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High level 2007 in May analog test language questions

Volume I (a total of 30 points)

A, (right 3)

1 the following words in each group, plus a little of the pronunciation of the words are all correct one group is ()

A. (P) as support (q) Qiao Zi Qi (z) (Ji) was arbitrariness however only

B. shackles (g connected grain (d) connected n Gu (g) usually confused people (zh) be original in conception connected)

C. (k game) dry xiunan (n million n) (Hu, n) the ruins of Fang Rui (RU) gouge

D. (Q game) in addition to remove fresh (y ng). (Gu. Ng) Se Gine (R n staggered chips)

The following 2 groups of words, there are no typos in a group is ()

A. practice with a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance wise.

A B. game to harass the people and waste money The wages of sin is death.

C. feiwen desirable pale and emaciated tiger painting like a dog

D. intercepted a silent interest hit the trouble should end it

3 use the appropriate sentence in each of the following sentences.

A. Guo Chang starred in the TV drama "foreign daughter-in-law local Lang" has hit under China's TV success, has been hailed as the most taste of Cantonese style series of humorous comedy.

There is such a B. society, they incited people to their kind,.

Outside the old C. Yumizhixiang, lost. Daohuaxiang in frogs, is a "world factory" all-powerful bulldozer rumbling sound annihilation.

D. Professor Zhao in the Academic Research Institute at the meeting of this wonderful, it is an unalterable statement.

4 each of the following sentences in the sentence is not good ()

A. the reform of publicly funded health care system, the implementation of the medical

insurance, for the broad masses of the people and not all of a sudden can happily accepted, which requires government departments to do a good job of propaganda and explanation.

B. can from the system design assurance in 2007 college entrance examination more fair, more just, more accurate assessment of learning of the examinees, more conducive to the talent selection will directly to the first implementation four provinces of the new curriculum brings positive effect.

C. because of the "Eight Honors and eight shame" as the main content of the socialist concept of honor and disgrace from the people's social practice, easy for people to master, so it is easy to check the quality of leading cadres.

D. because China has not yet been established aimed at regulating the circulation of cultural relics acts, to protect the cultural relics market orderly opening of the identification, registration and transfer system, not a legitimate source of artifacts of circulation and will have an opportunity, today's stolen goods tend to become cultural relics market tomorrow "legitimate" commodity.

Two. Read the short passage and answer the questions as required.

Harm of lead poisoning on children's intelligence and its prevention

With the change of living environment, lead as a hidden killer has crept into every family. Lead in the human body can produce neurotoxicity, the central and peripheral nervous system have obvious damage. Lead and the body of the thiol closely, which will have a serious impact on the activity of various enzymes of thiol containing, first of all is acetylcholine synthesis and release decrease, and acetylcholine is closely related to the process of learning and memory, is a normal mental development must be a neurotransmitter. Lead can also inhibit heme metabolism process of delta aminolevulinic acid dehydratase, the delta aminolevulinic acid into protoporphyrin IX is blocked, so that itself has a large accumulation of false neurotransmitter role of delta amino levulinic brew, long-term increase may cause changes in thought and mental retardation. Experimental results show that the blood lead level in more than 100 g/L of intellectual development leads to irreversible damage, even mild lead poisoning can cause children with lax attention, memory, understanding and reduce learning difficulties, or cause children with ADHD or Tourette's syndrome, the former is inattention, good God, poor self-control, excessive hyperactivity, impulsive, unruly, lack of time and task concept, learning difficulties, often because of the psychological defects lead to mental development is not balanced; the latter is alternately blinking, grinning mouth, his nose, head and neck, shoulders, swing arm twisting, kick, throat abnormal pronunciation so, the primary often mental disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder and terror hinder intellectual development. Severe lead poisoning can cause children to become low energy or death.

