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1.上周日(6月21日)天气晴朗,你和朋友约翰乘公交车去参观了动物园,去餐馆吃了午饭,还去看了电影。请你写一篇日记描述你们的所见所闻和感受。要求:1,发挥一定的想象 2,描写具体有逻辑 3,注意格式和时态

Sunday,June 21st

It was a sunny day today.So my friend John and I decided to go to the zoo.We went there by bus.There were many animals in the zoo.We saw the pandas first because they were very cute.At noon, we had lunch in a restaurant. The food was delicious.Then we went to a movie.It was really intresting.We had a good time today.


It is sunny,but pretty hot today.I go to play on the beach with my friends.There are many people.Some are swimming in the water,some are playing beach volleyball.Some boys are playing soccer, and some girls are singing and dancing.Some people are lying on the beach.I am surprised they can lie on the sand(沙) in this heat.The water is cool.Everyone is relaxed and happy on the beach.


his grandfather.The TV show is intresting.His mother is cleaning the room.His grandmother is reading a magazine.His sister Mary is doing her homework.Where is Frank?He is playing computer games in his room.He thinks it’s exciting.


I went to the Great Wall on vacation last month.The weather was warm and sunny.I went there with my friends.We spent hours walking on the Great Wall and enjoying the beautiful scenes.We saw a lot of people there.Many of them were from other countries.We took a lot of pictures.We were a little tired,but we had a great time.I still remember the vacation clearly.

5.根据你所在的学校的实际情况,用英语为自己的班级制定几条班规(class rules),列举被禁止的行为。

1. Don’t arrive late for class.

2. Don’t talk loudly in class.

3. Don’t eat or drink in class.

4. Don’t listen to music or play games in class.

5. Don’t fight or run in the hallways.

6. Greet the teachers when you meet them on your way


Dear Sam,

My birthday is coming, and I hope you can come to my birthday party.Now let me tell you the way to my home.You can walk along Third Avenune,then turn right at the second traffic

lights.You can see a bank on the left.There is a red building behind it,and my home is on the fourth floor of this building.

Have a good time. Zhang Qiang


This afternoon,I went out for a walk with my mother.On the road,we met a foreigner.He asked me the way to the Beihu Hotel.I told him to walk along the road and take the third turning on the left,then he could see the hotel.He thanked me very much for my help.I was happy that I could help him.


I want to be an English reporter in the future(将来)。First,it is an intresting and exciting job to be a reporter;second,I love English.As an English reporter I can meet many intresting people in the world every day and talk with them.Don’t you think it’s cool?To be an English reporter,I should(应该) be good at English,so I must work hard at school now.


Dear Danny,

I am happy to get your letter.Now I send (寄)you a photo.

There are three girls in the photo.Please look at the girl in the middle.She wears a white T-shirt,a green skirt and a pair of sports shoes.She is very tall with short black hair.She is of medium build and wears a pair of glasses.It is just me !

Please send me one of your photos next time(下次). Lovely, Lulu




Good mornig! Now let me report the survey(调查) of our group.

Li Hua loves Lucky 52 because she thinks it’s very intresting and funny.Wu Jun doesn’t mind it,for he likes sports.But Zhang Liang can’t stand this show,he thinks it’s boring and noisy.

I think Lucky 52 is very exciting and relaxing,and the host Li Yong is very funny.I can also learn something from it.

That’s all.Thanks for listening.

第二篇:初一英语下各类作文范文 9200字


1.Dear friend,

My name is Sally.I am from China.I want a pen pal in Australia.I am 14 years old.I have no brothers or sisters in my family.My favorite subject in school is science, because I think it’s very interesting.I like playing the piano and playing basketball on weekends.How about you? Can you write and tell me about yourself?



2.My favorite animal is a cat.I have a cat in my family.Her name is Mimi, I think she is from China.She is two years old now.She likes to eat fish every day.She is kind of lazy, but she is very cute.I like playing with it after school.

3.Last summer I went to the beach.My vacation was pretty good.I went there by bus and my bus trip was relaxing.The beach was very beautiful.It was sunny, cool and humid.the people were friendly and the food was delicious.I enjoyed my vacation very much and I hope to go there again.


My home is on Center Street.On Center Street, there is a restaurant, a post office and a library.The post office is between the library and the restaurant.Across from the post office is a pay phone.A bank is next to the pay phone.The supermarket is on Fifth Avenue.A hotel is in front of the supermarket.

5.It is Sunday.The Turners are staying at home.They are doing different kinds of things.Mr Turner is washing his car.Mrs Turener is sitting at the table.She is drinking tea.Bob is talking on the phone.Nancy is sitting near the pool.She is watching the dog swimming.They are having a good time.

6.It’s Sunday morning.My mother and I are going to the park.There are a lot of people in the park.Some children are running.A dog is running after them.Four women are sitting there They are talking.Three old men are standing under a big tree.They are watching the children.Many young people are dancing.Everyone is having a good time.We are having a good time, too.










