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My name is xxxx is my English name,which is also the name of my idol.I’m a recommended student from CCFLS,in which I have studied for six years.During the time I stayed there,I’ve learned a lot from the teachers who I must thank sincerely.Another school in my life is my family.1990 witnessed me born in a happy family.I was treated as the apple of my family members’ eyes since childhood.Genuineness,perseverance,conscientiouness,the urge for improvement are the characters my family gives me.Today,but for their support,I would not be this confident.Many thanks to my family.I love them all. I’m an optimistic,energetic,outgoing,active,humorous girl with any amount of hobbies,such as listening to music and writing my blog.What deserves to be introduced is my blog on sina,which takes me a lot of pains.It’s without much gaudy decorations,but many articles which are really worth reading.The website address is here.Your prensence and guidance are requested.

Unlike many other girls,I’m quite good at sports.Swimming,skating,basketball,volleyball,badminton,table tennis and etc. are my preferences.In spite of my height,I have a good jumping capacity.Due to this,I’m the captain of the female basketball team and the principal member of the female volleyball team in our school.In addition,I’m fond of playing chess.I’ve got a silver medal when I was a child.Futhermore,I’m a very versatile girl.Piano and clarinet are my forte.They all get the ninth level.Besides,I’m a good organizer and leader in the school activities.I organized many English speech contest,also took a part in it and ranked among the best.Especially,I directed an English play called“the sound of music”,which is a gorgeous success,so that every audience spoke highly of it.I’m very proud of that.

To conclude,I’m sure I won’t let you down.I hope that you can give me a chance to study in Xiamen University,which is the shrine in my mind, and I’ll

give you much glory in return.

That’s all.Thank you for your attention.

第二篇:自我介绍英语演讲稿 6100字


Dear teachers,good morning!It's a good chance for me to be here to practice my English. I hope I can make a good perfomance today . First of all ,you all know well my name . My name is Li Yuan. I'm from Ningbo Wanli International School. If you want to konw my age ,maybe you will be disappointed , because It's a secret for a lady .And maybe you have already know it .Then let me introduce my family. I have a strict father and a kid mother .In their eyes I am the most beautiful princess in the world . What a pity that I have no brothers or sisters . But fortunately , I have many friendly classmates and they are also my best friends . They always help me a lot .Of course I am ready to help others ,too.

Maybe I'm not the best one here ,but I will try my best to do everything. I hope you can you can rember me . I am just an ordinary girl. That's all . Thank you !

亲爱的老师,早上好!这是一个很好的机会,我到这里来练习我的英语水平。我希望我能成为一名优秀的性能今天。首先,你都知道我的名字。我的名字是黎吁揞。我是从宁波万里国际学校。如果你想知道我的年龄,也许你会感到失望,因为这是一个秘密的夫人。也许你已经知道这一点。然后让我介绍我的家人。我有一个严格的父亲和一个孩子的母亲。在他们眼中,我是最美丽的公主在世界上。真遗憾,我没有兄弟姐妹。但幸运的是,我有很多友好的同学,他们也是我最好的朋友。他们总是帮助我很多东西。当然,我愿意帮助别人,太。 也许我不是最好的一个,但我将尽我所能,尽一切。我希望你能你可以rember箱。我只是一个普通的女孩。 就是这样。谢谢您!


Goodevening ! everybody! Today is a nice day! It‘s my honor to stand here to have a speech! So ,firstly,let‘s me introduce myself now! my name is WuChaoWen, and you can call me Michael ,it‘s my english name!

Some of you coming here today will perhaps pursue further studies, while others will most probally try to find a suitable job. However ,No matter which one you select. Learning english is absoultelly necessary and important to you !

All right ! let‘s get down to business, what i will talk next is speaking english out and persistence. English ----it is just a language!

Speaking is the best way to learn a language! It is not enough to just understand what you read! Nor is it enough to just understand what you hear? You can only master a language by speaking! You can only learn something by speaking!