Children in daily life to lead the contact is in many aspects, data show that, infants and young children every day through sucking his fingers can feed into the dust 0.1 - 0.5g while dust that

contain large amounts of lead, food bag printed word, color ink painting also contains a lot of lead; paint, ceramic supplies, household utensils paintings also contain lead; excessive lead content in foods such as preserved eggs, popcorn, etc.. In addition, car exhaust and atmospheric environment pollution, is also a children's lead poisoning culprit, children for a long time contact the lead material, can cause lead poisoning, blood in blood lead levels was significantly higher than the normal value, study found that when the blood lead concentration greater than 1.93 Micro Friction / open, children's mental function will disorder, gradually becomes rambling, organization ability, the school can not concentrate, decline in academic performance, through clinical practice, for some unknown etiology in children, with penicillamine drive lead treatment, symptoms can be relieved, so it can be concluded that high lead is one of the causes of children with ADHD.

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's industrial and transportation, lead pollution is becoming more and more serious, which has become a major public hazard to people's health. According to the determination, when the body's blood lead concentration of more than 30 micrograms /30 ml, it will appear dizziness, muscle pain, insomnia, anemia, abdominal pain, irregular menstruation and other symptoms. The blood lead levels in most children with ADHD were higher than the normal values. This situation and domestic related reports in recent years that lead to the increase in the body can cause neurological and mental abnormalities, especially in the view of ADHD is consistent.

Children lead poisoning reason mainly has the leady waste gas pollution to the environment, lead exposed workers the pollution to the environment of the family, learning activities and toys of pollution, housing with high levels of lead paint, often eat lead food, children drinking canned beverage of high frequency and a lot of parents smoking. Therefore can prevent lead poisoning from the following several aspects. Reduce children's time on the road, especially the car flow is high; the parents for the lead exposed workers, should be reduced as much as possible through the work clothes, hands, hair will lead to environmental pollution in the family home; housing decoration should use unleaded paint especially children's bedroom as far as possible; to eat less or less drinking canned food or drink, eat popcorn, lead preserved egg and other food; the parents as little as possible or not to smoke suction in order to improve the environment; the timely detection of suspicious clinical symptoms, timely treatment, the harm will be reduced to a minimum level for ADHD and tic disorder children need more treatment as soon as possible, so as to avoid the psychological obstacles and aggravate bring difficulty to cure.

5 lead to "the main reason as a stealth killer" (is)

A. lead role in the human body can produce neurotoxicity.

B. lead is closely combined with the thiol group in the human body, which has a serious impact on the activity of the various enzymes containing thiol groups.

C. synthesis and release of acetylcholine decreased, and acetylcholine is closely related to learning, memory and other processes.

D. severe lead poisoning can cause children to become low energy or death.

6 to "children in daily life to lead contact" expression is not accurate.

A. by sucking their fingers contact, because the fingers stained with dust, dust rich in lead.

B. through contact with food bags, because the food bags contain lead.

C. edible lead foods such as egg, popcorn, etc..

D. car exhaust and air pollution, but also the culprit of lead poisoning in children.

7 according to the conclusion that the original text has been introduced in the text is not reasonable.

A. infants suck their fingers can make the dust inlet, but it is difficult to solve, for the baby, there is almost no way to solve.B. food bag paint, ceramic supplies, painting on the life of the household utensils lead to contact with children can be taken to solve the problem.

C. some children undisciplined, poor organizational skills, can't concentrate in class, decline in academic performance, in fact, is not necessarily the their attitudes of mind is not good, parents can not take it for granted to criticize them.

D. timely detection of suspicious clinical symptoms, timely treatment, the children will not have any harm.

Two, read the following classical Chinese, complete the 8-11 title.

Liu Chong, Zi Zurong, Dong Lai Muping, Qi Hui Wang also after mourning. The prince Hui Xiao Wang will minoritycarrier letter Muping Lu Hou Jia Yan, children. Father PI, erudite, No. Tong ru.

Pet less affected by his father, Ming Ling to give Xiaolian, in addition to Dongping, to Renhui for the love of people. Mother disease, abandoned officer to go. People will send the plug, the car shall not enter into the light, but escape to the service.

After the four moved as yuzhangtaishou, and three moved hueiji Prefecture. May the mountain park, but the elderly not into the marketplace, rather disturbed by the officials. Pet Jane Chufan can observe carefully, illegal, Dahua county. Will be a big carpenter. Shanyin county has five or six year old, with white hair and white eyebrows, and evil Valley, people turn to 100 money to send. Pet Lao said: "what people suffer?" Said: "Yamase Ki, not seen in the county. It sent officials for punctuality to the night without a break, or folk, barking all night, people may not. Since the Ming Palace car, the dog does not bark at night, people do not see the official. The old value was quite right, this smell when abandoned, so self help now." Chong said: "I can say political and

public evil? Many elders!" To be a candidate for a big money.

