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Computers are now essential in many areas of life – modern banking, retail and information exchange among others. However, this is not true for education. At a simple level some subjects may be better taught using computers, but to explain important concepts a human teacher is still indispensable. - Introduction shows main idea

There are some subjects in which a computer can be used successfully to teach. Elementary mathematics, elementary language leaning, any area which requires a student to memorize basic facts through repetition is well suited to computer learning. The computer can be programmed to provide an endless number of simple questions, and as the student answers these questions the facts are learned and reinforced. - Why computers do well, with examples

However, in the learning and practice of more complex ideas, the computer is not adequate. A computer can evaluate an answer as right or wrong, but it cannot determine why. It cannot find out why a student is making mistakes, and then re-present important concepts in a different way so the student will understand. It cannot determine at what stage in a mathematics problem the student has made an error, it can only indicate that the final answer is wrong. Tasks involving reasoning cannot be taught by computers, as there are too many variables for a computer to deal with successfully. - What computers cannot be, with an example

Thus, while computers may be useful as a tool for practicing simple skills, they are not an essential feature of modern education, because they cannot

monitor a student’s grasp of concepts, nor evaluate a student’s reasoning. Until further developments in computers are made the human teacher will remain indispensable. -

Conclusion re-states main ideas

Remember: this sample answer is one of several satisfactory ways to answer the question. Other essays which respond to the writing task would also be acceptable.,X!R` k~?s?w5FSource: Prepare for IELTS, by Vanessa Todd & Penny Cameron, 1996, UTS, Australia.




启德雅思学员 马婷婷(商务英语专业学生9月10日雅思考试获总分八,听力九分、阅读、口语八分)

In recent years, increasing number of car accidents have claimed many people"s lives. The topic of whether stricter punishments is the only way to prevent accidents has triggered heated discussion. Notions on this issue vary greatly.

According to the advocates, stricter punishment is the most effective way to reduce car accidents. To begin with, stricter punishment deters reckless driving behavior, like drunk driving and speeding. Drivers must learn to abide by the laws and regulations otherwise they will suffer from great loss. Furthermore, severely punished, drivers may learn a lesson and they are less likely to repeat the same behavior on the road. Last but not least, psychologically hurt and physically injured, victims of car accidents deserve the financial compensation from drivers.

However, opponents are strongly against stricter punishment. Firstly, competent authorities should set up stricter requirements for driver’s licence. More lectures and courses should be provided to would-be drivers. Secondly, facilities should be improved in order to reduce road hazards. For instance, electronic notice board should be set up to drivers of the danger ahead. Finally, if drivers are sentenced to jail for a longer time, more police power and money is needed to manage them. That is to say,stricter punishment will produce heavy burden on tax payers.

Personally speaking, stricter punishment is by no means the best solution to car accidents. More scientific measures should be adopted so as to reduce car accidents on the road.


启德雅思学员 罗巾如(8月6日雅思考试获总分7.5,听力8,阅读8.5,写作、口语7)

The roads are dotted with trash, the railways are littered with decaying garbage and our cities are disgraced by plastic bags. Lately, the worsening rubbish problem has aroused people’s wide concern. Some hold the belief that it is an overstatement to claim that people have formed a “throw away” society, and that they just discard the used items, which is necessary. Others, however, firmly contend that people do develop a habit of throwing things away. Personally, I firmly side with the latter.

It is no doubt that our cities are on the way towards becoming a huge landfill. To begin with, people are in the habit of littering. Nowadays, people tend to

discard old items like outdated furniture and worn-out appliance, which are actually recoverable. Furthermore, due to the inadequate facilities of garbage collection, people throw away their refuse everywhere at will. In addition, rubbish is in rapid increase. In the first place the quickening tempo of modern lifestyle gives rise to people’s favor of disposable items for sake of convenience, which greatly adds the amount of rubbish. In the second place, the development of science and technology also contributes to it. It generates new product in a more frequent way, which makes the old ones cast aside as rubbish at a quicker pace. Consequently, our cities are decorated with trash..

In view of the severity of the issue, we should adopt immediate measure to address it. First of all, the government should play a leading role. It ought to bring in strong anti-littering laws, backed by heavy penalties and effective enforcement, to tackle the littering behaviors. Also, officials should make good use of mass media to promote the public’s awareness of environmental protection, making sure that everyone will become a conscious environment protector. Additionally, scientists can develop efficient technologies to degrade and recycle the rubbish. Research findings reveal that 63% of the refuse nowadays are recycled. Finally, it is essential for schools to attach importance to environmental education, so that every child will become environmentally friendly and get rid of the littering habit.

