

Digital camerais one of the greatest inventions of the twenty-first century.^数码相机是21世纪最伟大的发明之一。

Many people usePhotoshop to better their image.^很多人用Photoshop软件美化他们的形象。

Taking falsepictures is against the working ethics of the journalist.^拍摄虚假照片违背新闻记者的职业道德。

I took picturewhen I was on vacation.^我度假的时候会拍照。

--- 话题29 购物

--- 考试必背句子

Girls today arefascinated with shopping.^现在的女孩子痴迷于购物。

I go windowshopping as a way of recreation.^我把浏览商店橱窗当作一种消遣方式。

For manyWesterners, Christmas is the shopping season^对于很多西方人来说,圣诞节是个购物的季节。


The modernshopping malls integrate many functions, such as catering and recreation.^现代购物中心整合了很多功能,如餐饮和娱乐。

I go shopping insmall store because things there are much cheaper.^我喜欢去小店购物,因为东西便宜。

An ordinaryuniversity student could not afford shopping in department stores often.^经常去百货商场购物对于一个普通大学生而言是无法承受的。 Luxury is beyondmy buying ability.^我买不起奢侈品。

The purchasingpower of the rural regions has increased.^边远地区的购买力已经提升。

My mother is acomparison shopper.^我妈妈购物货比三家。

I always gobargain hunting in small markets.^我总是去小市场拣便宜货。 With the sharprising of CPI,life becomes harder.^随着居民消费指数的提升,生活变得越来越难。

My roommate isan impulse shopper.^我的室友是个沖动的购物者。

--- 话题30 运动

--- 考试必背句子

I play badmintonfrom four to six o'clock every afternoon.^我每天下午四点到六点打羽毛球。

I am a sportenthusiast.^我是个运动爱好者。

I see lots ofpeople jogging in the park every day.^每天我看到很多人在公园慢跑。

Among all thesports activities, badminton is my favorite.^在所有运动项目中.羽毛球是我最喜欢的。

Athletes shouldrespect sportsmanship.^运动员应该尊重体育精神。

There are scoresof sport events in the Olympics.^奥运会有几十个运动项目。

A successfulOlympic Game will demonstrateChina'srapid development in sports.^一届成功的奥运会将展示中国体育的迅猛发展。


Football is anational sport.^足球是一项全国运动。

Table tennis isthe most popular sport in my hometown.^乒乓球在我的家乡是最流行的运动。

Chinese peopleare playing more and more attention to body exercising.^中国人正越来越关注健身。

Sports likebasketball, football could train our team spirit.^诸如篮球、足球等运动可以锻炼我们的团队精神。

All work and no playmakes jack a dull boy.^只工作.不玩耍,聪明的孩子也变傻。


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