To Zongzheng, honglu. The extension of Jiasi years, Huang Qiong to Sagong, yin yang to the fog of guilt free. Ares, will be as big as Zongzheng complex maker. The first generation of Wang Chang as Jianning, Sagong, Stuart, Qiu frequency moved. In two years, the solar eclipse policy free home.

Pet slaughter two county before and after the calendar, tired and clear about Deng Qing, province, home goods product. Taste to the capital, information booth house, the official Pavilion, said: "the rectification sweep, for Liu Gong, can not be too." To go without a word. When the call to the elderly, the sick died at home.

("Han Liu Chong Chuan")

[note]: 1. Get off at the beginning of the arrival of officials. The guilt over. The strategy for small chips: Ancient calculation, commonly used in divination.

8 the explanation of some words in the following sentences is not true.

A. Jia Yan: their children.

B. is a light suit: quietly escape to escape.

C. or barking all night was actually.

D. frequency, frequency: Stuart moved many times, for those.

9 compare the meaning and usage of the word "take" in the following sentences.

As for the love of the people Renhui people Ji 100 money to send.

In two years, with the solar eclipse policy free sweep for rectification, Liu Gong

A. with the same, and the same with the B. in the same, and different.

C. 1 and 3, 4 and the same D. in the different and different.

10 the following statement and analysis of the original text is not correct.

A. Liu is the king's pet ancestors descendants later moved to Muping. His father Liu Pi is a learned scholar.

B. Liu Chong young followed his father to learn, because master classics have been cited as Xiaolian, after the award of Dongping mausoleum county magistrate, because Limin Love Charity Huimin.

C. Shanyin county has five or six eyebrow hair gray old man, take money to give Liu Chong, in order to express to him to punish officials nuisance thank.

D. Liu Chong has repeatedly Ren Qing phase high official, but he clean simple, not much money home. He used to go out from the capital, want to have a rest in the pavilion pavilion for homes, officials do not know him and turned him down.

Volume II (a total of 120 points)

Four, (23 points)

11 classical Chinese reading materials to cross sentence translation in modern Chinese said. (10 points)

(1) the old value by the Holy Spirit, this smell when abandoned, so from hand away. (5 points)

(2) before and after slaughter two pet Li County, tired and clear about Deng Qing, province, home goods product (5 points)

12, write the famous quote (5 points)

Have a high standard of six dragon back to the days of the first, under the shock wave inverse fold back to sichuan. _____________________, ________________. (Li Bai "Sichuan Road")

(2) the vast almost as Feng Xu Yufeng, and I do not know the ______________________, emergence and immortal. ("Fu" in Chibi)

(3) _______________, _____________. This is the name, the official should be the old sick. (Du Fu's journey to the night book)

13 read the following two Tang poems, and then answer the question. (8 points)

Taicheng (Weizhuang) abattis (Wang Wei)

Jiang rain Jiang Cao Qi, the bird singing empty dream. No mountains, but hear a voice.

Ruthless Taicheng is the most, still smoke cage ten mile embankment. King back into the deep forest, the moss on the.

[note] 1 Taiwan City, the former site of the in Nanjing Jiming Shannan, formerly of the Three Kingdoms Wu's rear garden city, Jin chengdi remodeled, since then to the southern end, has been used as a court of Taiwan Province (central government) and the Royal Palace located.

"Taicheng" in the "bird singing empty""empty" always has a reputation, you can taste the taste? It "and" empty "abattis in" the artistic conception of the same? Please be appreciation.

Five, read the following section of biography, complete the 14-17 title (22 points)

People gain profit in risk

Zhou Han

Van Gogh's life filled with a sense of loneliness and abandonment, often a penny inexplicable, he had a moan or sighed: "Oh God, lonely life worth??" Van Gogh said: "a person must maintain a certain nature of the hermit, otherwise, he will lose the fundamental." In order to paint, loneliness is necessary, loneliness is unbearable, so, Van Gogh this fragile individual life in the paradox of being torn to pieces.

