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因材施教 知任善育

1. The life in the future

In the future ,there will be computers in each home.They will

help us know more about the world ,We will be able to talk

online.Kids won`t go to school and study at home on

computers .Scientists will make lots of robots.They can help

us do some homework .For example,cooking ,cleaning.And I think

there will be more cars and pollution.So we should grow more

trees and find other useful solutions to protect our

environment.In a word ,the life in the world will be wonderful.

2.问题 Dear Mary ,

I have a problem these days ,and I need your help.I’m not

getting on well with some of my classmates.I don`t know

why.Last Sunday ,one of my classmates had a birhtday party at

home .He invited all the classmates except me .I feel worried

and I don`t know what to do .Could you tell me what I should



3.建议 Dear Bob,

I have known your problems.There are a lot of things you could

do .Here are some advice for you.From your letter,I know you

have different ideas about your classmates. I think you should

have a talk with him,because you can understand each other

better. Or maybe you could write a letter to him,give him a

birhtday gift.He will feel very surprised.I believe you can

find a better way. Good luck!


Dear Mum, I finished my end-of year exams last week and got my report

card today.I always feel nervous when I got my report card ,but luckily I did Ok this time.My Chinse teacher said I was the

best in class,because I had a really hard time with it .But my worst report was from my math teacher.He said I was lazy.And my八

science teacher said I could do better. That`s all for my report

card .Best wishes. Tom

5.晚会规定:There will be an English party from 5pm to 9 pm

on Friday.you can come to the party with your friends.Here are

some rules you muat remember.Don`t bring food and drinks to

the party.Don`t leave during the party.You mustn`t wear

jeans.If you wear jeans ,we won`t let you in.And please bring

your ID card.

6.爱好I like to collect many things,such as nice stones,names

of movies,books,toys,photos of famous people.But I like

collecting stamps best.I have been collecting stamps for five

years.When I was very young,my uncle sent me a stamp from

一切都为了孩子 为了孩子的一切 电话:020—36707006 020—28933802



因材施教 知任善育

Australia.I loved it at once.Since then I tried to collect

stamps and fell in love with it.I 八年级英语作文范文译文: 1.在未来的生活 未来,每个家庭将有电脑.电脑将帮助我们更了解世界,我们就可以在线交谈.孩子们将在家里的电脑上学习而不走到学校去学习.科学家将制造许多机器人.它们可以帮助我们做一些家务.例如,烹饪,打扫卫生.并且我认为会有更多的汽车和污染.因此我们应该种植更多的树木,并找到其他有用的解决方案来保护我们的环境.一句话,在全世

界生活都将是美好的. 2.亲爱的玛丽, 这些日子我有一个烦恼,我需要你的帮助.我没有与我的一些同学友好相处.我不知道为什么.上周星期天,我的一个同学在家开生日聚会.

他邀请所有除了我以外的同学.我感到焦虑,我不知道该怎么做.你能告诉我什么是我应该做的吗? 鲍勃

3.亲爱的鲍勃, 我知道你的烦恼.你可以做很多事情.以下是一些给你的建议.通过您的来函咨询,我知道你对你的同学有不同的想法.我想你应该和他谈谈,因为这样你们可以更好地相互了解.或者,也许你可以写一封信给

他,给他一个生日例外.他会觉得很惊喜.我相信你可以找到一个更好的方法的.祝你好运! 4 亲爱的妈妈, 上周我完成了一年的期末考试,今天我拿到了我的成绩单.我总是在我得到了我的成绩单时感到紧张,但幸运的是我这次做得不错.我的语文老师说我是班上最好的,因为我已经花了很大工夫.但我最糟糕的报告是由我的数学老师给的.他说我懒惰.而我的理科老师说我可以做的更好.这就是我成绩单.致以最好的祝愿. 汤姆 5. 从星期五下午五时至晚上9时将有一个英语聚会.你可以与您的朋友们来这里.聚会有一些规则,你必须记得.不要携带食物和饮料到场.不要在聚会期间离开.不要穿牛仔裤.如果你穿牛仔裤,我们是不会让你进去的.还有请携带您的身份证. 6.我喜欢收集很多东西,比如漂亮的石头,电影,书籍,玩具,著名人物的照片,但我最喜欢收集邮票. 五年来我一直收集邮票.当我还很小的时候,我的叔叔从澳大利亚 邮寄给我一张邮票.我立即喜欢上了它。从那时起我试图收集邮票,并爱上了这件事,

have more than one hundred stamps.Some were sent by my

friends,some were collected by myself;some were from foiregn

countries,some were Chinese.I like them.Often,I take them out

and show them to my friends.


Dear Mr Smith,

I am glad to be your neighborhood.I know your work must be

tired,because you got home very late.However, I don`t like

sleep too late.Would you mind not make too much noise? Would

you mind turning down your TV?Could you please keep quiet.?I

am sorry to disturb you.But i think you can understand me,don`t


8.介绍宠物 Many people like animls.I like dogs best.They are

popular pets.Because they are easy to take care of .They are

一切都为了孩子 为了孩子的一切 电话:020—36707006 020—28933802



因材施教 知任善育

cheaper than rabbits or cats.But they are not quiet enough.I like

my dog very much.At night he watches TV on my legs with me When I do my homework,he is always around me.When I have some sad things ,I enjoy talking with him.He`s my best friend.