Good morning ! Here’s the weather report for some big cities in the world.Beijing is cloudy.It’s very cold, so wear warm clothes when you go out.It is sunny in New York , but there’s a strong wind in the afternoon.It will be rainy in Sydney but very hot.The day after tomorrow will be sunny.That’s the weather report for today.Thank you for listening.


There are three people in Jim’s family.Mr.Green is his father.He is heavy and he has short straight hair.He wears glasses.He is watching TV.His mother is Mrs.Green.She is of medium height.She has curly hair.She is cleaning the room.Jim is very thin.He is playing with the ball.They are all happy.

9.I am Sally.Every day I am very busy.I have too many rules in my house.I have to get up at six

o’clock every morning.I have to eat my breakfast at 7:00 o’clock.I can’t meet my friends after school.I can’t watch TV on school nights.And I have to be in bed by 10:00 o’clock.On weekends, I have to clean my room.Then I have to wash my clothes.Later I have to go to the Children’s Palace to learn the guitar.I love music.But I can’t listen to music at home.I never have any fun.My life is so boring.What can I do ?

10.日记 Thursday, August 1st

Today I went to the Palace Museum.It was cool.Then I went to the Great Wall.It was fantastic.There were many people there.In the afternoon, I visited Tian’an Men Square.There were many beautiful flowers.It was really great.I went to a Beijing Hutung.It was really fun.I had a good time there.

11.描写周末的短文 Jenny had a busy weekend.Last Saturday morning, she did her homework and practiced speaking English at home.She watched TV and played tennis on Saturday afternoon.At night, she went to the movies.On Sunday morning , she cleaned her room and went to the beach.On Sunday afternoon, she visited her friends and went shopping.She had a party last night.







Here are our class rules.We can’t arrive late for class on weekdays.We have to wear clean clothes every day.We can’t run in the hallways.We have to eat and drink in the dining room.We have to clean our classroom every day.

13.We went to a summer camp today.The weather was great.The mountains were really beautiful.We had great fun singing and dancing there.We had a lot of food and drinks with us.So we had a big lunch.I ate two hamburgers and some orange juice.my friends all enjoyed their lunch very much.It was so nice eating in the open air。I was really tired but I had a good time.


This is my family.There are four people in my family.They are my father, mother, sister and I.We all like to go to the mountains.On weekends, we usually go to the mountains.When it rains, we stay at home, watch TV, read books or play cards.We usually have a good time.I have a happy family.And I love them.


Guomao Clothes Store SALE!

Come and buy your clothes at Guomao’s great sale! We have many nice and cheap clothes in the store.We sell sweaters for only ?25.Do you like socks? We have socks at a very good price – only ?2.The pants are cheap, too.They’re ?20.

Come and see for yourself at Guomao Clothes Store!

16.Tom, Nancy , Lily and Jack are my good friends.They all love to watch different TV shows.Tom likes sports, so he likes sports shows.Nancy watches comedies and she loves sitcoms.But Lily can’t stand them.She just likes game shows.Jack doesn’t like sitcoms either.He enjoys talk shows.So you know they are all TV shows fans.





在大减价时快来国贸买你的衣服吧!我们店里有许多又好又便宜的衣服。我们出售只有25元的毛衣。你喜欢袜子吗?我们有一个非常好的价格的袜子 - 只卖2元。裤子也很便宜了。他们是20元。快来国贸服装商店为自己看看衣服吧!



It’s Sunday today.I’m going to cook a nice dinner for my family.What will I cook? Well, my mother would like some dumplings, vegetable salad and ice cream.My father would like rice, beef and potato.He wants to drink coffee, too.I would like a small bowl of mutton and carrot noodles.What about my cat? Well, he likes fish and soup.So I’ll cook some for him.



We have a cat at my home.I like her, and

I often play with her.In fact, she is my good friend.My backpack is too old, and

I don’t like it.I want to have a new one.I

have a wallet.My mother bought it for me.I don’t mind it and sometimes I take it.I can’t stand my school uniform, but I have to wear it on weekdays.I have a colorful skirt, and I love it very much.I love all beautiful clothes.

19.假如你叔叔是一名警察。请根据提示词汇写一篇短文,介绍一下你叔叔的情况。要求:条理清楚,语句通顺;不少于60词。提示词:early, late, help students go across, the lost people, find, fight with(打击), thieves, safe(安全的), busy, dangerous.

My uncle is a policeman.He goes to work early and comes back very late every day.Sometimes he helps students go across the streets.Sometimes he helps the lost people find their homes.And at other times, he fights with thieves to keep families and people safe.His job is busy and dangerous, but it’s good for people.My uncle is great.I like him very much.

20.Tom has many rules.He has to get up at 6:30 every morning.He can’t watch TV or play computer games on school nights.He has to do his homework every day.He has to be in bed by ten o’clock.He can’t eat outside.He has to be back home by 6:00 in the afternoon.






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