In Van Gogh's view, "painting is to try to cross an invisible iron wall". At the same time, this is the canvas of the call to Van Gogh. "Many artists fear blank canvas, but also dared to blank canvas really passionate risk painter." Van Gogh put the art activities as challenging life activities, let passion in flowing canvas. For Van Gogh, the reason is negligible, and the expression is far greater than the truth. Van Gogh completed a life on the canvas, as an art of the martyrs.

In front of the van Gogh paintings, is first of all, I want to ask, in these uncomfortable to speak to shock the paintings behind hidden how soul? In art history, Van Gogh is abrupt entrants, is not defined. He had no formal training, is served as teachers, salesmen, missionaries and outsiders. His paintings were considered ridiculous by the time. But he did not narrow and circumscribed sense of form, with a special means and desperate expression, direct and powerful, like the apocalypse, showing a rare quality.

In addition to a large number of scattered and lost not annihilation letters, Van Gogh not to leave this world in other words. Read his talk, let a person feel like he has a pure life. He is the bottom of the observer, the sender and the sender. A man of practice and determination. He has a kind of unique life to painting. He is so pure, pure is his attitude towards the world and the canvas, and his emotions of the thin and sharp pain as shocking.

He was such a saint with a pure, gentle, kind, heart broken tenderness, and his paintings were the most direct expression of his passion. The brightness of his paintings, from his own bright.

Such a Treant spirit, strengthen the indomitable misery and despair, harvest. But he didn't give in. He opened his heart as much as he could, and believed that the power of salvation came from within, and that he was trying to lead to happiness. Experienced the suffering of love, the destitute life, Van Gogh in exile in the ruins of soul searching for the heating fire, even if the fire to destroy him. His zeal for art is a moral salvation,Is the export of eros. The painting became his spiritual fall to save the only possible, he is desperate to escape. His creation is not masturbation, but self-help. The more lonely people are, the more freedom of creation. He expressed the most

full of air, and strive to grow deep in the deep despair of happiness, in order to resist the dark of the secular and oppression of the secular. The mysterious power of Van Gogh, from his indomitable and struggle. But everything Van Gogh did, so that the fate of the sense of the tragedy is more and more strong. He said: "who has chosen the poor and loves the poor, who has the infinite wealth." But he was desperate for his failure and poverty. In the harsh reality of life under the oppression of the earth beneath him collapse, he lived in a storm. His soul is breaking down. But he will never retreat. He said: "all I have to the natural creation, is a chestnut, from the fire out of the." He is on the canvas color burning on the ring, carrying him, let him collapse in the continuous high in. (this Abridged)

14 the first section has two cross phrases, please tell them the meaning of the text. (6 points)

(1) a hermit: ______________________________________________ essence

(2) can not solve the paradox: ______________________________________________

15 Van Gogh's paintings have a "shocking" power, from the depths of the soul of Van Gogh, what is the reason for this kind of power? (4 points)


16 (1) "gain profit in risk" is an idiom, please explain the meaning of this idiom. (2 points)


(2) why Van Gogh called his work "from the fire out of the""chestnut"? (4 points)


17 the author thinks, "Van Gogh who is the power of the mysterious, from his indomitable and struggle." Try to "struggle and struggle", contact the other typical examples of this article, to talk about your personal views. (6 points)


Six, language use (15 points)

18 send messages with a mobile phone is a fashion, in the arrival of teachers' day, to your teacher or in the Mid Autumn Festival to send a message to your friends to express your wishes to them. Requirements: concise appropriate creative style; the 40 words. (5 points)

19. Put the following sentences rewritten into three phrases, requirements to "quatrains" at the beginning of the word, the sentence doesn't change original intention, the statement coherent. (4 points)

Wang Wei the quatrain the most can display character, temperament, accomplishment and creativeness, the most difficult treasures of poetry genre use was superb.


