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11 year in the spring of the first test eight grade language questions

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Two, one one years in the first test of grade eight

Language test

Proposition person: Chen Jing time: 120 minutes out of: 120 points

一、基础知识积累与运用(16 分) 基础知识积累与运用( 1.选出下面加点字注音全都正确的一组( ) 分) (2 A.绯红(fēi) 匿名(lì) 杳无消息(y?o) 汗流浃背(jiā) . . . . B.磨蹭(m?) 掺和(chàn) 文绉绉(zhōu) 哄堂大笑(hōng) . . . . C.胡髭(zī) 黝黑(y?u) 藏污纳垢(g?u) 广袤无垠(mào) . . . . D. 小憩(qì) 绚丽(xuàn) 冥(míng)思遐(xiá)想 鸢(yuān)飞戾(lǐ)天 . . . . . . 2.下列词语中有两个错别字的一项是( ) 分) (2 A.高谈阔论 B.神采奕奕 C.世外桃园 D.四面楚歌 坛花一现 彬彬有礼 晓风残月 挺而走险 迫不及待 破镜重圆 顺藤摸瓜 厚此薄彼 A beautiful night whispering appearance and God divided from) a multiplier (2)

No 3 mistakes in the following sentences is a (

A. Beijing will strive to improve the ecological environment, to ensure that the "Green Olympics" on the requirements of the quality of the environment in Beijing. B. Nantong blue calico is famous not only in the country, and is famous in the world. C. through the Chinese men's football team's performance, so that we recognize that has a good mentality is very important. D. our newspapers, television, Internet and media, more responsibility is exemplary, eliminate the phenomenon of non standard words in. 4 talk to pay attention to the way of "outspoken" very good, "a soft sweet" sometimes need. The following four sentences instead of using "politely" (is)) (2 A. children, lady has gone, she'll never come back. B. your work is too bad. C. I know she is not good, only to immediately jump out of the door, put out the flames, and picked up the kids with no parents. My friend D. legs inconvenient, you can get a seat? 5 copy the sentence according to the sentence. (2) exercise makes a man strong, music makes a man graceful, and dance makes a man bold. Key: 6 according to text dictation statements. Points) (6 (1) (3) (4) (5) sad in Qin and Han Dynasties by line. Second, in class reading (a) (14 points) my mother bundle my strict, she is adjunct strict father loving mother. But she never scolded me in front of others, beat me. I did something wrong, she just looked at me, I saw her stern look, it was scared. Make a small thing, she waited until the morning of the second day when I woke up my lessons. Guilty of something, she wait until night, quiet, shut the door, blame me first, then underwent a fine, or kneeling, or twist my flesh, no matter how heavy penalties, the total

Grade eight Chinese examination questions first pages (6 pages)

Shrink back from difficulties;. Energy-saving. The moon waxes and wanes..

To see the valley.

(2) a thousand sails pass by the side,

(6) "Tongguan" in the history of the past and summary judgment sentence



11 year in the spring of the first test eight grade language questions

Allow me to cry. Her son learned not to ask others to listen to the air. One early autumn evening, I ate dinner at the door to play, wearing only a single vest. When my mother's girl Yuying lives in my aunt, she is afraid of my cold, took a small shirt out makes me wear. I wouldn't wear it. She said, "put on, it's cool."." I casually replied: "Niang (cool) what! Lao Tzu is not Lao Tzu." I have just said this sentence, a look up, I saw my mother from home, I quickly put the small shirt to wear. But she has heard the light. Quiet at night, she sent me on my knees, heavy punishment the meal. She said: "you have no father, how proud of the matter! Good mouth!" She was trembling with rage, and she told me not to go to bed. I knelt cry, hand wipe tears, I do not know what is rubbed into the micro bacteria, and it killed more than a year of pterygium disease. Medical treatment to cure, the total cure is not good. My mother's heart and regret and worry, heard with a tongue to lick the Eye Nebula, one night she woke me up, she really tongue licking my eye disease. This is my teacher, my mother. 7 find the mother is a good example, is a example, and each one sentence. (38 text in line with the sentence reflects the mother of what psychology? "No penalty for me to cry, why? What is the character of mother? (2 points)