In conclusion, people’s littering habit is turning our communities into a rubbish holder. It is high time that we took joint effort to solve the rubbish problem.

Otherwise, we will live with rubbish in the future.


启德雅思学员 罗倩敏

Nowadays, more and more people would like to move to other countries and settle down for better natural environment, and more educational opportunities. Whether these new settlers should accept new countries’ values and lifestyles has become a public focus. Before presenting my own opinion, I think it is essential to analyze both sides of the issue.

People in favor of acceptance to new values claim that once you live in a new environment, you have to adapt yourself to the new community. If not, you would feel psychologically isolated. Moreover, getting yourself in the new environment, you can develop a better career, for your employer will consider you to be an adaptable person. And your family also can get themselves involved in the new community. Last but not least, as you accept the new values and lifestyles, you can learn something new apart from your own culture.

Those who are against, however, argue that if the settlers accept new values and culture, they are considered to betray their own countries, so they no longer belong to their countries. Furthermore, new settlers are supposed to keep their own styles. For instance, their eating habits, religion believes, and so on. Last of all, it is a good way to preserve their tradition and culture,

especially the ethnic, who are in minority of people.

Personally speaking, I tend to side with the former view. Though people should have their unique styles, it is crucial to adjust to the new environment and community. An old saying just illustrates my point: When in Rome, do as the Roman.


启德雅思学员 李辽7分作文

Nowadays, experimental usage of animal has become a widely concerned issue around the world. People hold diverse views towards it.

Adversaries claim that it is an extremely crude behavior. Animals, especially mammals, like dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, which are the major victims in the experimentation, are usually human’s pets. Pet owners are strongly against it for they firmly believe that animals suffer physically and mentally as we do. When equality is advocated in the modern world, it is inhuman to disrespect creatures that are not human beings. Furthermore, a number of experts pointed out that it would be at high stake of depending on the results of animal experiment; since they differ from us in many ways. Take the body structure for example, we can’t imagine humans try to jump from the height of nine stories without any protection because cats survive out of the same test.

Those in favor of the idea about usage of animal declare that using animal is

an advisable choice. On one hand because their bodies are similar in function to ours. For instance, they catch colds, suffer from stomachs and heart diseases, which more importantly influenced by diet and habits. The consequences of the test may not be applied to humans, although they are highly connected to the human situations. On the other hand, those creatures yell and act abnormally when they feel uncomfortable, which is what exactly researchers expect. In addition, there is an easy-to-answer question: isn’t it crueler to test directly on people with little knowledge on the objects’ effects? In a word, there is nothing better than animal that resemble human the best for experiment.

Personally, I am not a supporter of animal experiments, yet there is anything more suitable can replace them, I accept using animals for tests, but take good care of them when they are not in the laboratory.


启德雅思学员 黄文婷

Whether stricter punishments is the only way to prevent accidents from happening on roads has triggered a controversial debate Attitudes towards this issue vary greatly. It is wiser to take a closer look at both sides before I present my opinion.

Advocates firmly believe that it is sensible to impose stricter penalty on those who break the traffic rules. Drivers will be more careful when they consider the

punishment hard to afford. As the fine is not high,it is not deterrent . According to a survey , among the drivers questioned , 65% of them admit that they pay more attention to driving if more serious punishments are carried out .

Opponents, however, hold the view that there are other aspects which can decrease the frequency of accidents. Firstly, road constructions should be more rational. Nowadays, more and more roads and highways are being built, but some of them were not designed appropriately, which sometimes cause traffic accidents. Secondly, pedestrians should heighten their safety awareness while crossing the roads . Some pedestrians disobey rules and regulations, which should assume the responsibilities of accidents and be penalized. The last but not least, the growing amount of private cars is a contributing factor, the government should put forward some feasible means to control the number of cars, such as imposing higher tax or limiting the cars running on roads at rush hours .

As far as I am concerned, I am in favor of the latter view. Only stricter punishment is not insufficient access to decrease accidents., other methods should be enforced simultaneously , such as reinforcing supervising and setting digital camera on roads .