20 civil service wage level should be in the position of the whole society in July last year after the completion of the third pay rise, the civil service wage level in the whole society what position? In this issue, the China Economic Prosperity Monitoring Center of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, the three cities of more than 700 residents were interviewed for the following statistical results: (6 points)

Table 1 the civil service wage level should be in the position of the whole society


Wage level location recognition ratio will be in the upper position recognized superior ratio of 13% 12.6% 51.8%, 43.5% medium 30.5% and 29.8% lower 2.5% 9.8% inferior 2.2 4.3% please according to the chart reflects the situation, write two conclusions

Seven, composition (60 points)

21 there is a blind man walking in the night, his hand is always carrying a bright lantern. Others looked very curious, and asked him: "you can not see, walk to raise the lantern is not redundant?" The blind man said sternly: "my lantern to light the way to others, others will not see the road hit me. So in helping others at the same time, but also to protect their own."

To illuminate others is to illuminate yourself, to think of others, in fact, it can benefit itself. Many things in life are the truth. To "for others is also for yourself" as the topic, write an article, write down your experience of knowledge, experience, thinking and understanding. Note: the conception of self, subject self, no less than 800 words.

The last time of the third year of high school practice exam questions answers

A, B door (Bailey. (b), dry (h e), crumbling walls (Yu, n), Gong (g only ng) staggered chips) 2. (a console?? C gossip, sallow and emaciated?? D lifeless) n (A should "taste". B sidelines "(meaning: from side chimed in, from the side to help potential) should be" poaching ";" C "Cuikulaxiu metaphor easily destroy decaying forces or things; D axiom: metaphor can not be changed or indelible remarks, published: refers to the ancient eliminate carved a wrong word, not the issue that can not be changed. 4.D (A B take care of the incompleteness of the cart before the horse; C; "inspection" and "character" improper collocation, application test."

Two 5.A (B) said the role is based on the role of A, C said that the expression is "on the thiol containing a variety of enzyme activities have a serious impact" of the performance of the

performance of the D term is the result. (3 points) 6.B (should be food bags and other necessities of life on the printed word, painting the use of ink) (3 points) 7.D (no problem can not be, but can be reduced to a minimum degree.) (3 points)

Three, 8.C ("evening" is the meaning of the whole night) 9.A (1) prepositions, prepositions, the equivalent of "because". Conjunctions II (4), "and") 10.C (but not "said to him to punish officials disturbing thanks", but money to Liu Chong off)

A reference to the classical chinese:

Liu Chong Zi Zurong, Muping County, donglai. The descendants of King Hui qi. The prince Hui Wang will be less Xiao Lu, Lu Feng Muping Hou Zi, his descendants moved to Muping. Liu Chong's father, Liu Pi, is very learned, people say he is a Confucian expert.

When Liu Chong was young, learning to follow his father, because master classics have been cited as Dongping Ling county magistrate honest examination. Because love is love Huimin limin. His mother was ill. He abandoned the officer and went home. People send him. Even the roads are blocked, the car can not move forward, so he wore casual clothes to leave quietly.

Later. The four time he was promoted three times and Yuzhang Prefecture, moved to hueiji prefecture. The mountains of the people the simple formality, some even from childhood to old has not entered the city. They are officials of fraud. Liu Chong to remove those cumbersome regulations prohibit subordinate nuisance and other illegal acts, county in orderly, people live and work in peace and contentment, levy was appointed will be high Tinker. Shanyin county has five or six man, eyebrow hair is gray if evil from the valleys, to take spoil Bai Qian liu. Liu Chong comforted them and said, "why do you need this?" The man who replied: "the valley without knowledge, not seen gaugrafen. Past prefect in office, sent officials to search for private property, day and night, sometimes barking all night, the people no peace. Since your arrival since, hear the dog barking at night, people can not see the officials. We are old and rare at the now that you want to leave a time of national peace and order, and go, so we come to you." Liu Chong said; "my achievements, where as many as you said the elderly as well? You are hard ah!" So he took a big one in every one of his money.

Later, Ren Zongzheng Liu Chongdiao, big hung. Yanxi four years, generation Huang Qiong Sagong, because of the weather over the Yin Yang and responsibility. Soon, will be awarded as a carpenter, munemasa. The first year of Jianning, Chang foundry to Sagong, after Stuart, Ren wei. In two years, due to measurement error and the avoidance of eclipse, return to village.