9 "her son learned not to ask others to listen to the air in the structure of what? (2 points) 10 summary of the central meaning of the above. (with the original sentence) (211) (two) what is the relationship between the? (2) 12 comment author mother Godson way. (points) (3)

(II) (14) (a) of China is weak, so the Chinese people is, of course, the imbecile, fraction in more than 60 points will not be their ability. No wonder they doubt. But I have to visit the next shot Chinese fate. Second years to teach the mold, the shape of the bacteria are all used to show the film, a paragraph has been completed and has not been to the end of the class, it will affect a few films, naturally, Japan's victory over russia. 4 but the partial has the Chinese people caught in the inside, to the Russians detective, captured by the Japanese army, to shoot, around to see is a group of Chinese people: in the classroom and a I. "Long live!" They are clapping cheer (A). This is the joy, every piece of some, but for me, this is a particularly harsh sound heard. Seventhly, later

when I came back to China, I saw those busy watching people shoot prisoners, they (b) also did not drunk like encore, alas, unable to! But if at that time, it made me change my mind. (b) this year without finishing industry. I have been to Tokyo, because from that time, I felt that medicine is not an urgent matter, any stupid and weak nationals, even if the physical how to improve, how to thrive, can only do meaningless chronicles of materials and spectators, the number of dead is not necessary that the unfortunate. So our first need is to change their spirit, and the spirit of change is good, I thought, of course, to push art, so I want to promote the arts and sports. From "scream - Preface" 13 (a) the two "they" refers to what? (2) 14 (a) in the first sentence "when it refers to," my opinion is changed "refers to. (215 points) "but for me, this was especially harsh sound heard" harsh "is _ (3 points)

Grade eight Chinese examination questions second pages (6 pages)

11 year in the spring of the first test eight grade language questions

16 (b) in the paragraph "that one back" refers to (2 points) 17 from (b) in the "my views have changed," the reason is that? (3 points) 18 from the expression of (a) segment to the main, (b) to the main (2 points). (three) reading "priceless reward", complete 19 - 23 questions. (13) the priceless reward when she suddenly found the bag was gone, scared to sweat. The purse and bank cards are in the second, life is about the door, the customs import and export manual and customs documents, once lost, will bring huge economic losses to her custom brokers company. II driven to distraction, she, stumbled to the square police station to report the incident and anxious to hire to the three people, let them holding signs that read: "ten thousand yuan reward?Difficult to pull to fatigue Chun mow gripper to sit tight Q Shaofu Pao bad stunned fright and III 'male bag book mirror fans chewing plexus pouring bamboo mat u delicacy baked Ying resentful "Sha Ao? Of the police call, someone picked up brown bag. She was in a hurry to arrived at the police station, is indeed her handbag, she called out in surprise, but she opened the zipper, but silly eye, bag was empty. Like a cup of cold water to the head, she was suddenly out of hope. The man who picked up the bag was a boy of seven and sixteen years old, dressed in shabby clothes. The police quietly told her: "the boy on a holiday to often come to the square rag picker. Last time, he also said is picked up a bag, to return it to the owner, which said the owner, is the boy where he sat the turn to turn to, soon the bag was missing, the owner insisted that, he stole it. The owner does not give money, also that child needs less money in the bag, even coarse." Police looked at the boy said: "I doubt, this time, he was up to his old tricks, otherwise, we carefully examine cross examination, take a look at what flaw?" she busy shook his head, even before the boy had misdeeds, she wouldn't without any evidence, doubt and guesses he the sincere heart. Xu Shicai the police and she's talking about the content, the boy blushed, tightly bite lower lip, a pair of angry way to distinguish a way: "package is picked up, not steal." Fifthly, she walked forward, pulled the boy's hand, and patted him on the shoulder, said: "little brother, sister believe you, even if you just sent the empty bags, thank you." . 6 until nightfall, there is no miracle, she dispirited and discouraged to go back, cool moonlight, such as water cold let her be bitterly disappointed. Suddenly, who sprang to a person, to her arms stuffed a convenient bag and turned around and ran away and disappeared in the dark alley. Seventhly, she recovered from the shock, was surprised to find, convenient bag competition is that she is in a stew, want to