启德雅思学员 叶绿菁(中文系学生)

A much-debated issue these days is whether people should accept the

different values and the new lifestyle when they move to a new country. It has become a focus of public interest. Notions about it vary greatly. People can hardly reach an absolute consensus and therefore it is wise to take a closer look at the arguments at both sides before I present my pinion.

Advocates of this hot issue hold the belief that it is imperative for people to accept the different values and the new lifestyle when they settle in a new country. To begin with, it is beneficial for immigrants to adapt social life if they learn more about the local culture and lifestyle, especially for children. It is easily for them to make friends with others in schools. Moreover, it is necessary for settlers to change their lifestyle and accept the new values. When in Roma, do as the Romans do. Last of all, immigrants will feel isolated and depressed if they have no idea about the culture and lifestyle of this country.

Some other people, however, are strongly against this hit issue for several reasons. First and foremost, it is ridiculous for people to abandon their original culture and lifestyle when they move to a new country. Furthermore, it is a breach of one’s basic right if me ask them to change their lifestyle. We should show greater respect for each other’s religions and cultures. Last but not least, it is significant for people to maintain cultural diversity as it is vital for people to pass their culture on to their offsprings. Meanwhile, it would be a pity for the descendants to know nothing about the culture of their ancestors.

In the final analysis, both sides have sound foundations. However, if asked to make a choice, I will not hesitate to assent to the latter. It is sensible for immigrants to keep their culture and lifestyle when they move to a new country.

It is certainly a controversial issue whether or not sports and exercises should be held in the primary school. This issue has intrigued not only some psychologists and scholars but also some parents and students. People retain diverse opinions towards this public focus. Before rendering my opinion, it is essential to explore this complicated phenomenon from both sides .

The advocators generally hold a belief that it offers a host of great benefits to student’s early education. To begin with, it instills a strong sense of responsibility which it is necessary to their future success. Children are now in the formative years, they are not mature enough so that they are vulnerable to some social evils and easily go astray. Moreover, it can increase the mutual understanding and promote friendship between teachers and students,thus forming a brand new type of student-teacher relationship. It is a symbol of student-oriented education and a step forward towards quality education. Last but not least, sports and exercises subjects help to cultivate teamwork spirits and learn to compromise and cooperate. Therefore, it creates school ethos and a sense of belonging to a particular community. As such it promotes discipline and helps to drive up academic standards.

The opponents, however, are strongly against to this stance for the following mentioned aspects. Primarily, the system may lead to the spread of competitive, thus breeds a series of psychological problems, such as depression, negativity, selfishness, self-centeredness, introversion, suspicion, anxiety and shame which destroy character and relationships. Furthermore, sports may exert a negative impact on one’s study because it occupies too much valuable time of a student. A student’s sole task is to make good use of his limited time to acquire knowledge and skills which are essential to his future career.

In the final analysis, both sides have its sound effects. However, if asked to make a choice, I will not hesitate to consent to the former. I firmly believe that sports and exercise courses play an active role in raising the development of student’s intelligence quotient, adverse quotient and emotional quotient which should be highly promoted in the primary school.


启德雅思写作批改中心 基础班写作主讲Lanny


对于这批高分作文的总体印象就是结构清晰、论点论据充分合理、用词准确、句式多变。下面就这几点做以下深入分析。 在谈到英语文体时,我们说每一种文章都是有自己的套路和模式,议论文也一样。一篇议论文首先就要有一篇议论文的结构,反映到雅思考试中,则一般分为等分型(即讨论题目中给出的观点的利弊两方面)以及一面倒型(即旗帜鲜明地赞成该观点的某一方面)。这四位同学使用的写作结构均为等分型。课堂上,曾经有一些学生提出这样的疑问: “老外是不是比较喜欢一面倒的辩论方式?”我想这几位同学的高分作文是对这个问题的最好回答。当然这也不等于说老外比较喜欢等分型。雅思是科学的考试,评分都有严格的标准。只要是好文章,都会得到好分数的。