9.致谦信:Dear Tom,

Thank you very much for inviting me to your birthday party.I'd love to go but I can't.My parents are out on business.They are coming back next month.And now I have to look after my grandma because she is ill in bed.And I also need to study for my coming end-of-year exam.I'm very sorry but I can't go to your party.Thank you for asking me.I hope you can have a good time. Yours, Jim

现在我有一百多张了.有些是朋友们送给我的,有些是我自己收集的;一些是国外的,有些是中国的.我 很喜欢他们。我常常带他们出去,并把他们展示给我的朋友们看. 7.亲爱的史密斯先生, 我很高兴成为你的邻居.我知道你的工作一定很累,因为你回家很晚.然而我不喜欢太晚睡觉.请不要弄太多噪音,好吗?你介意把你的电视音量调小些吗?能否请你保持安静?我很抱歉打扰你了.但我想你能理解我的,不是吗?谢谢! 8很多人都喜欢动物.我最喜欢狗,他们是很受欢迎宠物.因为他们很容易照顾.它们比兔子或猫便宜.但他们不够安静.

我很喜欢我的狗. 晚上当我做我的功课时他就在我的腿上躺着看电视,他总是围绕着我转.当我有些伤心事时,我喜欢说给他听,他是我最好的朋友.

9.致谦信:.亲爱的汤姆, 非常感谢您邀请我参加你的生日聚会.我很想去,但我不能.我的父母都出差了.他们个才会回来。现在我要照看我的奶奶,因为她生病卧床

一切都为了孩子 为了孩子的一切 电话:020—36707006 020—28933802



因材施教 知任善育

去你的聚会,谢谢你邀请了我.希望你们愉快. 你的,吉姆

一切都为了孩子为了孩子的一切 020—36707006 020—28933802


4 电话:

第二篇:八年级上册期末复习_英语作文范文[1] 8800字



He thinks he isn't pretty healthy. He doesn't like exercise, so he does exercise once a week. He is very fat. He doesn't like vegetables, so he hardly ever eats vegetables. He likes eating junk food. He thinks it is very nice. He eats them about four or five times a week. He loves milk, but he doesn't drink it every day. He only drinks them two or three times a week. He eats fruit once or twice a week. But he sleeps nine hours every night. His lifestyle is not very well. But he knows healthy lifestyle helps him get good grades. He tries to eats some vegetables and eats lots of fruit. And he wants his parents to play sports with him. He wants to be the healthiest.



every day. Some students watch TV twice a week. Some students watch TV four times a week. Some students have sports every day. Some students have sports twice a week. Most students have sports four times a week. All the students do homework every day. No students do homework twice or four times a week.


Dear LiPing,

I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well。I think you should see a doctor,then you should take some medicines,and drink a lot of water。 You said you are stressed out and tired。Why do not you listen to music and go to bed early。

You should also try to exercise。Eating less junk food。Eating more healthy food,like apple,orange and milk 。I think they are good for your health。

I hope you feel better soon!


unit3.版本一:假设你的一个笔友上个星期天来看你,你安排了一个游玩计划,大意如下:早晨8:30在火车站接他后来到苏州动物园。那里有很多不同种类的动物。12:00吃午饭。然后乘车前往虎丘(Tiger Hill),那里风景秀丽,你们玩得很开心等。(字数60左右)

One of my pen pals came to see me last Sunday. I went to meet him at the train station at 8:30 a.m. We went to Suzhou Zoo together then. There were many different kinds of animals. At 12:00 we had lunch. After that we went to the Tiger Hill by bus. It was very beautiful there and we enjoyed ourselves very much.

版本二: 十一、要求是我十月一日去哪里度假可以想象,和谁一起去为什么去那里度假什么时候出发,那里天气怎么样,在那里呆多长时间。

On the holiday morning ,I went to the park with my friend ,because this day is my friend's birthday, my friend wanted me to go to the park with her,so I went to the park with my friend, there were lots of people in the park, the weather was good. we stayed in the park about two hours, we left at about nine o'clock. In the afternoon went to my aunt's home with my parents ,my aunt gave me lots of sweet ,(this is my favorite food) ,In the evening ,I ate dinner with my parents at my aunt's home , at eight o'clock ,we went home .today, I’m very happy , how about your’s holiday?


in different ways. Fifteen students take buses because they live far from the school. Ten students walk. They think walking is good for their health and they live near the school. Twenty-five students ride their bikes to school because they like riding bikes very much and their homes are not very far from the school. No one goes to school by car

unit5.版本一:你去Marry家,想问问她去不去参加你的生日聚会,但是她不在家,你给她留了便条。 任务:请你用英语给Marry写一个50词左右的便条。





Dear Marry:

I'm XXX(你的名字). Tomorrow is my birthday, I want to invite you to take part in my birthday, can you come tomorrow? The party will begin at half past six in the evening. My parents, friends and

classmates will come, you can see them in the party. If you come to my birthday party, please make a phone call to me, I will be pleased that you can come.