use 10000 yuan, "Redemption" ticket according to. A sudden surprise, let her trance in dreams in general not disturbed. The in addition to cash, all recovered and a note, top write: once, when I gave the picked up the bag to the owner, but lost the main bite, falsely accuse me of being a thief. I was very sorry to the bag to him. This afternoon, when I saw the bag, my mood is very complex, but still involuntarily to pick it up, if owner worry ah! This time, I have to do it smart, so to pay over the package, testing of the waters. Did not expect that you not only believe me, but also shook my dirty hands. I do not want to reward, in fact, you have given me than any money are a valuable prize, that is to respect and trust, I accept the, thank you. You must believe me, I picked up the bag when there is no money. 9 she foolishly stand in the darkness, the cardiac waves, is that the grievances still kindhearted boy, that the plight of survival but heart and poor children. She always thought that can make people heart is money, but do not know what can really impress people's body, speech and smile derived from the warmth and respect. How many carries a sincere and to help, how bright and pure state of mind, we examine, jealous and suspicious eyes light burns, become indifferent and numb. In fact, every good faith all deserve respect, without any hint of dirty suspicion. (author: for selected from the "mini stories offprint", with some revisions) 19. Articles with a pen and ink to write another packet loss, the performance loss of lady, what is the role of? (3) 20. Please the boy returned lady lost items with two circumstances, in order to fill one column spaces. (2) pick up bag - (e.g: Analysis: 22. A careful reading of the paragraph in the boy left a small piece of paper on the content and self question, give the answer. (2 points)

Grade eight Chinese examination questions third pages (6 pages)

(in) ()


21 the description of environment good contrast of the psychological activities of the characters. Please choose one example from the text to be brief. 3 points

11 year in the spring of the first test eight grade language questions

Title: 23 this article to convey a positive attitude towards life, please use a sentence to write you read this article, the deepest point of the 3 points

(four) [a, b] read the following two classical Chinese, 24 - 27. (13 points) [a] when I studied, the negative trunk line in the big valley mountain drag sandals. Winter winds, heavy snow deep shuchi, chapped skin and not enough. To shed, four stiff can not move, the person holding the quilt cover to hold irrigation maid, but for a long time and. Yu Nilv, master again on food, no taste to enjoy fresh fat. My roommates are all beautiful embroidery, wearing a cap of Zhu tassel jewelry, waist jade ring, left his sword right preparation containing smelly, ye however if the man of God; more than Zeyun robe clothing worn at the meantime, slightly no Mu Yan, to have enough music, I do not know Feng not if people. And if the hard cover more than Zhiqin. (from the "sent to Dongyang") [b] Fan Zhongyan two years old and lonely, the mother of the poor. The

Changshan Zhu sik. Long, the sense of the family, mother to sob speech, the Nandu school house. Study hard day and night, five years without undressing. Or faint lazy night, Noir fertile surface water. Fibrillation (zh. N) often do not charge the porridge, day Ze (z) and started to eat, then the Datong six aims, and generously interested in the world. Often recite said: first and worry about the world, after the world to enjoy. (from "Song Mingchen" recorded in the "notes" words and deeds) 1: solitary fatherless is lonely. The sik Changshan Zhu: remarried to Nagayama Zhu family. Family: life experience. Nandu: Notes "names. The charge: not fibrillation fibrillation, porridge thick porridge. Sufficient charge. The day the sun Ze: west. The six: refers to the "poem""book""ritual" and "music""easy" and "spring and Autumn" six books. We describe an impassioned generously. 24 explain the meaning of some words. (4) (1) waist jade ring. (3) concubine to tomwaugh irrigation (.) (2) my roommates are all beautiful embroidery. (4) weep mother quit () (2)

Meaning and usage of 25 words in the following sentences with the same group (

A. the skin but not the chapped foot and Fan Zhongyan was two years old when I learned from B. alone to Nandu. Also the C.. With the quilt cover over the noir fertile surface water is more than

D. group at our clothes during the robe of its earth (from "what". Great determination and courage). 26. The translation of the sentence (3) the negative trunk drag shoe in the big valley: 27 for the mountains two paragraph hero has overcome the hardships of life, suffering from hard reading the text, reading power two slightly different, please use your own words in a text, Song Lian is the celebrity books: the story of 1, I did not expect so impetuous vanity strong (Fan Zhongyan is lucky, the B: II (required two). (4 points) dependent on their parents. Reflect the ancient