Liu Chong served two Prefecture, many times before and after the current Secretary of state to the officer, but clean simple, not much money home. He had since capital go out, want to in the pavilion homes rest, Ting officials stop him, said: "we rectify cottages, clean, devoted to waiting for the arrival of Sir Liu, you may not have a rest here." Liu Chong left without speaking, when he said he was a senior.Liu Chong died at home because of his old age.

Fourth, 11. (1) we get old, rare meet the millennium, now that you want to leave and go. We therefore to complimentary. " ("God" and "abandoned""reason" of the 1 sentences, 2 points)

(2) before and after Liu Chong re-election two Prefecture County, many times the current Secretary of state to the officer, but clean and simple, home not how much wealth ("slaughter""tired" of goods product "1 point, fluent sentences 2 points)

?? 12 (1) of the Huanghe feishang not too, monkey to worry of climbing. (2) waving as aloof. (3) star Chui Hirano wide in the month. (every 1 minutes, there is a typo or add word missing word, the sentence does not score)

Two these 13 "empty" words "artistic conception" is different. "Empty bird sings" empty "is" white "," vain "means (1), both foil a dreamlike scenery, has stuck with the poet's emotion on the rise and fall of history: Taiwan has experienced many changes, has changed beyond recognition, but cannot understand love of nature, but the annual spring, even the birds in vain with crows. There are different approaches but equally satisfactory results the Du Fu and "the wonderful birds chirping happily under the leaves" (2 points). Injection of grief in the Lok Ching Chung, contrasting natural no Valentine's love, to convey the poet heart of sadness (2 points). The abatis "in the" empty "is" open "(1 point), the show is mountain quiet, do not hear the language situation, show the deep quiet of the realm (2 points). (meaning can be.)

Five, 14 (1) artists want to cherish the art of life, to have to endure the quality of loneliness and poverty. (2) Van Gogh's dilemma: for art must bear loneliness and poverty, loneliness and poverty have aggravated the pain of his spirit.

15 Van Gogh is desperate to express his feelings, the painting has a unique life of piety.

16 (1) by using metaphor, but nowhere venture. (2) the life experiences of their own works and pain are inseparable, has become the crystallization of their own painful life.

?? 17. Beethoven in the deaf, the courage to struggle against fate, eventually becoming famous music master of the world, his indomitable spirit has become the precious wealth to the mankind.

Six, 18 (1) hard is the sweat of your selfless dedication, students everywhere is the highest honor you. I wish you: happy holidays! Happiness forever! (2) the wind take away my blessing, the moon a walk my greetings, send you a little wind, the gifts you a wisp of moon -- human love, a Happy Mid Autumn Festival! (concise appropriate 2 points, his 2 points, 1 points are creative. 5 points per 1 words, buckle finished.

19. Quatrains can best display character, temperament, accomplishment and creativeness, is also the most difficult treasures of poetry genre, but was Wang Wei utilizes superbly. (to "quatrains" at the beginning of 1 minute, three sentence sentence coherent 1)

20. Examples: the majority of people believe that the wages of civil servants should be in the whole society middle and upper level; most people also think completed three times to pay wages of civil servants will be in the whole society middle and upper level.

Graphic conversion is a kind of exam is hot, it also belongs to the category of text compression. Some people say that the 21st century is the era of interpretting blueprints ", although it is an exaggeration, but from the point of view of various mass media, to" map "on behalf of" words ", it is imperative.

Note: one to find the description of object (two: people on the wages of civil servants should position recognition ratio, the position recognition ratio); attention should be paid to the change data (decreasing), carries on the contrast analysis (most of the identity), the third is to analyze the intrinsic link between the relevant materials, induction and generalization of the corresponding conclusion

Seven, 21.[writing tips]: This is a very realistic and targeted topic. Is intended to guide students to use dialectical thinking deeply understand the relationship between "for others" and "for themselves", and guide students to establish the correct service of others' Outlook on life and the world outlook.

The world is a network of interrelated, and their interaction with others. Life, the service of others, the benefit of their own people and things are a lot; but only think about themselves, do not care about other people even for their own and damage to other people's phenomenon is also very prominent. As long as we contact life, the use of dialectical thinking, we must be able to write a profound thinking, innovative and unique articles.

High level 2007 in May to touch the Chinese examination questions + 10 pages (a total of NUMPAGES 10 pages) May 12, 2007

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