Yours, XXX

版本二:你的好友Sonia过生日,你不能去,请写一封e—mail 说明理由,你有一些什么事要做(至少3件事),不能参加了,但你准备了一份精美的礼物请注意电子邮件的格式

Hi Henry,

Thanks for your invitation. I’m sorry I can’t come to your party this week. I am really busy This evening I’m going to my cousin’s birthday party. And tomorrow, I have to go to the dentist. (Yuck!) On Wednesday, I have tennis training with the school team. And I have to study for my chemistry test on Thursday. On Friday evening, I’m going to the movies with some friends. Can you come to the movies with us on Friday?

Write soon,


Unit7.版本一: 周末,同学们准备开一次聚会,在聚会上,大家想自己动手制作一些喜欢吃的东西,许多同学爱吃牛肉三明治,你会做吗?请你根据下面所给的材料,写出制作牛肉三明治的过程。2 slices of bread; 1 teaspoon of cheese; 1 green pepper; 1 onion; mushrooms;3 slices of beef; 2 teaspoons of relish


1. 审题。本篇作文要求写如何制作牛肉三明治,注意祈使句的用法。

2. 列出相关的短语和句子: 全面用到上面所列出的短语,及不可数名词表示计量的方法(数字 + 量词 + of

+ 不可数名词)。3. 谋篇。注意使用句型,特别是first,next,then,finally 四个副词的用法。4. 注意。某些动词的使用,如:put...on...;cut up;add...to...等。5. 写作 现在同学可以按照上面的写作过程来写作啦! 范文 First, put the cheese on a slice of bread. Then cut up a green pepper and an onion. Add these 版本二:请你写一篇制作玉米花(popcorn)的小短文。注意使用first, next, then, finally等表示过程的词。不少于50个词。

How to make popcorn

I like popcorn very much. I learned from my mother how to make popcorn. Now let me show you the ways. First you put the popcorn into the popper. Next, turn on the popper. Wait for several minutes. Then you pour the popcorn into the bowl. And put salt on the popcorn. Finally you can eat the popcorn.





My good friend Mike

I have a good friend. His name is Mike. He was born in September, 1988 in a small town near London. He is a middle school student. He came to China with his parents two years ago. His parents are teaching English in China now. He and his parents like China and Chinese food very much


My Dream Job

Everybody both has a dream job. Do you want to know what I want to be in the future? Well, I want to be a singer. Because I love singing very much. And I think that I can sing on the stage(舞台). I will move to New York and be a singer there。And I will sing my favorite English songs there. Although it is a tired job, I love it . Because when I sad, I can sing songs to be happy and I will become very popular. That’s so interesting and exciting. For my dream job , I will sing every day and sing well. I hope that day come quickly, I can’t wait! How about you? What’s your dream job? 版本二:单元作文我的梦想

When I grow up , I’m going to do what I want to do. I’m going to move somewhere interesting. Pairs sounds like a city that I could enjoy. They have lots of fashion shows there. I want to be a reporter for a fashion magazine. So how am I going to do it? First, I’m going to find a part-time job for a year or two and save some money. Then I’m going to be a student at art school in Paris. And I’m going to study French at the same time. Next, I’m going to hold art exhibitions because I want to buy a big house with the money and I’m going to travel all over the world. Finally, I’m going to retire somewhere quiet and beautiful.

Unit11.版本一:假如你叫Dave。你和父母明天将去度假。请写一张留言条给你的好朋友李明,请他帮你照看你的猫(cat)。 注意事项:

1.请使用Could you …句式及祈使句。

2.请从对小猫(her)的照顾:饮食、玩耍、清洁方面入手写作。 2.注意语言的条理性和流畅性。

参考句型:1. Could you please…? 2. Please … 3. Don't forget to …

Dear Li Ming,

My parents and I are going on vacation tomorrow. I went to your house, but you weren't in. I need some help. Could your please

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Thanks, 版本二:我的周末琐事

My Weekend Chores

On Saturday morning I got up at about seven o’clock. After breakfast, I went to the store and bought some food for the family. I like doing the shopping. I think it’s fun. Then I swept the floor. I didn’t do the laundry and the dishes. I don’t like do any washing. In the afternoon I cleaned out the yard. After that I folded my clothes and made my bed.


My friend's name is Wang Hua. She is a schoolgirl. She was born in April, 1988. There are three people in her family. Her father is a doctor and her mother is an English teacher. She studies Chinese, math, English, music, history and some other subjects at school. She likes computer very much and she is good at it. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, collecting stamps and listening to popular songs.





We did a survey of our classmates and this is what we learned. The best radio station is Easy

Listening 97.9 FM, because it plays the most interesting music. The best supermarket is Jason's, because it has the best quality. As for theaters, the best one is People's Theater, because it has the most comfortable seats. The worst radio station is Oldies 102.1 FM, because it plays the loudest music. The worst movie theater is Town Cinema, because it has the most unfriendly service.


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