So ,if you want to improve your oral english,you‘d better have awarness of speaking english in your mind. In other words, all you have to do is to take every chances you can speak english! I‘d like to piont out that learing english requires persistence! And persistence produces miracles! The secret to success is just two words. You know? You know? Maybe! But what I say is TO PERSISTENCE!

To persist even when others don‘t understand! To persist even when many people object! To persist even when you suffer adversity! To persist even when all the others give up!

To persist still longer and longer even when you feel you can‘t sustain it! Persist ! Persist ! Persist !

If you hold your mind to the end. Some day you will find: You will be among the top-notch in your field! You will become a hero!

You will become a master of your derstiny! You will become an unbelieveable miracle! Thank

you ! thank you !


Goodevening !大家好!今天是美好的一天!我很荣幸能站在这里讲话!所以,首先,让我自我介绍一下吧!我的名字是WuChaoWen,你可以叫我迈克,这是我的英文名字!

你们当中的一些人到这里也许会继续深造,而另一些人将最probally设法找到一份合适的工作。然而,无论你选择哪一种。学习英语是必要和重要absoultelly给你! 好吧!让我们言归正传吧,我将讨论下是讲英语和毅力。 英语——它只是一种语言! 来说是学习一门语言最好的办法! 这是不够的,才明白你读的东西! 也没有足够的才明白你听见了吗? 你只能掌握一门语言说话! 你只可以学到一些东西说话!



成功的秘诀是两个字。你知道吗?你知道吗?也许吧!但我想说的是,坚持! 坚持哪怕别人听不懂! 当许多人死掉的物体! 坚持甚至当你遭遇逆境!


坚持更久,甚至更久当你觉得不能维持它! 坚持!坚持!坚持!

如果你坚持你的头脑。有一天你会发现: 你会在你的领域里的顶尖! 你将成为一个英雄!

你将成为一个精通你的derstiny ! 你会成为一个令人难以置信的奇迹! 谢谢!谢谢! Hello,everyone! My name is Jun Haowen, and my English name is Alice. I 'm a student in Garde Eight in Huamao High School. I have many hobbies, just like singing, painting and so on. I also like making friends. I am an outgoing girl and I'm eager to make more friends. I like all the subjects, but my favorite one is English. I have my goals, I have my dreams, and I will put them into practice. I also a girl full of confidence, I like challenges and trying new things, that makes me excited. Well, this is me. I would appreaciate it so much if you would like to be my friends!

Hello, everyone. I’m very happy to stand here to introduce myself. 大家好,很高心站在这里介绍我自己。

My name is Wang Xiaoming. I’m 14 years old, from Zhen Jiang Zhong Shan Road Primary School. It’s a beautiful school, and I love it very much.

我叫XXX。今年14岁。我来自镇江中山路小学,这是一所美丽的学校,我很喜欢它。 I’m a happy and talented boy. I like to make friends with others, and I get on well with my classmates. Basketball is my favorite sport. I always play basketball in my spare time. Through this game, I get many benefits.

我是一个快乐、聪明的男生。我喜欢交朋友,并且我和班上同学相处的很好。篮球是我最喜欢的运动,我经常在空余时间去打篮球。通过这项游戏,我获得了很多有益的东西。 At school, I study Chinese, Math, English, History, and so on. I like all of them. And I’m doing well in my study. I’m interested in learning English very much. I believe that I will do well in future. I won’t let you down.


Thank you for your listening. 感谢您的聆听。







Good Morning / Afternoon, My dear teachers

My name is Wu Yixuan. I am 11 years old, and I am a fifth grade student.

I have many hobbies. I like drawing and I can draw very well, which get a lot of praise from my teachers and friends. I like sports, such as dancing, skating, biking and playing badminton. I often play badminton with my sisters and we have a great fun together. I love music, especially the pop music, which makes me feel relax. I love English, too. I hope I can travel all over the world one day.

I have many friends. I often study and play with Ke Jingqi and Zhu Si huai. Sometimes, we go to bookstore or supermarket together. We are so happy when we are together. I love my friends and they love me, too.

That's all! Thank you for your attention.

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