此外,这些学生都很好地利用上经典套句。比如黄文婷、马婷婷、叶绿菁和李辽四位同学分别用了Attitudes towards this issue vary greatly,Views on this controversial issue vary greatly,Notions about it vary greatly和People hold diverse

views towards it四个异曲同工的句子,表达了“人们对此看法不一”这个概念,然后顺理成章地引出正反双方的观点。 用词的准确性和多变也很值得一提。黄文婷遇到的雅思考题为“是否应该加大对肇事司机的惩处力度”。在提到“实施(惩罚)”时,她用过的动词包括“to impose … on”、“to carry out”和“to enforce”。马婷婷的考题是“经济是否是评价一个国家成功的唯一标准”。在表达经济概念的时候,她用过的名词包括“economic factor,economic growth,economic development,domestic economy, a sound economic system”等等。这种用不同的词汇表达同样的意义的能力,是雅思写作标准中对考生明确提出的要求,也是我们一直向学生强调的写作原则。


综上所述,这几位同学的作文高分的关键在于语言语法的准确。七分的文章必须保证不能出现低级错误,例如单复数、时态,这就是语法基础了。词一定要多变,句式也要变化。背套句、在考试前设计好自己的写作模板非常重要,这样既轻松地用上了经典的句式,又在考试时节省时间。希望后来的考生能够平时多做归纳、多思考,考试的时候就事半功倍了。 老人生活在养老院还是在家好 ?

Aging is both a social and natural issue that has confronted human beings for centuries. In the Middle Age (medieval times A.D, 500 to about 1500), alchemists tried in vain to create a kind of catholicon (panacea / cure-all) to work against the process of aging. Today the aging problem looms more alarmingly. What has disappointed Man most is, unfortunately, that his scientific innovations and inventions have never cured much more than what they killed, despite so-called therapeutics and clinical medicine spinning faster and faster. Most pragmatically, however, man should first address the issue of where the old people should spend their lives.

The traditional argument is that the old should stay at their homes with their adult children. This has been the most prevailing practice world around. However, neither the old nor the children are completely satisfied with this doing. Not only because the old may inflict children cumbersome and formidable burden but also on account of the implacable generation gaps.

Although, inevitably, some healthy, wealthy, and wise aged people congruously and harmoniously enjoy the life with children’s families, the number of such old people, according to the latest social statistics, has been less than 2% of the whole old population (from 60 years old to 90). Therefore, the issue should have different, effective approaches.

One of the modern practices in most developed countries such as USA is to establish numerous comfortable and convenient sanatoriums for the old. This necessitates at least two social contracts. First, the government is willing to appropriate a sum of its revenue for such institutions. Secondly, each citizen when young should have contributed significantly to the society enough to qualify himself or herself for such government allowance. Furthermore, such society system will not be seriously undermined by the shifting, reforming, or even abolishing of the government. These three prerequisites, especially the last ones, unfortunately, do not exist in 90% of the Less Developed Country (LDCs) such as China, India, and so on.

In conclusion, the old people may live with their kids and in some special government subsidized, old sanatoria. As to where the old should dwell is a multidimensional social issue that should be analyzed on the basis of case-by ?case study. Other wise it would be presumptuous to draw absolute conclusion.


Perhaps no single social institute has contributed much more significantly than has advertising. Advertising, both the creature and creator, has been shaping and reflecting the life and history of human beings.

The relationship between advertising and society has been complex. Advertising, like any coin with two sides, however, has both positive and negative effects on human beings.

On the one hand, as an economic force, advertising became a dynamic, necessary part of consumer capitalism, stimulating the buying and selling of brand- name goods. For example, Ads convinced public to buy food in tin cans instead of the traditional cloth bag. So important has adverting become to culture and economy that by now virtually every widely accepted products has been promoted through advertising. Advertising may have exaggerated claims and false promises, but that in no way diminishes its impacts on society. Advertising made its great contributions by informing people about an endless stream of new products and, in the process, shapping mass behavior and desires―the driving forces in a capitalist consumer economy.

Nor did advertising ignore serious issues. In the 1960s and 1970s, controversial images of feminism and minorities helped bring the issues of equal rights and empowerment to the forefront and began to remark the face

of advertising. Advertising helped get out of the vote and shaped the debate on environmental issues, alcohol abuse, cigarette smoking, and later, AIDS.

On the other hand, advertising has inevitably exerted some detrimental impacts on human civilization. For example, ads are frequently broadcast during exciting movies on TV programs. This distracts audiences’ interest. In addition, advertising may go against accepted moral norms.

Therefore, on the strength of these reasons, advertisement has both pros and cons. This is logical. What is to be done is to put the advertising on its legal orbit and overcome all the drawbacks.

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