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The Truman Show

The Truman Show was be on 1998, and the director is Peter Weir. It is a very classic film.

In this film, Truman’s life was made into a reality TV show. Even his parents, wife and friends were actors. Finally, he realized it and succeeded in leaving the style of life.

For one thing, the story is not only different but also very novel. It seems strange and misty at the beginning, which carries a foreshadowing of what is to follow later on in this story. Who is Truman and what is going to tell us? However when we know what happened to Truman, we are shocked by that creative spot. Then we are wandering what his pursuit for. The director seizes we audiences’ curiosity perfectly. For another, its language is very humorous. For example, ”Good morning! And in case I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening and good night! ” .

This movie impresses me deeply and I think it is very meaningful. On the one hand, though Truman lived in a peaceful world, he refused to accept that style of life, which was not managed by himself. He, including us, can not bear being tricked and controlled. I wander if everyone has the same courage to expose the life filled with lie? On the other hand, the media plays a important role in our daily life. But can you imagine that you are a leading actor in a reality TV show one day? Nobody wants to be a victim of media. This movie is a good sarcasm of modern media. It tells us not to rely on media everywhere and anytime, and sometimes we should have our own judgments.

In a word, it is more wonderful for us to direct our own life .It may be not peaceful enough, but it has the freedom our pursuit for.

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Follow Your Heart

------Review of The Truman Show

Honestly, I have seen few movies, no matter Chinese movies or foreign movies. Therefore, I treated movies only as entertainment before. I never thought that a movie can have profound meaning and can provoke my thoughts on my life and the world. It is always true that people hold various reviews from different perspectives. My focus on this movie is freedom.

It seems that Truman is familiar with the world he lives. However, he gradually ascertains that his life is exposed on television because a kind-hearted girl Sylvia reminds him to notice his life. Ultimately, Truman overcomes the obstacles both from the “outside” and inside. The “outside” is completely controlled by Christof, the creator of The Truman Show. What he does is to encumber Truman’s leaving in order to maintain his audience. As for Truman himself, he is terrified of the water and dogs. There’s no doubt that these factors impede his escape. Truman’s action proves a saying----“It’s by no means easy to get freedom.”

Imagining a world that everything is arranged for me, what should I do? Like Truman, escape from it to pursue my own happiness, or just live the “normal” life-----in such life I’ m unable to discern whether my love loves me whole-heartedly, and my friend is loyal to me or not. That’s the reason why freedom is extremely invaluable. Freedom bestows a variety of choices on me so that I can create my ideal life on my own instead of controlling by others. When it comes to freedom, it is

connected with delight and satisfaction. The reason is quite simple: as an adult, I can make decision about selection, no matter it is marvelous or disappointing. It’s my own choice. Furthermore, freedom means little or no burden. It provides me with a chance to put what I intend to do into practice without fear of failure. Like the rainbow on the sky after several days’ heavy rain, freedom is the precious treasure one finally get through struggle. For Truman, maybe the “new” world waiting for him is not so perfect, however, he, as human being, belongs to it instead of television.

Similarly, together with the movie The Shawshank Redemption, they exert inspiring impact on me. At the beginning, I think that they are accustomed to their situation. But, both of them choose a new life full of unbeknown changes. They are brave enough to challenge their limitations. Their perseverance also plays a significant role on their way to pursue freedom. Only this real world, blending angel with devil, can offer them reality and security.

Truman’s experience attests that people must pay for their pursuit of freedom. Sometimes, obtaining freedom means that people have to give up their routine life which is hard for them to get rid of. Sometimes, gaining freedom means people have to experience tough test. If they have the capability to pass through it, they win and gain freedom. But if they fail to pass, maybe freedom will be a distant dream they can hardly achieve.

Mental freedom is easier than physical freedom in my sight. In light of Truman’s saying----“You never had a camera in my head.” No one can pour his or her thoughts into my mind which I’m not interested in. I own the freedom to imagine freely,

however, others have no rights to interfere. But, just imagine. That is what I consider as mentally free. Physical freedom is always a symbol of endeavoring and honing. Truman experiences heavy storm that ordinary people can’t bear, cheat and privacy exposal. At last, he reaches the path leading to freedom, hence, I understand the truth----Don’t count on imagination only, sometimes it turns out to be mirage. What I need to do is to spare no effort to turn my dream into reality.

It is Truman himself who impedes his way to acquire freedom. Meanwhile, it’s also himself who paves the way for freedom. There’s no denying that his choice depends on his resolution and courage. It reminds me that I myself is the final one to make decision and be responsible for my future.

Christof says, “He (Truman) can leave at any time if he has more than just a vague ambition, if he was absolutely determined to discover the truth.” His words apply to freedom pursuit, not for Truman only, but also for all “true men”.

People won’t cherish what they get smoothly, it’s so normal that people forget it quickly. The beauty of freedom indwells not in the consequence, but in the process, especially the process of struggling, endeavoring and conceiving. People always bear in mind their spectacular and unusual experience and they perceive it as their permanent possession. Youth and life should not be conservative, and people should not waste time on boggling. If people have no idea what to do for their future, just calm down and follow the voice of their heart. Hear is the source of power, inspiration, courage and so forth. Heart never lies to people. So, hearing the voice of heart, plus endeavor, one day people have the ability to obtain freedom so that their dreams will

come true.

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