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( ) 1. Mother has to the bed for her son every morning. A. make B. put C. take D. get

( ) 2. The girl isn’t outgoing. She asking others for help. A. hates B. begins C. enjoys D. loves ( ) 3. —Could I watch TV this afternoon? ( )

— Yes, you can. But first you do your homework. A. can B. have to C. may D. could ( ) 4. — Jim, come out! Let’s go to play football.

— Sorry. I’m working a math problem. A. out B. on C. for D. with

( ) 5. It’s not good for young students to stay late at night. A. off B. on C. out D. at

( ) 6. Mrs Smith forgot her best friend to go to the party. She felt very sorry. A. to ask B. asked C. ask D. asking ( ) 7. Could you get milk us?

A. some; for B. some; to C. any; of D. any; with

( )8.If you don’t go to the park, I won’( ) 9. Mrs Green often her little daughter the house. A. asks; outside B. takes; out of C. takes; of D. asks; out

( ) 10. Tomorrow is my birthday. I’m going to my friends to my birthday party. A. see B. come over C. start with D. invite

( )11.His father doesn’t allow himswimming alone.A.goes B.to go C.going D.go ( )12.What’s with you?

A.wrong B.the wrong C.matter D.up ( give him a watch?

A.What about B.Let’s C.Why don’t D.Why don’t you

( A.in order to B.because C.so D.so that ( A.surprise B.surprised C.surprising D.surprises ( he feels very happy.

A.Although;but B.Although;/C.Because;so D.Because;/

( )17. He is very angry with his mother, because his mother him with the best student.

A.compares B.complains C.tells D.makes

( )18.He has two sons. They are Jim and Tom. Jim is Tom’sbrother. A.old B.older C.elder D.young

( A.alone;alone B.lonely;lonely C.alone;lonely D.lonely;alone the teacher.

A.explain B.explain to C.explained D.explained to 二.完形填空 .(10分)

All parents love their children.Many parents want their kids to(1)____well-known people when they(2)____.Most of them want their kids to live better than others.Many of them (3)_____their kids will be singers or actors. Actors and singers can(4)______money easily in our country.When they appear in the advertisement,they will get (5)______money which a farmer or a worker can't make all his life. Some of the parents want their kids to be businessmen(6)_____ doctors. If they work hard, they will have cars and big houses in several(7)_____.Some parents want their kids to work in cities and towns.They don't (8)______them to work in the countryside.People who work in the cities and towns can get money after they (9)______.If you are a famous man, especially an actor, you'll get much but pay a little. A farmer is (10)_____---he gets little but pays much.

(1) A.do B.become C.like D.work (2) A.grow up B.get up C.stand up D.set up (3) A.make B.like C.love D.hope (4) A.lose B.make C.remember D.take (5) A.many B.a little C.much D.a few (6) A.or B.and C.but D.else (7) A.days B.weeks C.years D.months (8) A.play B.need C.enjoy D.want (9) A.retire B.leave C.die D.move (10)A.happy B.different C.rich D.lucky 三.阅读理解.(20分)

(A)选择最佳答案。People eat different things in different parts of the world.In south China we eat rice every day. Sometimes we eat it two or three times a day, for breakfast, lunch and supper. We usually eat it with fish, meat and vegetable.

The Japanese eat rice, too. They also eat a lot of fish. They sometimes eat raw(生的)fish. In Africa, maize(玉米)is the most important food. People there make maize into flour(面粉).From this flour they make different kinds of bread and cakes.

In western(西方的)countries such as Britain, Australia and the U.S.A, the most important food is bread or potatoes. People there usually make their bread from wheat flour. They cook the potatoes in different ways. In England the most popular food is fish and chips. Sometimes people cook this food at home, but usually they buy it at the shop. They eat this food at home, in their work place, in the park or on the road. People call it "take-away" food. ( ) 1. This passage is about ______. A. food B. drink C. clothes D. ways of life ( ) 2. Who sometimes eat fish when it isn't cooked?

A. People in China B. People in Japan C. People in Africa D. People in Britain ( ) 3. The most important food for African people is ______. A. rice B. fish C. vegetable D. maize ( ) 4. Which of the following countries is called " a western country"? A. One of the countries in Africa B. Japan C. China D. Australia ( ) 5. People eat "take-away" food ______. A. at home B. on their way to school C. in their offices D. A、B and C