Three, writing (50 points) from the following two questions in the choice of a title, according to the requirements to complete the writing task. (50 points for composition combined with personal life experience, from the five words in brackets optional fill out one of them in front of the horizontal line, write a composition on the topic the complete; II the narrative clear, complete structure, enrich the content; the appropriate use of description, such as the lyric expression, write out the true feelings; (3) write an article of more than 600 words narrative. 2 essay questions: gratitude without sunshine, there is no warm; no water, no life; no parents, no our own; no family, friendship and love, the world will be a lonely and dark...... These are simple truth, no one does not understand. Dear students, when you are enjoying all this in your life, do you have to be grateful? What do you think of gratitude? Please write down your experience of gratitude and true feelings, or write down your thoughts about gratitude, and write an article about 600 words or so. Requirements: 1 topic copying on paper first line center. 2 true feelings, correct views, style is not limited. 3 can not be true in the text?C / Akira?

Grade eight Chinese examination questions fourth pages (6 pages)

11 year in the spring of the first test eight grade language questions

Grade eight Chinese reference answer 1 - 4CDBB 5-6 7 thin because said, "my mother comes".

Mother tongue licking my eyes. 8 to protect the child's self-esteem; because the purpose of punishment is to punish the child. Strong (Hao Qiang) for the following 9 foreshadowed. 10 "I" bundle my strict mother, she is a strict father, concurrently. 11 a total of 12 mothers children strictly, sometimes too severe. Because the old women to "mothers" as a vocation, the mother deeply to teach children the responsibility responsibility, more and her husband died, the child is her spiritual sustenance of the whole. (view visible benevolence and wisdom) 13A. during the course Japanese students (poisoned Japanese youth) B. idle see shot prisoners numbness (Chinese) 14. "That" is demonstrative pronouns, refers to the Sendai, Japan in the classroom watching movies when. "My opinion has changed," he is referring to the medical literature. Suffer serious contusion 16. That is to watch a movie at the Sendai medical school in the classroom 15. National pride, Chinese Japanese film shoot the, surrounded by many Chinese people onlookers. (movie event) 17. I felt medicine is not an urgent matter, who is stupid and weak people, even if the physical how to thrive, can only do meaningless chronicles of materials and spectators, the number of dead is no need that the unfortunate, the to our first to change people's spirit, and good at changing the spirit, I then thought is, of course, the literature and art, so abandoned medicine for literature. 18. Narrative comment 19. Another loss of groundless suspicion, doubt and loss of Ms. formation contrast (said on the packet loss of the lady "background", "contrast" or "drying, asked," may also act), highlighting the packet loss of the lady's sincere and respect for others and distinct personality. 20 also air bag - to send bills. [21] example "sun a little discrete, her heart is pulling more and more tight." (example L) it was getting late, and the lost handbag without landing, foil the loss Ms. anxious mood. Analysis highlights the characteristics of the scene and characters of the psychological characteristics of 1 points. The same below) [] example "cool moonlight as water, cold let her feel." Moonlight to "cool" to describe, give people the feeling is "cold" and "chilling", a good contrast to the "she" dispirited and discouraged, depressed mood. 22 [sample] title: the contents of the small strip of paper on the return of the boy to miss the two plot of the story of what is the role of (1 points) answer: the first package to send the bill after the necessary explanation. [example] title: small note on the contents of the little boy can be seen what the spirit of the quality of the answer: wronged by the still good; firmly do not reward, not for money. 23 [example] (1) only in good faith and goodwill to lift the gap. (2) for each humble charity should be thankful. (3) will get the respect of goodwill. 24. (1) used as a verb, "waist Peja" or "waist wear"; (2) through "put", "wear" or "wearing"; (3) hot water; (4) farewell.

25.C (A: "but", "but"; "". B auxiliary, cancel the independence; the verb "to". C and II are prepositions, both when the "use". D personal pronoun, "their"; strengthen the rhetorical tone.

26) carrying books, dragging shoes, walking in the mountains in the valley. 27. To study music with strong desire for knowledge) (1) due to the Thanksgiving mother, bear family responsibility and reading 3 or glowworms study assiduously study painting Di chiseled on walls etc.

Grade eight Chinese examination questions fifth pages (6 pages)


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