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Days is fleet, before you can say Jack Robinson had gone 20xx. The dining room regards a service as the window, the meal that should arrange employee of good unit interior is fed, although be the thing of a ” of “ it is difficult to cater for all tastes, but act on from wholesome, nutrition, science match eat to be jumping-off place, for the health of employee, change according to season together with travel leader, below the premise that allows in the market, arrange the nutrient eat cookbook that suits employee taste as far as possible. Let employee eat sanitation, nutrition, eat a health. Now oneself specific work circumstance reports as follows: One, management respect: The draw on the wisdom of the masses below the guidance that I lead in everybody, make sounder management plan. Be like: Manage according to disappear give a lot of care of the client, we roll out food of a few green and feral food; The basis is seasonal raw material supplies a characteristic, we roll out dish of a few special offer. Etc. This year dining room is main with taste delicate, tastily vegetable of farmhouse cole, green is given priority to, it is with high-grade dish complementary, although manage income to go up,do not have very big breakthrough, but let employee take the heart that get a surname, the first jumping-off place that be at ease is my job. 2, run a side: It is with the person this, I join staff actual condition strengthens quality education, the kitchen that has having specific aim to employee everyday art groom, and often incentive the career that they regard the work is him. The course tries hard, the program that employee whole quality is able to increase, if pay attention to appearance, abide by kitchen regulations system to wait; Some employee still begin him to consider new cookbook even. Now, we had formed the group of a harmony, efficient, innovation. 3, quality respect: Grow as chef, I father to close quality. We made send makings standard and sheet of the program that make to every dish, when making food carry out strictly according to the standard, ensure the color of every dish, sweet, flavour is stable; In dish manufacture guard a pass on, use 4 to guard a pass make, close to be made in the negative, match dish chef to guard a pass namely, furnace stage chef guards a pass, the member that send dish guards a pass, the clerk guards a pass, close discovery to have a problem, have the power of go back. We still listen to the opinion of each respect and feedback seriously, sum up every sunrise to taste a problem, improve inadequacy in time; We often still update cookbook, think, think way, change pattern, ensure repast worker often can savor new taste. 4, wholesome respect: Carry out strictly “ law of food sanitation safety “ , catch safety of good food sanitation to work seriously, each link that good food machines. Press a regulation, every employee must be in charge of to respective wholesome area, in the meantime, have casual inspection by me; Next, formulary provision raw material must be classified deposit, cent manages somewhere else, kitchenware also must be deposited in fixed position; Additional, kitchen, last the raw material such as ark, refrigerant box deposits the ground to also undertake periodic temperature and humidity are measured. We use the power that everything can use, ensure food sanitation is safe, carry out normative operating sequence strictly, prevent the happening of of all kinds accident, accomplish safe production, alarm bell is long cry! 5, cost respect: Below the circumstance that assures dish quality, reduce cost, allow benefit worker, it is a when we go after main goal from beginning to end. Grow as chef, I also sum up an a few new methods that reduce cost. Be like: Master inventory state, carry out principle of ” of “ first-in first-out stoutly, sell the raw material with longer time of goods in stock as soon as possible go out; Development is tasted without cost dish, the make it of odd raw material entree holds type dish in the palm to taste, in order to reduce cost; Chef knows what he uses the unit

price of raw material, daily estimation place uses the value of raw material, fulfil cost control to body of dining room employee so, make all kitchen staff cares cost, achieve beneficial result thereby the biggest change. 6, fixed position is tasted to go up in dish, the strategy of whole of according to Construction Bank plans to develop program dish to taste, according to restaurant course the dot manages the market research of state and repast worker, will be improved ceaselessly and promote a product image. The round experience that according to coming the dining room consumes is discussed, came loose at 0 o’clock guest, the banquet is recieved, 3 chunk consume the demand of the group, will abound a product ceaselessly, the product innovation dish that can form a group of colors that have specific aim what make to change gradually is tasted. The 20xx effects that suffer armour shedding and financial crisis, of consumer repast savour drop with class, this makes year of our income get the influence of certain level. But face force majeure, we need to develop more cheap and fine cate to solicit a client, the addition of the oldest rate year income, achieve thereby turn danger is the favorable result of machine. From this incident, I also feel the challenge sex that my bear works and innovation sex. Henceforth, the group that I can lead me certainly accepts a challenge ceaselessly, be brave in to innovate, the cooked food with fancier cooking. Look into 20xx, grow as a chef, below the guidance that my general everybody leads, below the support of extensive staff, hold to set oneself an example to others from beginning to end, high level, strict requirement, unite and lead employee of vast mess hall, provide fancy cooked food and excellent service for the client; To achieve interest of dining room economy and social beneficial result, conscientious, cautious and conscientious.

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