(B)判断正误,正确(A)错误(B). Miss Grey lived in a small house. She was old and did not like

noise at all, so she was very pleased when her noisy neighbor moved out. A young man moved in and Miss Grey thought the man seemed to be quiet. But at three o'clock the next morning, the noise of a dog woke her up. She thought she had never heard a dog there before. It must be the young man's dog. So she telephoned the young man, said something bad about the dog and then hung up the telephone before he could answer. Nothing more happened until three o'clock the next morning. Then Miss Grey's telephone rang, and when she answered, a voice said, "You telephoned me twenty-four hours ago. Now I've rung you up to say that I haven't a dog." ( )6. Miss Grey felt sorry when her noisy neighbour moved out. ( )7Miss Grey's new neighbour was as noisy as the old one. ( )8. Some noise woke her up in the early morning. ( )9. She thought the new neighbour had brought a dog with him. ( )10. The young man rang up Miss Grey in the early morning, because he wanted to punish(惩罚) her. (C)阅读短文,完成句子。 In Britain, cars, buses and bikes must keep to the left side of the street. If a person wants to cross a street, he must be very careful. Before he crosses a street, he has to stop and look to the right first and then the left. While in China, we look to the left first instead. When visitors are in London, they should learn how to take buses and underground trains (地铁). The most important of all, they must know in which direction(方向) they are going arid which bus and which underground train they should take. At the bus stop they should wait for their buses to come. As soon as they get on a bus, they must pay for their fares (车费). 1.Cars in England go along_______________________ 2.Visitors in London should________________________ 3.If you are in England,you have to___________before you cross a street 4.Visitors must________________as soon as they get on a bus 5.The best title for this passage is________________________ (D) Sally was a middle school student. It would be her mother’s birthday. (A) A week before her mother’s birthday, she went shopping after lunch. She looked for half an hour and found that a shop was selling cheap umbrellas at last. She decided to take a yellow one. That


afternoon she went home by train. She felt hungry on the train. So she was missing. After they heard the

story, they asked her for her mother’s address so that they could send the umbrella to her if someone took it by mistake. The next week, Sally got a letter from he mother. The letter said,“Thank you very much for your gift. It is (E)________(mean) to me, but why did you send me three umbrellas?” 6.把划线部分(A)译成汉语_________________________________________________ 7.划线部分(B)有一处错误,请改正。_______________________________________ 8.将划线部分(C)译成英语_________________________________________________ 9.(E)用所给词的适当形式填空___________________________________________ 10.Which of the following is TRUE?__________ A. Sally went shopping without having lunch. B. Sally went home by bus that afternoon. C. Sally’s mother received three umbrellas. D. Sally bought a very ex pensive umbrella for her mother. 2、You can _____________ your good friends to your party. 3、I try ____________every day to keep healthy. 4、It’s important ___________ healthy. 5、At school, all _____________ are interesting. 6、How long does it take you ________to school every day? B、根据首字母提示或汉语提示完成单词,使句子通顺完整。(6分) 1. Can I b________ your bike? Mine doesn’t work well. 2. The children are taking c________ of the woman. 3. Alice h________ to do the dishes, but she likes sweeping the floor. 4. Who ________ (邀请)you to the party yesterday evening? 5.First ,let me (解释 ) the rules of the game before we start.




My brother always let me watch my favorite TV show. he watches he wants late at night.

七、书面表达(15分)Do you think children should do some chores at home ?Why or why not?字数:80-120个词

1. He won’t go to the meeting. I’ll go instead.(合并为一句) I’ll go to the meeting him. 2、Thanks for looking after my cat. (改为同义句) Thanks for my cat. 3. I like singing, Tina likes singing, too. (同义句) I 4、 It took him two years to write the book. (同义句) two years the book. 5、He bandaged himself so that he would not lose so much blood.(同义句)

He bandaged himself lose so much blood. 6、Why don’t you ask your teacher for help?(同义句) ask your teacher for help?

asking your teacher for help?

7、Make your bed, please. (同义句) you make your bed? 六、根据汉语完成句子。(10分)

1. 你能帮我们擦地板吗?________ you please help us ________ the floor? 2. 这个星期我要照顾我妈妈,她病了。

This week I need to _______ _______ ______ my mother because she is ill. 3. 我爸爸不喜欢做家务。My father doesn’t like _______ _______.

4. 我们应邀请谁来参加聚会?Who should we _______ ______ the party? 5. 我发现昨天有人翻看过我的包。

I found someone my bag yesterday. 6、虽然他不对,但也不是个大问题。

he is wrong,it’s not .


一、 单项选择(20分) 1、_____ 2、_____3、____4、_____ 5. _____ 6、_____7、____ 8、 ____ 9、_____ 10._____ 11、____12、___13、____14、____ 15、____16、__ 17、_18、____ 19. _____ 20、_____ 二、完形填空(10分)

三、阅读理解(A)选择 , (B)判断正误 3.


5. (D).6. 7. 8. 9. 四、综合填空。(20分)


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